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Version 4.5.0
Mod info Unlimited Money/Stamina
Updated Aug 11, 2022 (1 month ago)
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
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In the next version of Hungry Shark Evolution, the hungry sharks are even more destructive than before. In this latest video game from Ubisoft Entertainment, let's pick your favorite shark and go hunting for food. 


Your goal should be to become the ocean's most giant, worst predator. So you will need to make the shark consume endlessly to grow bigger. Engage the new and existing sharks in this amazing oceanic adventure. 


Our reviews will tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic game.


What is this game about?

As with its predecessor, Hungry Shark World follows a relatively similar storyline. The game involves players playing as different sharks in the ocean who all share a common trait: They're always hungry and will take anything they can get their hands on as long as it's not larger than them.


To improve your sharks' abilities in this vast ocean, you must collect and develop different species of sharks. Become an expert hunter and select the proper prey for yourself. Increase in size as they consume them. 





Here is a list of everything the game has to offer:


Bring different species of shark to your team

In the game, you will be able to explore the ocean and meet various species, including the iconic shark species, the Great White. Recruit different sharks and put them on your team.


They are categorized into seven tiers based on their size, with some having more extraordinary powers than others. Sharks come in over 20 different species, giving gamers the chance to experience different hunting abilities and capabilities on different species.


Get to know a massive world

In the deep ocean, players discover an entirely new world filled with massive seas to explore. You'll be able to explore dozens of unique and mysterious locations around the globe in Hungry Shark's enormous open-world map.


Currently, the game includes Pacific Islands, the Arabian Sea, the Arctic Ocean, the Sound China Sea, and others. Experience exotic delicacies and victims that will make your jaws drop.




It's either you die, or you get killed in this dangerous water

Things can be pretty harsh and dangerous in the deep ocean's perilous water. Whether you kill other species or are killed by them is your choice. You'll face some of the most delicious and dangerous creatures as you follow your survival instincts. Your killer abilities will enable you to earn some epic prizes as you fight cleverly.


The ocean floor is home to over 100 different creatures, so you'll never run out of food to eat. It's your choice whether or not to fight them. Test yourself against even the most formidable enemies in the ocean like whales and submarines. Develop your strength and be the winner.




Grow your sharks to gain new abilities

By getting more prominent, your sharks will evolve, which will improve their stats and powers. Level up your sharks to get better jaw power, swim faster, and have a larger stomach and mouth to swallow larger prey.


Moreover, you can equip your sharks with unique accessories to increase their capabilities. That being said, you can even add a jetpack to it and watch your shark burst into the sea and fly away.


Battle badass bosses in epic missions

You will face many epic challenges in maniac missions in Hungry Shark World's single-player campaign. You'll have the chance to face off against the strongest bosses, fight intelligently, and earn some epic boosts.


You can choose from more than 20 different types of missions to explore the blue ocean. Get high scores by defeating challenges, hunt prey to level your sharks up, and go up against intimidating bosses.




Pets can be helpful when it comes to hunting

The cool thing about Hungry Shark World is that it allows you to explore the ocean and acquire new pets to help you on your journey. Accordingly, gamers can get themselves a baby shark, whale, or octopus, each with its powers and abilities. Raising them will certainly benefit you by providing different kinds of boosts to your journey.


Get varied buffs to make your sharks stronger

Additionally, there are many other buffs that your Sharks can have to make their hunting more effective. Take advantage of the SuperSize buff to get a much more giant shark. Get your shark flying in the water with extreme speed by using the Rush feature. Or select one of the explosions, hypnosis, or any other buffs to help you along your path.




An intuitive and straightforward interface

Hungry Shark World allows players to feel comfortable playing in the ocean world with the same control system as the previous game. With optimized controls, your shark can move around, catch and devour its prey. Moreover, tilt controls have been reinstated at the public's request.


Free to play

All Android users can currently play the game for free. Thus, you do not have to pay anything to have it installed on your devices. Take full advantage of this fantastic game as you get free access to most of the in-game content. However, if you aren't regularly playing the game, the in-app purchases might slow down your progress considerably.


Graphics and audio quality



Hungry Shark World features enhanced and polished graphics for a completely new 3D experience. There are amazing visual effects, detailed animations, and more that will make you feel like you're under the sea.



Enjoy the extraordinary sound effects while you and your hungry shark travel across the ocean.


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Final thoughts

Hungry Shark World is another excellent installment in the renowned mobile game franchise. The enhanced graphics, sounds, and gameplay make it a must-have for your devices.

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