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Version 1.1.3
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Removed ADS/Menu/Free Rewards

Updated Oct 04, 2022 (2 months ago)
Developer Keplerians Horror Games
Category Adventure ,
Installs 6+

Ice Scream 4: Rod's Factory (MOD, AD-Free/Menu/Free Rewards) provides you with an atmosphere of horror , and you'll discover many new worlds while fighting off enemies who appear in a flash in your vicinity.

If you're a fan of the horror games genre, then you'll be able ignore Ice Scream 4: Rod's Factory. While there's no as scary an scene like Granny as well as Evil Nun titles, it isn't without some difficult and thrilling events for players. However there are many difficulties you have to face during the game if you wish to accomplish the game's objectives. There will certainly be a lot you must be aware of.

Ice Scream 4: Rod's Factory

Experience a terrifying experience

If you begin playing Ice Scream 4, when you first start playing Ice Scream 4, the first thing you'll observe is that you're inside the confines of a cage. It is possible to spot a bizarre human of small stature who is trying to take your friend away from his factory. While at the same time you'll be the one to assist your friends to get out of their captors' hands. This is a procedure which will require long hours working towards the objective, and occasionally you'll encounter a lot of difficulties.

The gameplay mechanics are like those of the open world. It also has an element of horror it allows players to do what they wish to do in the game's game screen. But it also presents particular challenges in the event that they need to travel between an area several times. However there are always enemies all over the place and you'll want to stay clear of them as much as you can in order to discover the elements needed to protect your friend.

In this game of horror you'll play the character from an initial-person viewpoint This allows players to feel the real emotions when confronting terrifying creatures. You'll feel as if are facing them, and you can't turn your attention away from the screen of the game to discover the best solution to determine the most appropriate path for the character. In the same way things happen in a sudden manner and you won't be aware of what's happening in the room you are opening.

Ice Scream 4: Rod's Factory

Overcoming the scary elements

Players will feel the terror and challenge when your companions have been abducted by the Rod who is locked in the cage. Your task is to assist your friends escape by locating new locations for them to move forward in the game. One of the issues with the game is that there's no minimap to help players navigate around the game.

You'll follow the actions of your adversaries while you take out your fellow players in the first moments of the game, and then begin to escape them. In a setting like factories, the absence of minimaps can be an obstacle for players. Particularly, you'll have to be aware of the places you've passed and eliminate the creatures with spooky smiles who are waiting to attack you.

The only person that can break free from the cage and show the abilities of the main character as you interact with the surrounding. It is important to be aware of the area that you are able to influence is essential to be aware of what you could reach and then escape swiftly. While doing this engaging with objects is also important to this game and something you must be aware of.

Ice Scream 4: Rod's Factory


Once you've managed to escape their grasp and explored various environments in the game and environments, you'll start your journey outside the cage and this can be seen as a process that doesn't have a specific objective. There's no idea what to be looking for, and often it can be difficult for objects that can't be opened using only your hands. Particularly, you'll need to remove the screws of some tunnels or wood slats, which were put on the door with nails.

If you're interested in exploring these regions, then you'll need to locate the essential items within the area in Ice Scream 4. Particularly, you'll be able to find the equipment needed to open similar areas, like opening a screw or taking the nail from. However, one thing you must pay attention to is the fact that you only carry a certain amount of things in the world at any given time. So, you need to be aware of the objects surrounding you.

Ice Scream 4: Rod's Factory


With the features of a game of horror, the one thing you must be aware of is that it can be difficult to take on those who will wait for you. Similar to games that fall under the genre of stealth action. Also In Ice Scream 4, you are the player and dodge threatening masked characters with different body types. Every body type has its own distinctive characteristics that you have to keep in mind.

If you have a body that resembles a child it is possible to get them out of the way quickly. And when climbing higher they can be challenging to keep track of. However, if you come across opponents in the form of an adult, they may pursue you to the vent air duct. So, being able to stealthily move is essential in order to win the game.

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