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Updated Aug 11, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Drawing has never been a cheap profession to pursue, nor has it ever been a hobby that can be enjoyed without spending money on a range of various supplies and instruments. This is also one of the main reasons people stop sketching because they cannot afford the expensive drawing supplies and mediums.


That said, thanks to Infinite Painter's outstanding applications and functions, you'll find yourself fully immersed in the art of painting and creating creative stuff. With Infinite Painter, you may freely sketch and enjoy your innovative experiences to the utmost while exploring the app's many features.


Enjoy painting with any tools you like and producing art in a variety of genres. Discover the fantastic in-app features that will make drawing and painting simple. You only need a touchscreen on your mobile device to begin creating and enjoying unique visual experiences.


Our extensive assessment will tell you everything you need to know about this beautiful mobile app.




MOD Info

  • Premium features unlocked.


What does it do?

Essentially, Android users will sketch directly on their smartphones' touch screens with Infinite Painter. As a result, heavy sketching tools and equipment are no longer required. Furthermore, you will not be soiled by the paints and graphite. Plus, you'll appreciate how much more convenient it is to be able to draw wherever and whenever you want.


Infinite Painter, for those interested, provides unique drawing experiences thanks to the app's upgraded and accessible features. Discover hundreds of simulated brushes that may be used to produce a variety of strokes. Draw and have fun making unique digital content on your mobile devices.


Simultaneously, the program offers its handy and straightforward picture editing features, which allow you to make intriguing and specific adjustments to any of your chosen photos and images. This improves your drawing experiences by allowing you to tailor the tool to your individual needs.


Most significantly, you'll find that Infinite Painter gives a more intuitive interface for drawing, developing, and artistically editing your paintings, making it a far more enjoyable and exciting drawing experience.





For those interested, Infinite Painter is a fantastic program that can be downloaded for free on your mobile devices. It's as simple as searching for the app on the Google Play Store; there's no need to purchase. Feel free to take advantage of the app's many features and enjoy creating art for a low price.


You will, however, need to pay for certain in-app purchases to be able to use the full version, just like most other mobile apps. This can be a problem for those of you who are trying to improve the quality of your work.


Also, make sure you're running Android version 4.2 or higher, so you don't have any issues with the in-app features. Most significantly, if you're serious about making art professionally, a drawing pen for the touchscreen would substantially improve your line work.


Awesome features

Check out all the fantastic features that this app has to offer:


An easy-to-use and powerful drawing and editing app for mobile devices

Android users of Infinite Painter can start using user-friendly mobile software to create their creative masterpieces. Begin by rapidly becoming acquainted with the user-friendly UI. Investigate the well-organized and easily accessible features that will make drawing and editing a breeze. Additionally, the app's accessible and robust features will improve your workflow, making it highly handy.


You may utilize the painting and drawing capabilities to produce unique sketches, paintings, and more right here. At the same time, the rapid cloning function successfully transforms any of your chosen photos into a painting. Additionally, the other immediate access to the top bar allows you to add any tool you find most handy. The excellent program of Infinite Painter will undoubtedly wow you with its numerous valuable and straightforward features.




An extensive collection of brushes

Android users in Infinite Painter will undoubtedly appreciate superior brush settings for drawing, painting, and creative tasks in general, unlike no other mobile app. You may employ over 160 different brushes with a variety of effects and visual experiences right away. 


Furthermore, the app's updated brush settings will allow for a variety of easy and powerful drawing experiences. If you find the program lacking in capabilities, you can add various customizable brushes based on your personal preferences. As a result, the software is beneficial and entertaining.




The best and most unique tools out there

Android users will take advantage of Infinite Painter's excellent tools, which are just incredible to work with. They will significantly distinguish the app from other generic and widely used sketching apps for mobile devices.


Begin by introducing the four different types of symmetry to your work by exploring with Infinite Painter's unique and intriguing symmetry experiences. Learn how to use layers and blend modes to make your drawing tool much more powerful and versatile. Using the offered devices, add guidelines to your line works to make them more refined and clean. 


Make use of the selection and clipping masks, which will help you speed up your drawing process with the help of handy tools. You'll also discover that drawing is a lot easier thanks to the provided perspective aids.




Take advantage of advanced editing features

For those interested, you may now fully utilize Infinite Painter's unique editing features, which essentially transform your mobile app into a powerful tool. With several of Infinite Painter's accessible tools, you may now effortlessly and efficiently customize your photographs and photos.


Begin by quickly changing your drawing by simply and successfully transforming numerous layers at the same time. Investigate the transform tools, which may be used to make a range of intriguing alterations to your photos, such as scaling, rotating, flipping, distorting, and more. With the Pattern tool, you may create seamless patterns. Liquify can also be used to soften your photos. To create intriguing visual experiences, change the gradient and pattern fill on any selection of images.




Importing and exporting made simple

After you've completed creating and editing, you'll be able to explore Infinite Painter's excellent import and export choices, which will allow you to work with the app's features more quickly.


Simply use the supplied editing choices to load numerous editing materials into your mobile devices, add photographs from any of your preferred storage, or even PSD files that can be edited directly inside the app. At the same time, the enhanced export choices will make it simple to export your photographs quickly and effectively.


Simply hit the export button and select the file formats you want to have on your mobile device. Alternatively, have fun sharing your work with the Infinite Painter community or another online platform with the appropriate features.




Get the app on our website for free

Last but not least, those of you who are interested in the fantastic Infinite Painter application can now explore all of its in-app features without having to pay for particular purchases. Consequently, you'll find the program much more powerful and convenient now that you can use all of its functions without being interrupted by advertisements. All you have to do is download the Infinite Painter Mod APK from our website and follow the instructions to get started.


Final verdicts

Those who have been accustomed to popular drawing programs such as Infinite Design or ibis Paint X may find Infinite Painter appealing, as it offers straightforward photo editing possibilities unlike any other. Most importantly, you'll undoubtedly appreciate many of the app's features with the fully unlocked and free version available on our website.

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