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With smartphones, it has never been easier to capture your daily activities on video. It is possible to get footage and pictures whenever and wherever you want with portable cameras. Additionally, you can now share your videos with friends and family online, making every moment of life much richer and more meaningful.

Nevertheless, this also raises a question: how do you make yourself appear better in videos? As well as how you can add specific effects to make your videos more interesting, and so forth. As a result, you will need video editing apps for mobile phones. With InShot Pro, you can experience editing at its fullest, and thanks to its unique features, you'll be able to do just that.

Check out these fantastic features that the app has to offer:

What does it do?

In the first place, the app allows Android users to edit their videos easily by taking advantage of its many features. As a bonus, InShot Pro: Video Editor & Video Maker also includes these features in the most effortless manner possible for those interested. As a result, Android users can quickly become accustomed to the in-app features. This is an excellent place to get started editing your videos quickly. In addition, all the features have been optimized so that editing can be done promptly.

InShot Pro offers many different options and features that make video editing for Android users the most exciting and enjoyable experience. The app is easy to learn and allows users to make various customizations of their videos quickly. Explore all of its features as you explore InShot Pro.





The most important aspect of this app is that its features don't demand powerful hardware to operate. You can use most of the available features with a regular Android device instead. Yet, for videos with multiple effects, a decent piece of hardware would undoubtedly speed up the rendering and editing process. Apart from that, nothing else is needed.

Awesome features

All the exciting features of the app can be found here:

Trim and cut videos easily

To begin with, Android users can use the InShot Pro app to easily trim their videos or cut off the parts they no longer need from their videos. With its professional video trimmer and cutter, you can cut your videos into multiple segments. By using InShot Pro, you can edit both simultaneously in separate panels or manually in single panels.


Merge and join videos in a snap

Alternatively, you can use your split videos as well as other videos captured on your phones. You can easily combine them all. With the free video maker, you can mix and compress multiple videos at once without having to worry about losing quality. You are welcome to share your created videos on numerous social media channels.


Make adjustments to your video's sounds

When it comes to sounds, InShot Pro features an intuitive and simple audio editor. A massive library of free music will also be available for you to pick up at any time. Feel free to utilize these available resources for the creation of your brilliantly edited clips.

Moreover, Android users can edit the clip while adding their voices, making it more like a recorder. Also, you can even include audio files from many other sources when creating your videos for maximum sound quality.

As a final touch, Android users will create their sound effects in the app to accompany their videos. You can give your videos a unique sound by customizing and developing them with InShot Pro.




Select from a variety of video filters

The Android app allows users to apply numerous video effects and filters to their edits, allowing for a more professional-looking video. Thanks to a great collection of effects such as stop motion, glitch, and more, it's possible to create professional videos with just your smartphone. In addition, you will be able to customize your video brightness, saturation, colors, and more for enhanced editing capabilities. 


Customize your videos with multiple texts and stickers

As an added feature, users of InShot Pro can also add multiple text settings and stickers to their videos to create engaging and intuitive videos. Make sure you choose a font you like and add lines to add more meaning to your videos. Also, get creative with the awesome stickers and emojis with beautiful expressions. You can choose from various custom memes and images to create a fantastic video in the app.




Change the video speed according to your preferences

InShot Pro offers a complete range of settings that you can use to create the perfect time-lapse or slow-motion video. That said, with the app, you can adjust speed in every video. You can modify each frame of your videos with the fast/slow motion settings. With just a simple change of your videos, you can achieve interesting visual effects.


Convert videos and create slideshows quickly

Users of Android devices can take advantage of the app's quick features to maximize their in-app experiences and create their videos quickly. Utilize the preset options to easily edit your videos and export them quickly.

You can also take advantage of its features for making your slideshow of photos in a few seconds using the photo slideshow clips.


Trim and polish every video

You can use the video cropper options on Android if you want your videos to follow a certain ratio or setting. You can adjust your video to the finest of details thanks to the powerful feature. Users can crop and polish each video according to a specific ratio and format, allowing their videos to be used on many popular online channels without experiencing technical problems.




Flip and rotate your videos to see them from different perspectives

As you progress, you're able to flip and rotate your videos in different angles, creating special visual effects. Create unique and exciting visual effects with your editing as you flip up and down videos.


Easily share your videos on the internet

With all that editing and customization, you can easily export and share your videos online. With the help of the movie maker, you can easily customize your video resolution and quality. The app also features various presets for your favorite social media apps, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and many more. Within seconds, you can create and share your videos online.


Make sure your photo is properly edited

In addition to the app's video editing features, it also has a fully functional photo editor. You can begin by putting several stylish layouts on your photos. You could also experiment with filters and backgrounds to achieve different effects on your photos. Plus, you can add various cute frames and memes to your edited image, allowing you to create a picture you'll like. 


Free to use

Even with all of these fantastic features, the app is free to download on any of your mobile devices. As such, the free version of InShot is available from the Google Play Store and doesn't cost anything.


Activate our mod and get unlocked features

On our website, you can get InShot Pro for free if you're interested in the premium features it offers. Get unlimited access to this app without having to pay anything and enjoy many editing features. Follow the instructions provided on our website to download and install InShot Pro APK.


Final verdicts

With InShot Pro, video editing on your Android devices can be a lot more fun, exciting, and useful. Thus, the app offers complete control options, which would undoubtedly be of interest to most of you. We recommend checking out our mod if you can enjoy even better experiences. An excellent app to use along with KineMaster and FilmoraGo to make beautiful videos.

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