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Version 3.57b122410
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Updated Sep 27, 2022 (17 hours ago)
Developer Kustom Industries
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If your mobile interfaces have been boring lately, and you use an Android device, the good news is that your device can change its appearance. To that end, you can make your phones more personalized by using apps such as ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones and Nova Launcher Prime. 


Nonetheless, if you wish to expand your knowledge further, you should check out this exciting app from Kustom Industries. You can now customize the entire widget set up on your devices with multiple in-app features. If you progress through the app, apply any changes and use the in-app customization features to make your UI as unique and exciting as possible.


Our reviews will give you more information about the KWGT Kustom Widget mobile app.


KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key Apk


What does it do?

Ever notice that the preset widgets in your app aren't really what you expected? Are you looking for a change in your overall experiences with the app and the phone? You might consider having certain widgets wholly customized to your tastes. With KWGT Kustom Widget, Android users will customize their widgets according to their preferences. 


Android users can immediately edit any widget on their screen in KWGT Kustom Widget. Then, whenever you want to edit a new one, you need to add this new widget to your home screen. Choose the app as you try out many of the available widget editing tools.


You can change their sizes, designs, colors, backgrounds, and other exciting features as you customize each widget on the screen to meet your interests. Test out different widget customizations in the app and play with the additional features available.


This app allows you to customize your user interface and apply a variety of awesome-looking items. The unique Clocks, Live Map Widget, Weather Widget, Floating Music Player, and many other exciting things are included. 


KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key MOD APK



You can install KWGT Kustom Widget Pro on your mobile devices relatively quickly if you're interested in customized experiences with the app. This lite version of the mobile app will not require powerful hardware, and you will only need an Android device with firmware version 4.4 to install it. We encourage you to use its intriguing features whenever you feel like it.


Amazing features

Here are all the exciting features of the app:


Full Buzz Launcher support

You will have access to the complete import functionality for those of you who are already using Buzz Launcher. As a result, you can easily customize your launcher widgets.


kDownload KWGT Kustom Widget Pro


A touch interface for intuitive interaction

As you begin to use the app, KWGT Kustom Widget also features zooper-like progress bars and series, making navigation a lot easier. Additionally, you can perform touch actions and hotspots on any object that you create using the app. Therefore, you should be able to access customizations and make specific changes to the widgets reasonably easily.




Starting with valuable materials for customizing

KWGT Kustom Widget also introduces Android users to some attractive skins and a Komponent (the widget in Kustom) that you can easily change your system. Therefore, if you want to change your devices' UI, you don't have to dive into customizing widgets in-depth. You will undoubtedly benefit from the brilliant customization materials that are already available on the app.


kwgt mod apk free download


Add any text to the widgets

The KWGT Kustom Widget gives users access to dozens of exciting text customizations to start customizing their widget in-depth. You can customize the fonts, colors, and sizes of your texts here, as well as create unique effects. You may create curvy or skewed text and use the 3D flip transformation as you please.


Download KWGT Kustom Widget


Redesign your widgets and their elements

If you're interested, you can also reshape widgets and their certain elements into various shapes using KWGT Kustom Widget. As a result, it's possible to customize your oval clocks into rectangles, triangles, hexagons, etc. You can also modify other widgets and their inner elements with unique shapes as you explore the awesome in-app customizations.


KWGT Kustom Widget Pro


Visual effects to enhance your widgets

Additionally, KWGT Kustom Widget also contains incredible visual effects that you can have on your widgets that make the app even more interesting for Android users. The first step is to customize the tile and color filters of the widget elements and then change the gradients and shadows. It's easy to customize the awesome layered customizations with a multitude of options to choose from. With intuitive editing tools, you can customize your widget to your liking.




Various displayable data to include on your widgets

Furthermore, KWGT Kustom Widget boasts a massive database of different displayable data that you can add to your widgets to have the perfect widget on your mobile device. Add calendars, astronomies, time, battery, CPU speed, location, alarm, and many other valuable data that is currently displayed on your home screen.


At the same time, you can also use the app's supportive editing features with many compatible settings. You are free to use the complete programming options in the app, including accessible variables, conditionals, and functions.


Start using the advanced features of the in-app to make the most of your phone. You can connect your Google Fitness and have your segments, calories, and steps appropriately displayed. You can change the widget background based on your time, location, or weather with some customizations. 

Moreover, you can modify the native music player and the widgets multiple times. There's no end to the list.


Content that can be downloaded via HTTP

You can also download and install more content using HTTP if you need more editable content. Check out the live maps and weathers, along with many other unique widget changes that you can only find in this app.


Get access to a ton of pro features

In addition, Android users are also allowed to upgrade to the pro version of KWGT Kustom Widget for complete access to its features. There won't be any annoying ads when using this site's various features. You can also import content from SD cards and all outer skins when you unlock the pro app, making it easier to edit your widgets. With the available presets, you can quickly retrieve any saved settings or customizations.


Free to use

Despite all the fantastic features of the KWGT Kustom Widget, you can still use most of them for free. The good news is that you can download and install the app from the Google Play Store for free.


The pro version is available on our website

If, however, you want access to the fully unlocked version of the app with the complete experiences free of charge, then you might prefer to download our modified version. We encourage you to download KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key APK on our website, follow the instructions, and you will be able to make complete changes to your widgets with the advanced and convenient features in KWGT Kustom Widget.



Easy to use, but not ideal for new users

The app can be a little challenging to use if you are not familiar with the in-depth customizations that you can have on your Android devices. In light of this, there aren't many preset options that you can choose from, and most changes must be made manually down to the tiniest detail. Therefore, some of you might find it challenging to make changes to the widgets.


Final verdicts

KWGT Kustom Widget undoubtedly has awesome customizations and exciting features, making it one of the best apps available for your mobile devices when it comes to changing your UI. It's free to use, and you can enjoy using our modded function whenever you like.

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