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Version 1.18.10
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Updated Oct 16, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Tagimage 0 The Last Day of Earth Survival is an action zombie, sandbox, MMO game that is considered to be one of the most action-packed survival video games on the Play Store. After playing the game for about a week, we've come up with some ideas that we'll be sharing with you in our review. Let's begin.

The Plot

The storyline of this game isn't very long It is set in a post-apocalyptic universe where an outbreak of an infection devastated the majority of the humans. The virus turned humans into zombies that are seeking to destroy survivors. As the survivor, your objective is to live and fight from the zombies.

The Gameplay

The game begins where you'll find your character in a plot that includes small structures. There are first items needed to begin the game. Here you are able to gather things to construct the structures and other things. On the map you will be able to do many things to survive. For instance, you can build an Axe and use the Axe to cut down trees for the construction of homes or other constructions. Additionally, you can construct the boxes inside the house to store food and other supplies. In other words, you can accomplish a myriad of tasks to survive and this makes it more enjoyable to play.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

You'll also find weapons that you'll eventually employ to kill zombies as well as your prey. There are numerous deadly weapons that you can discover and then use. Beginning with the spear, all the way to the contemporary Glock-17 and everything in between, from the classic Skill crusher to the modern Mortar. It is also possible to put on armor to defend yourself from zombies but its strength is reduced as you absorb the injury from zombies.

When playing the game you'll build your transport vehicles that will increase your speed of travel from one place to the next and unlock more spots in the maps. To build transport vehicles, players be required to gather the various items , and then mix them to build your own transport. There are many vehicles to choose from, including Chopper ATV, Chopper as well as Zombie Truck.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

The game is a lot of fun, and you'll also collect a large amount of Blueprints which you'll eventually make into vehicles and furniture, as well as buildings and even weapons modification. More than 119 items to be found in the blueprints section. You can get the blueprints by trading points you earn each time your character is granted a level up.

When playing the main objective is to build an adequate foundation which you can expand upon as you advance in the game. While playing you'll also be interacting with other players from around the globe. Since it's an survival game, you'll need to ensure that you have sufficient supplies like water, food and more. to survive. There are number of locations on the map that you can explore and visit for materials needed to craft. In addition, you can find infected forests where you can go in which you'll be confronted with all kinds of zombies. There are plenty of challenges to be faced to you if you're brave enough to take on these challenges.

Another issue in the game is managing inventory, as with similar survival game, it is impossible to take everything you come across and must select the items based on your preferences. If, for instance, you're building a home then accumulating electronic items are useless. If you wish to stay alive in the game, then you'll need to choose the correct item for the right purpose.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

This game, called The Last Day on Earth: Survival is quite different to other sandbox games that you discover because the game tests you survival abilities and if you fail, your survival is challenging. The pace of the game is not fast either It takes time to gather materials. Moving from one location to another will earn you energy points. You can walk or you can run. Both ways draw energy and require a bit of time to recharge. Running is more efficient than walking, so if you're having breaks in between your playing, you should take the character around from location to another by walking. it'll take some time and you will then be able to make use of your character in order to accomplish the various tasks. The game also offers in-app purchases, which make things simpler for you, but you are able to progress fairly through the game without having to spend real money.

The Controls

The controls are fairly easy in this game, you'll find the virtual joystick located on the left hand side of the screen. There is also the Auto button that you can use to automate take advantage of the available resources. The attack button is located on the right-hand side of the screen that has a click and one the sit button. The screen also displays the virtual map at the top right-hand corner that gives you a more of a view of the map . it will also show the direction you're heading and the exact location for the zombies.

The Graphics

The game gives you a tower view, which allows you to be aware of the world around you. The game's environment is well-appreciated to detail and vivid hues. The items are also well-detailed in information, however it's not great. There are two options for graphics in the game, low and Ultra. If you're looking for the highest quality graphics, then go with Ultra Graphics.


Last Day on Earth: Survival is an excellent game that has many levels of content that lets you enjoy the game for months without becoming bored. It has a great gameplay featuring unique crafting systems that can make the game challenging as well as exciting to play. Additionally, it has optimized controls and stunning graphics. The only thing which is lacking is in the combat. Our opinion is that, when fighting, there must be some type of speedy animation that registers the actions. Overall, it's an excellent game for those who enjoy survival games that have lots of obstacles. We highly recommend it.

How to install the Last Day on Earth: Survival APK using OBB data file

  1. APK Install it onto your smartphone.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/zombie.survival.craft.z. Ensure that the OBB file (main.500558.zombie.survival.craft.z.obb) sits within the zombie.survival.craft.z folder.
  3. Restart the game. Enjoy!

Get Last Day on Earth The Survival Mod the most recent version 1.18.7 Android APK

You can download Last Day on Earth: Survival on your Android devices through the Google Play Store and Apkdone.com and Apkdone.com, respectively. Simply download Last Day on Earth: Survival on Apkdone and then install it. It does include an in-app purchase option and typical advertisements, but they won't affect the gaming experience. You can also purchase other items later on in the game, too.

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