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It used to be very tricky to record what's happening on your mobile screen because you would have to arrange your cameras in a certain way to capture what's going on entirely. This isn't very pleasant since you will always have a camera in front of you when using the phone. Additionally, the recording quality cannot be as good as what was displayed. 


Nowadays, however, screen recording apps are intuitive and practical, so you can not only record your screens but enjoy them anytime you like. You shouldn't have any problems if you choose specific settings and features before beginning your recording.


Due to its wide variety of exciting and useful features, Mobizen Screen Recorder is consistently among the most popular screen recorders in the store. Furthermore, the app features an intuitive editing interface that makes it highly convenient to capture videos or screenshots since you can make edits right inside the app.


Let's review this MOBIZEN's mobile app and learn more about it.


What does it do?

Mobizen Screen Recorder is a very convenient and easy-to-use screen recorder that can effectively capture the game or whatever is being displayed on your mobile devices. In addition, you can also use the built-in recorder in Mobizen Screen Recorder to capture specific footage.

What's more, the app lets you take and record perfect videos just like a pro. You can also explore the professional features of the app as you create excellent records.


Additionally, Mobizen Screen Recorder now comes with an integrated editor that makes it simple to edit recorded screenplays or captured videos. You will find many exciting options within the editor to customize your videos. When your results are ready, export them immediately.





Android users only require their phones to use the available features in the app. In addition, you're recommended to use a smartphone with a decent camera system if you intend to capture footage.


For the best experience with the app, Android users should use decent phones with capable hardware. The app will then run smoothly when recording your screenplay, performing specific edits, and exporting videos.


Additionally, in contrast to most other screen recorder apps for Android, Mobizen Screen Recorder does not require root permissions on any of your devices.


Amazing features

This app has the following outstanding features:


Quick access to intuitive controls with floating icons

The in-app controls in Mobizen Screen Recorder allow Android users to enjoy a convenient and intuitive experience right from the get-go. Whenever you wish, navigate between the in-app options and customize your settings.

As well as that, Mobizen Screen Recorder for Android users will offer floating icons that can be used to quickly start or stop recording, take a picture, or customize your in-app experience.


High-quality videos in Full HD

As well as providing the best visual experience with your recorded screenplay or captured videos, Mobizen Screen Recorder also offers a Clean Screen Recording option so you can enjoy crisp, clear images with high-quality video. You'll be able to enjoy smooth 60 FPS videos, sharp visuals with 12.0MP video quality, and a maximum resolution of 1080p or higher. All that's left for you to do is pick up Mobizen Screen Recorder and start recording videos.




Capture your reactions with the Facecam

Anyone with an Android device can now record a screenplay using the Facecam feature. In this way, users can easily capture their reactions when playing games, interacting with apps, or just exploring a screenplay on their mobile devices.

The screen recording experience in Mobizen Screen Recorder is now much more engaging. Your recorded videos are much more interesting now that the viewers can see your face and its hilarious reactions.


A convenient way to store data with the External Memory

With Android devices, you won't run out of storage space. As long as you have an SD Card, you can use the convenient video storage feature. You can record different types of footage with your screenplay and capture any footage you want. There will never be a problem with running out of storage space on your Android devices.

Easy-to-use video editing features

After all the fun of recording, the built-in editor app in Mobizen Screen Recorder allows you to edit your videos. With our app, you can edit videos quickly and conveniently with easy-to-use tools. It is up to you to trim, cut, and add your images. You can also customize the visual experiences with many exciting effects and edits.




Customize your videos with fun music and intros

In Mobizen Screen Recorder, you can now customize your videos with many interesting intro and outro effects. Using the preset intro videos, you can showcase incredible experiences with your videos. 

Once all the visual elements are set and edited correctly, you can move on to adding music and sounds. Feel free to use any of the videos on your system, as well as the BGM from the app.



Get rid of watermarks with Clean Recording Mode

You can also remove the annoying watermark from your recorded videos by using Mobizen Screen Recorder on Android. The app offers a Clean Recording Mode, which allows you to make a clean recording. To make your videos more personalized, you can also add your signature watermark.

Free to use

While Mobizen Screen Recorder has many exciting features, Android users can still enjoy the app for free. The Google Play Store makes it extremely easy to download and install the app.

Enjoy the app to the fullest with our mod

Our modified version of the app can replace the in-app purchases and ads that you're finding to be annoying for Android users. Follow the directions that we provide on our website, and you should be able to download and install the Mobizen Screen Recorder Mod APK and begin using it immediately. There are no payments involved, and you can enjoy the full version of Mobizen Screen Recorder for free. Get ad-free experiences, unlocked features, and more.

Final verdicts

Screen recorders are in high demand these days, and it looks like you'll have another great choice now, along with Screen Recorder & Video Recorder Editor and a few others. You can capture professional footage from your screenplay whenever you wish and use the editing features to customize it to your liking.

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