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Version 2.2m
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Premium Unlocked

Updated Nov 23, 2021 (5 days ago)
Developer Mad Seven
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Mood Messenger is an application that lets users manage the messages sent by users across numerous applications. It is an ideal instrument for users to monitor all information and messages that they receive. It's extremely useful to use in the day-to-day life of the user so that everything is not as chaotic as it was previously. The application replaces the default messaging application that is included so that users will enjoy the most enjoyable experience.


Help of MMS and SMS

In the default app it's difficult for users to send MMS messages, which has caused a number of issues for the other users. Particularly in situations where users are required to send important photographs. The app is able to beat that problem; users will have not just SMS support, however, they also have MMS. This gives users numerous benefits in their work and also in everyday life for the user. Don't be hesitant to download this app to have the ability to replace the previous messaging app for anyone.


Bubble Chat

The feature is generally available in the messaging app of "Facebook" that is "Messenger" This feature lets users display their conversations as bubbles. By using this feature, users can enjoy many advantages; users can stream videos and read texts simultaneously. If you are using another app, you will need to put the video on pause for a reply. If you are using this application it is not necessary to do this and you will still be able to send messages. Only devices that have an adequate configuration can use this feature as it will use up a lot of RAM. In order to prevent the slowdown that can affect the performance of the user ensure that your device is powerful enough.


Customize Backgrounds

Each app comes with a fixed background which is included in the application, and very few apps modify this. However, with this app it's possible; the app offers users more than 100 themes to choose from. If people are bored with this theme, it can be completely replaced with something new to add excitement. The app also lets users make every conversation have a unique subject to keep them engaging and exciting. Additionally, the application offers users a dark mode, which helps users do not suffer from eye strain while using the application in low-light conditions.


You can customize fonts and sizes.

In addition the ability to let users customize themes for conversations The application also lets users to alter the font's size and font. If you want to experience different experience, the feature can provide great assistance to users. The program provides users with different fonts to meet the requirements of the player. Modifying the size of text can be helpful to people with issues with their eyes. If the user is nearsighted, then he or she could alter the size of the text so that the content of the message can be easily read. Therefore, users don't have to be concerned about this issue since the app will allow the highest resolution for the user.

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