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Most of you have heard about the intuitive slideshows that allow you to turn photos into videos. However, if you could animate your images, it would be unimaginable. Lightricks Ltd. offers an interesting mobile app that makes this possible. With Motionleap, Android users are now at liberty to explore their static images as they please. Animate the different elements of the pictures to deliver a complete experience with your photos whenever you want.

Using the app's powerful and brilliant tools, you will be able to transform static images into lively and refreshing live photos with an impressive visual experience. The photo editor features easy-to-use tools and even animations that can be customized 100%, so your images will stand out more. As of now, Android users can enjoy a brand new way to stylize and enjoy the unique features of your new photo editor, which are unique to no other app in the market currently.

Check out our complete review of Motionleap to learn more.




What does it do?

In terms of editing your photos, creating aesthetic looks, or applying any interesting effects or filters to them, you can always rely on applications like VSCO and Picsart. But, if you are trying to create something that has never been seen before, Motionleap is a worthy nomination.

Hence, you can enjoy the exciting features of animated photos within the application. The photo editor app allows users to explore a new level of creativity.

On top of that, the app also offers standard video editing features, which are accessible and familiar, so most of you will find them helpful. Get started with simple editing before you create unique animated photos with Motionleap.





To begin using the app, Android users need to have their devices read. For complete compatibility, make sure your smartphone runs Android 7.1 or higher. That's all you need to get started.


Amazing features

Here is a list of all the features you can find in the app:


Bring your static images to life by adding movement

You can now enjoy incredible and refreshing experiences with Motionleap's new photo editor app. A unique experience can be found here with the "lifelike" images, which provide interesting visual effects that convey the idea that the photos are still alive. 

Motionleap makes it easy to incorporate multiple photo movements into a single photograph with just a few taps. With just a few simple settings, you can adjust the motion to ensure that the overall rhythm is maintained. Customize the movements of the directed photos by changing the anchor points. Feel free to select specific areas of the images that you would like to keep static by using the freeze brush for a unique visual experience.




Make simple edits to your moving pictures

In Motionleap, you can now make simple edits to your moving photos using the provided editing options. Take a look at the picture effect editor if you want to make certain photo adjustments. Fun animation effects and special effects will bring your pictures to life.




Animate photos featuring sky effects

You can replace lifeless and dull skies in your photos with more intuitive and exciting effects using Motionleap. Feel free to create an animated cloudy sunset to revitalize the image, which will make it more colorful. In Motionleap, there is no need to get into all of the intricate features, so new users will find editing easier. Instead, you can select from dozens of automated skies in the app, each with its own unique visual experience and impression.




Create different impressions with overlays on photos

Moreover, the app also provides numerous overlays and visual effects that enhance your motion pictures to give them a new feel. Enjoy the fun and powerful effects on your Motionleap to make your photos look fantastic. Therefore, the beautiful weather overlays, sparkling effects, vintage filters, and more will surely capture your attention. The exciting photo-sharing options will enable users to enjoy visually appealing Stories and Feeds as a bonus.


A collection of video effects to enhance your photo editor

Motionleap now has video effects built into the photo editor to enhance your overall visual experience. A variety of animated photo editing tools are available here, with an exciting pace, direction, and style. Fun distortions, speed, and direct effects to your unique animated photos will help you enjoy the effects to the fullest.




Animate your pictures on your Android device with this professional animator

You can learn how to bring life to your videos with the professional picture animator app in just seconds. Here, the directional effects and movements will make it possible for users to customize their photos effectively. Moreover, the simple and accessible features of the app will make it extremely easy for Android users to become familiar with the app's features quickly.




Free to use

Motionleap now has a free mobile app for Android devices, so now you can enjoy the app on all your devices for free. There is no payment required; all you have to do is download the app from Google Play.


Get the fully unlocked app from our mod

At the same time, it is also possible for Android users to download Motionleap Mod APK from our website to unlock all paid features on their mobile devices. Follow the instructions provided, and you will have it installed on your Android device. You can explore all features of the app without any limits. You won't have to pay for anything, and the annoying ads won't bother you either.


Final verdicts

Motionleap offers many different visual customizations for Android users to enjoy when editing photos. Meanwhile, the animated videos and unique motion effects will add even more interest. What's most exciting, however, is that it's completely free and unlocked.

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