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Version 2.10.12
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Updated May 18, 2022 (4 months ago)
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Is music your daily companion? Do you want to compose the song of your dreams? Feeling overwhelmed by the start-up process? MuseScore: View and Play Sheet Music will meet all your needs. For those just starting and wanting to experience the melody of music, this is the best software to use. The software is optimized to perform all functions in a small size.


Explore all the fantastic features of this app with our comprehensive review. 


MOD Info

  • PRO / Paid Features Unlocked


What does it do?

MuseScore is considered to be the most influential music composer app available today. The application provides innumerable benefits to the user. But the most important thing is, it is entirely free and does not rely on any external factors. 


Even though it appears simple, MuseScore is an excellent application for songwriters and music composers. If you are learning the basics of composing, this app will support 100% of proficient users in that endeavor. With this one tiny app, you can create music with various genres and let your creativity run wild.  





It's free and easy to set up MuseScore on your mobile device if you're interested. You can start using it right away by downloading the free app from the Google Play Store. 


However, to experience the app to the fullest, you'll need to make certain in-app purchases.  Furthermore, you need an Android device with the latest firmware version and grant several permissions for the app to run smoothly. 


Amazing features

Get to know the art of music composition with intuitive interfaces  

MuseScore is designed with a user-friendly interface to start using the app with no hassles right away. The app is also ideal for beginners who wish to improve their music composition skills. It takes twenty minutes to practice daily, and slowly, your skills will be upgraded to the point where you'll be qualified to perform songs. Afterward, in just ten minutes, users can create their compositions using MuseScore.


As a result, users will love the app on the first try, rather than fumbling around, wondering how to create a complete piece of music. As well as allowing the user to compose their favorite music, MuseScore also comes with several exercises so that users can learn how to write and accumulate previous knowledge that is provided. When you are familiar with the art of music composition, feel free to create your masterpieces, and showcase them with your friends and families on social media. 




Endless music experiences with unlimited music lines 

A remarkable feature of MuseScore is that it allows the user to compose an unlimited number of lines of music with up to four voices per degree, the pitch of notes or chords, and verses. Once you begin using it, you will arrange songs of various types without worrying about being restricted by any elements.


Additionally, the app is designed in an intuitive interface, combined with progressed highlights and optimization in a minimalist style. The sleek design also makes it more appealing for users to keep on playing music, sharing their work, and recording within the MIDI protocol within the application.


Easily edit your music notes

You may return to MuseScore if you want to edit your composition until you achieve the desired outcome. Aside from that, whenever you wish to make more intensive notes, everything can be done relatively quickly. Similarly, the application replaces the user by automatically putting the appropriate note position on the staff. The application also allows you to make edits such as changing the chorus title, correcting errors in the music, adding blanks, and more.




New features added for you to enjoy

Users can use this application to compose music for piano, guitar, jazz, or studios. Several outstanding improvements have been made to the application to make it even more appealing for users. There is a preset tab in the application for the 3-string dulcimer to allow users to create loops and breaks for the FLUID synthesizer and Mountain Dulcimer. Whenever you are done with the track, save it as standard MusicXML. The app now offers significant benefits when unlocking the keys of MuseScore Pro members.




The pro features are free with our mod

Finally, for those who would like the fully-featured applications of MuseScore, but cannot afford its subscription, MuseScore also offers free access to their favorite mobile apps via our website for Android users. MuseScore Mod APK is easily downloadable on our website; follow the instructions, and you should be able to play it immediately. With the app, you can enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted music experiences.


Final verdicts

MuseScore is undoubtedly a powerful sheet music creator for composers to write great music. It is intended for composers and musicians who would like to record creative inspiration anywhere, anytime. You can now write your excellent music compositions with this awesome innovative notation app and become a songwriter.

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