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Version 1.36.11
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Updated Sep 08, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Developer MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
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Watching videos and clips on their phones is more convenient than watching them on a big screen for most smartphone users. The experience will probably be more satisfying on a larger display, but you won't have the same level of portability as a smartphone. 


As a result, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies wherever you are at any given time with your smartphone. However, television and monitor don't always fit into your purse or pocket due to their relatively large size.


As for watching movies on your smartphone, you'll need a good media player that can support high-resolution images and provide realistic sound effects. One of the best media players for Android devices, Mx Player Pro, should be your first choice when selecting an app for watching clips on your smartphone. 


Check out our review to learn more.


What does it do?

In essence, the app is a video player, but it has many more valuable features that would enhance your experience. You can use the app as an external video player for movies apps or watch online videos. Additionally, you can add subtitles by loading the files from your storage. Overall, it's an advanced media player with a lot of options and customizations.



It needs these permissions to function correctly. Users can turn on input blocking in the app to prevent unwanted gestures on the display screen that might affect their experiences. This would ignore any physical touches you make on the screen unless you tap on the unlock button. You will need to give the app the "Draw over other apps" permission, however.


With MX Player Pro, users can choose what type of Bluetooth headset and speaker they want to use when watching movies, giving them a more satisfying viewing experience. The "Pair with Bluetooth devices" permission will still need to be enabled before you can use the features.


In addition, you can watch uninterrupted by allowing the "Disable screen look" and "Control vibration" permissions to keep your phone awake and undisturbed during the process. 


It is important to note that if you do not provide these permissions, you'll have to restart the app and grant it the following permissions to use its features.




Amazing features

The app undoubtedly stands out as one of the most popular media players available on the Android platform, with many impressive features. Here are a few we think you'll enjoy:


Optimized hardware

With the hardware acceleration technology, the app uses powerful HW+, HW, SW decoders to increase the processing speed. Therefore, the image and audio quality are greatly improved. If you wish to have the best results, you must use the proper decoder for the correct media files.




Put the multicore processor to good use

Most smartphones nowadays are powered by quad-core, octave-core, and even more powerful processors, so it's a shame if applications cannot take advantage of those improvements. 


J2 Interactive's developers did a great job adding these incredible features to use the dual-core processor's power. As a result, videos load faster, and commands are executed more smoothly.


User-friendly gestures

MX Player Pro offers intuitive gestures for simple commands so that users can enjoy their moves in a more relaxing manner. With a swipe of the finger, you can rewind or fast forward the contents. You can control the brightness by going up and down on the left and the volume by going right. Also, it has dozens of gesture commands which you will discover after installing the app. 




Keep your children from fiddling with your phone

You can keep your kids quiet and obedient by allowing them to watch videos on your phone. Their nature is curious, so they are unlikely to stay put and watch their videos. As a result, most kids would tap on the screen of your smartphone, enabling dozens of unwanted functions.


In this case, you can use the "kid lock" or "touch screen lock" to prevent your child from making phone calls or doing unrelated things while watching videos. 


Subtitles are enabled

Foreign movies will at least require the correct subtitles so you can follow along. MX Player Pro users can conveniently download subtitle files from online sources and load them from the app settings. Thus, you can enjoy relaxing hours watching your favorite movies with subtitles.


Free to use

On the Google Play Store, users can choose between free and paid versions of the app. Whatever you choose, you'll enjoy some relaxing moments. It has the same features as its pro counterpart, the only thing that may bother you is the advertisements.


Check out our modified version

Therefore, people who do not like ads can install our mod version if they are interested in experiencing the pro version. Download the MX Player Pro APK file from our website and enjoy an ad-free experience without being bothered.


Additionally, we removed all languages except for English and Russian to reduce the storage requirements of the app. Thus, you can still enjoy this great application without sacrificing too much storage space.


In addition to removing unnecessary features and using codes to make the app faster, our developers worked hard to make the app smaller and faster. Those who are tired of the old colors can also customize their color setups based on their preferences.



Slow if not using the proper decoder

While the app comes with three different decoders, using the wrong one might stutter images or poor audio quality. By letting the app select a suitable decoder instead of choosing it manually, you can avoid this problem. 


Final verdicts

The best media player for Android devices is, without a doubt, MX Player Pro, which offers many excellent features and powerful decoders. In this way, having it installed on your devices will not disappoint you.

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