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Unlimited Money/Diamond

Updated Jun 05, 2022 (5 months ago)
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Category Casual ,
Installs 60+

Indeed all of us are familiar with the famous pet game series of the publisher by Outfit7 Limited. Now fans of the pet game series are once again satisfied with the game My Talking Hank.
If you want to take care of adorable pets but can't? Do not worry because there is My Talking Hank. This is a game with an exciting pet care theme that many people are interested in. This game will bring a unique style of animal care like never before. Players will be surprised with a special appearance only in My Talking Hank.
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MOD Info

  • Money and diamonds increase with purchases;
  • The minimum cost of items.

A great style of play

The pet games in this series are so famous and unique, such as My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela. These series have created a fever in the game world and with millions of thousands of downloads. Up to now, the attractiveness of this game is increasing and shows no sign of decreasing. If you've ever explored the previous series, I'm sure My Talking Hank will make you extremely satisfied. This game gives players a very new feeling with a lovely pet dog named Hank. This dog will always have enjoyable activities and will experience all activities with you anytime, anywhere. So let's explore these exciting and new things with My Talking Hank!


Attractive features

Take care of your lovely dog ​​Hank

If the versions of My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela bring you a cute and charming cat, with My Talking Hank, you will own an adorable dog. The world of Hank is opened with many exciting things, and you will be adopted a cute dog. With a realistically designed sweet appearance, Hank looks like a real-life dog. Hank is quite funny, naughty, and lovely because, in the age of development, Hank needs to have fun, eat and rest. So you must take care of Hank. Let it eat, play, bathe and sleep enough hours.


If Hank is playing or after a meal, his clothes will often get dirty, so you must wash him thoroughly. Not only that, but you also need to clean many places in Hank's house to make it cleaner. To know that Hank is sleepy, players can see that he will be tired, quite sluggish, and not interested in all fun activities. At that time, you need to give Hank a rest to regain the most needed energy. The unique thing worth mentioning in My Talking Hank is an exceptional and new space. Hank's place is a dreamy and beautiful Hawaiian island, and this is a different version from the previous series. And another task for you is to discover all the new and unique things on this beautiful island.

New and unique features

My Talking Hank is a game with high diversity and many attractive features. The defining feature of the games in the My Talking series is that the pet characters can imitate the player's voice in a lovely and graceful way. And with this game, Hank can also do that, and you need to give access to the microphone so that Hank can hear your voice. Your lovely dog ​​will start talking after you, and this will make you feel happier. In particular, Hank is a dog who loves to take pictures, so you need to help him to take many pictures of everything in this place, specifically the exotic wildlife, and then form a charming memory album.


There will be many new animals appearing, and you should take advantage of them to take pictures. Among them, some animals will be afraid of Hank, so you need to buy some food to lure those animals out and then quickly take photos of them. Coming to My Talking Hank, you will never get bored because there are many activities for you to experience. These activities can be mentioned as the mini-games Clean the ocean, Monkey catch, Bubble up, Splashy, and many more. As you explore more and more levels, more exciting games will be opened, and you can explore them.

Experience a unique and new gameplay

If the context of the previous My Talking series makes you feel too familiar, you will experience an entirely new context with My Talking Hank. The place you will come to is the beautiful island of Hawaii. At the beginning of the game, you will be flying from the sky mixed in white clouds and see the beautiful island below. My Talking Hank owns a new interface with vivid colours and harmony between the surrounding scenes. The eye-catching, meticulous, and gorgeous 3D design makes players get caught up in this satisfying gameplay. Everything is taken care of, and you can feel it through the images, plants, animals, and other objects on the island.


The pet game genre is always a top choice for everyone because of its cuteness and friendliness. The characters presented are usually lovable, charming, and attractive, plus the gameplay is simple and easy to use. My Talking Hank brings an image of a simulated dog that is highly realistic and eye-catching. This game is highly entertaining; children and older people have to be addicted to My Talking Hank because of its cuteness.
The beautiful Hawaiian island and Hank, the dog, are waiting for you to discover exciting things in this place. Quickly fly to this island to have fun, make sure My Talking Hank will not let you down!
Download and discover My Talking Hank now!


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