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My Talking Tom is exceptionally suitable for those who love and want to take care of cats very simply and completely free on all platforms, released in November 2013. What is more, it also brings a fun experience for the player; coming to My Talking Tom, the player will take care of the cat very easily, performing tasks such as feeding it, stroking, bathing, and playing with it. The remarkable thing is that this robotic cat has the ability to imitate human sounds with an exciting and funny voice, helping you to have relaxing moments with this lovely robotic cat. Therefore, this game attracts many participants and becomes popular with all audiences, including people who do not love animals.

A lovely and fun game

Designed specifically for users who love pets, animals, or children, My Talking Tom allows players to raise a kitten of their own and named Tom or any named player want. Your task is quite simple: feed Tom, play with him, and nurture him so that from a funny kitten, Tom will become an adult and intelligent cat.
You should also dress up Tom with beautiful costumes and accessories that you can buy in gold at the shop. In addition, it is also advisable to decorate Tom's house with accessories and utensils for the kitchen,  playground, bathroom, bedroom so that he feels happy and funny to live with you in a cozy home. You'll have the opportunity to experiment with different fashions for cat Tom by trying on any outfit you like, choosing from a wide selection of colors, hats, and sunglasses.


Interesting and attractive features

Main Features

When participating in My Talking Tom, players will raise and take care of their cats by bathing the cat and feeding the cat with a reasonable diet, and even you have to buy the foods they like and go to sleep an hour appropriately. In addition, you will see many different expressions of cats, such as happy, hungry, bored, or sleepy, and they are described very honestly like a real cat. In particular, the cat will show extremely happy emotions when you stroke its fur. Even if you hit it, it will get angry and fall.
Coming to My Talking Tom, you will have the opportunity to experience an extremely interesting game that you can also make up for the cats in addition to taking care of cats. In case your cat is female, you can make it up more impressive and attractive. Furthermore, you can shape your cats' fashion style through gorgeous costumes, beautiful and eye-catching, even you can combine them with accessories like hats or shoes. Besides, you will join with your cat to participate in different games for entertainment and earn extra income to buy food, decorate the house, and purchase accessories or accessories for it. What is more, your cat will be upgraded when completing tasks, and this upgrade helps your cat grow and unlock new levels; you will receive corresponding items and rewards.


Simple gameplay

My Talking Tom has a simple and accessible interface; for beginners, you will be guided in detail on how to play. The game also provides you with icons to conveniently monitor their activity mode to show at the bottom of the picture. For example, when the cat is hungry, the spoon and fork icon will appear red. It would be best if you touched that icon, and your cat will immediately bring many different dishes to the table to eat. To feed them, you need to touch the food that the cat wants to eat until the icon turns green, showing 100% that your cat is full.


After eating, the toilet icon will usually appear red, which means they want to go to the toilet. You will also do the same by clicking on the toilet wall icon, and here you will clean the cat's teeth mouth after eating and going to the toilet, and once done, this icon will show 100%, which means you are done. In addition, when the smiley icon appears red, it means that the cat is bored and wants to play with you, you can join the cat in the games to relax and earn extra income, and when this icon turns to green means, the cat does not want to play anymore. You will capture all of your cat's needs with ease.


Take care of the cute cat

Once you have completed all of your daily requirements, such as eating, going home, and relaxing, your cat will fall asleep. Similar to other activities, the star and moon icon will appear red. When you press that icon and you turn off the light, your cat will go to sleep, and you will wait until this icon turns green, then you can continue playing with your beloved cat. You will be upgraded when all the icons turn green.
Besides, you need to buy more cat food through the supermarket basket icon, and there will be a variety of fast foods and drinks and fruits for you to choose from, each of which will have a different taste depending on your preferences by category from cheap to high priced. Furthermore, you can buy costumes and accessories for your cat, from hats, ants to everyday clothes.


In terms of graphics, the game My Talking Tom is made in a funny, lovely way with bright colors and is suitable for all ages. Thanks to beautiful graphics, My Talking Tom is present in 135 countries with a considerable number of players, with 12 million good reviews on the Google Play app store enough to show the attraction of the virtual pet game number 1 in this world.
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