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Fans of soccer are thrilled when you discover thrilling soccer action while you take on epic match-ups. Take on your very own soccer adventure as you play this simple , yet profound and thrilling sport of soccer.

Explore the world of a soccer player as you take part in the thrilling game that is New Star Soccer. You can experience a variety of aspects of a life of a soccer player as you play this amazing game that is mobile. Learn how to train as a professional footballer, collaborate alongside your teammates like a real footballer, and be a joy being a footballer.

Learn more about the amazing game on mobile called New Star Soccer with our reviews.


Different from other soccer activities which focuses more on soccer experience in general. When you play you'll have fun playing the sport of soccer as well as the life of an athlete. Enjoy your thrilling career when you embark on your journey as a beginner soccer player who is striving to achieve the elite level and attain the highest degree of personal accomplishment.

Feel free to design and personalize your own players with a variety of features. Choose your country, your preferred place on the field modify certain statistics select a specific club to start your journey and then let's get started.

The game will introduce Android players to the deep and thrilling soccer game because you can take part in both off and during the pitch. Also, you'll be able to experience life as a professional footballer in addition to the game itself. You can enjoy the full and enjoyable game of football, with a range of exciting options.


This page will provide all the exciting features this game offers:

An in-depth and fun game of soccer

For the first time, Android gamers in New Start Soccer will be enjoying the complex and engaging game of soccer. In New Start Soccer, you will be able to enjoy the thrilling and exciting simulation games with you being the central character in the story. Explore and enjoy the fascinating football action while you embark on your epic journeys in the game. Discover the complete modern football world while enjoying your career.

You can take on the thrilling leagues and international challenge

As you progress as you progress, you'll also get the opportunity to compete in an array of exciting championships and leagues that are part of the most well-known tournaments around the world. Start with a small group and move up in the table of rankings. Perform your best each and every game you play to make your way up the ladder of glory.

Pick your team of choice as you grow more famous and take part in your most favored championships. It's also possible for fans to enjoy incredible football competitions with colleagues from their country in the famous international tournaments. Be the winner of the top tournaments for your national and club team, then put your name into the hall of the renowned.

Fun and fascinating football matches

Like any other fascinating football game you'll continue to be able to experience the most exciting and thrilling football games. You can play as a soccer player, and you can control the game with your amazing pass to teammates, or taking amazing shots to knock down your goalkeeper of your opponent. Make use of the basic but highly intuitive techniques to determine your ball's direction as well as the direction you will strike it. Thus, delivering your ultimate shots.

Feel your footballer's highs as well as lows

Furthermore to make the sport more engaging, players playing New Star Soccer will also be able to experience the lows and highs of footballers. Experience the distinctive and fascinating game where you are able to fully be absorbed in the football experience. Start by experiencing your life as a celebrity. Select your preferred option from the various options. Take the right decision and you will experience different results. The most important thing is to keep a positive relationship between yourself and your team, coach, and the fans.

Develop and train your abilities as you advance

Furthermore, as you advance through playing, you'll get access to a myriad of new and exciting improvements and upgrades. Start by employing new agents to handle your sponsors, and then working with clubs. You should then find some great trainers to help you acquire new skills and build new skills as you progress. Concentrate on your training early in your life for the best chance to become an excellent player.

Take advantage of a variety of exciting activities

In addition to the arduous careers, players who play New Star Soccer can also take part in a variety of exciting in-game activities footballer. Enjoy yourself and earning money while you play gambling games, placing bets on races for horses, or even going to the club with other players. Be sure to do not miss the class and make the boss angry.

Play for free

Despite offering all these incredible features, the game is accessible for no cost to Android gamer to play with their phones. Simply search for this game in the Google Play Store and have it installed on your device without any cost.

Enjoy games that are unlocked by using our mod

If you're one of those who find the game very annoying due to ads and purchases in the game it might be a good idea to download our altered versions that includes ads and in-game purchases. Download New Start Soccer Hacked on our website, and follow the instructions provided and you'll be ready to start playing.

Sound and visual quality


Although it's not offering any significant improvements in terms graphic quality, New Star Soccer still introduces Android players to the easy and easy gameplay for players to enjoy using their mobile devices. However, on the other hand, the low-demanding graphics make the game playable on mobile device, even those with low-ends.

Music and Sound

Enjoy the easy-to-understand sound effects in New Star Soccer as you take part in the players' greatest soccer journeys. You'll be amazed by the fun and exciting sound effects when you're in either game.

Final thoughts

Fans of the well-known FIFA Soccer, Score Hero as well as a number of other soccer games available on our site will be able to find a excellent mobile game to play on their mobile devices by playing New Star Soccer. Since the game is accessible and free for the majority players, we can't have any reason to think you shouldn't try it.

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