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Version 1.1.80
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Updated Sep 13, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Developer Studio Furukawa
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Would you like to experience the thrill of drag racing? Do you enjoy playing car tuning and upgrading games? Most importantly, are you expecting the game to have an accessible interface so that you can play it quickly? Pixel Car Racer's interesting mobile title, along with Ramp Car Jumping and Hot Wheels: Race Off, will undoubtedly be good to have on your Android devices, especially if you like the retro graphics.


Engage in epic racing fun with some of the most fabulous retro cars. Get ready for an epic duel where speed and skill will determine the outcome. Upgrade and enhance your ride as much as you can to make it as cool as possible. Explore the accelerating gameplay and take on multiple in-game challenges.


Our complete reviews will give you an overview of Studio Furukawa's fascinating gameplay. 




What is this game about?

In the game, Android gamers will be able to take on drag racing challenges and enjoy the fun gameplay and retro graphics in this awesome mobile game. You will be able to build and upgrade your LEGO-like vehicles and participate in epic duels as you try to speed over your opponents.


As you explore the garage options, you can build your ultimate beast by using simple cars. Several options in Pixel Car Racer allow you to customize your vehicle. The engine upgrades will improve speed and handling so that they will be better from the inside out. You can customize your cars in many ways to change their appearance completely.


Once you're done, feel free to enjoy Pixel Car Racer's thrilling gameplay with many exciting challenges and game modes. As you progress in Pixel Car Racer, compete in the ultimate drag races with top racers and car pimps. As you advance, you can take part in fantastic street races. And last but not least, you can enjoy the story gameplay whenever you want.





Here are all the exciting features of the game:


Choose from a variety of game modes

The gameplay in Pixel Car Racer is quite varied with the variety of modes available. Android users will immediately be able to enjoy many exciting gameplay options. 


  • Drag Racing: Prepare for your ultimate racing career by getting to know your vehicle's controls and tuning. Enjoy plenty of tuning options and drag racing quests in Pixel Car Racer.
  • Street Racing: Alternatively, you can enjoy the exciting gameplay of Pixel Car Racer's street races with some of the most impressive street racers in the game. Defeat them and establish your name as the best in town.
  • Story: Finally, the gameplay you've been waiting for. Introducing you to many exciting experiences in Pixel Car Racer will now be the Story gameplay. Experience the ultimate in pixelated racing and more.


You will also find more and more exciting challenges in Pixel Car Racer along with these gameplay elements.




Several modes of racing with varying difficulties

Also, Pixel Car Racer offers its extensive collection of extraordinary racing events to make the racing gameplay a lot more fun and engaging for gamers. Take part in pixelated racing in varied modes and earn prizes to add to your car collection.


Get started by competing in the free runs, which you can enjoy whenever you like. No limits apply to your ultimate vehicles, so you can accelerate and run as fast as you want. If you prefer, you can compete against the best opponents in the series in the in-game tournaments. Additionally, you'll be able to engage in epic rival races with your enemies. 


The game will also feature dozens of exciting races and challenges, boasting unique and exciting gameplay for Android users. 


Enjoy an extensive collection of cars

Furthermore, Pixel Car Racer Android gamers will have access to an impressive car collection with over 100 cars available to choose from. Pick up any vehicle that you'd like and plunge into the infamous racing thrill. Experience the thrill of customizing and personalizing your racing gameplay with your ultimate rides. It will also be more entertaining with the stylized cars for Japan, Europe, and the US.


Tune your car with multiple parts

Along with its exciting vehicles, Pixel Car Racer offers interesting car parts for you to pick up and use. When it comes to tuning and refining your favorite car, you'll find that you have more than 1000 options available. Check out the RPG-like tuning interface to see all of your cars' detailed statistics.


Explore the Dyno Tuning options and use different parts to engineer your engine system. You can play around with multiple combined settings to find a perfect balance between speed, accelerations, handling, and functionality.


Additionally, the game now offers attractive car and part dealership experiences, enabling you to connect with other players while searching for your good parts.




Get your game and cars customized

You can now engage in the exciting in-game customizations, which will provide hundreds of different customization options for your car. Aside from the changes to your tuning options, Pixel Car Racer also introduces Android gamers to its attractive in-game Livery Designer. 


You can create your own beautiful pixel art graphics and customize your cars in exciting ways using the provided tools. You can also choose from hundreds of pre-installed car liveries in the game to easily customize their appearance.




Realistic and intuitive touch controls

Android gamers can also get more involved in exciting racing experiences thanks to the realistic and intuitive touch controls. You have access to many interactive features and valuable features in your control panel. The game lets you manage manual gearshifts, control the gas pedal and brake pedal, and do lots of exciting things with your cars.


Get more perks by joining the online community

Additionally, players can also enjoy the exciting perks of Pixel Car Racer by connecting their Facebook accounts. You can use the Cloud Saving option to introduce gamers to the quick and convenient syncing between devices. You won't lose your progress, even if you delete your games or switch devices. 


In Pixel Car Racer, Android gamers can enjoy the exciting online gameplay and the supportive online community. You can interact with other car enthusiasts from all over the world at this event. Experience both unique in-game experiences and an interest in automobiles that keeps you engaged. 




Get the latest updates to enjoy new features and elements

Pixel Car Racer now offers tons of exciting upgrades that will give Android gamers access to new and frequent content every time they receive an update, allowing the game to remain exciting and fun for most players. 


Free to play

Pixel Car Racer is now available for free on mobile devices for those of you who are interested. You can get the game on the Google Play Store without paying anything. 


However, to have more fun without ads and in-game purchases, it might be better to use our mod to get unlimited money.


Graphics and audio quality



You can now enjoy Pixel Car Racer's exciting gameplay with multiple graphics settings, which will make the game playable on most Android devices. The game is designed to be pixelated and straightforward, so you won't get the most immersive experience as you do with other 3D titles, but the visual content is detailed and interactive so that you will be hooked. 



Android gamers will now be able to enjoy engaging retro-styled music and sound effects, as well as the striking visual elements of Pixel Car Racer. Play the thrilling in-game experiences as you progress through the game while enjoying the realistic sounds, especially the mighty engine roars.


Get unlimited money on our website

With the modified version of Pixel Car Racer, Android gamers can quickly experience the addictive racing and car tuning experiences to the fullest. You can enjoy unlimited money, removed ads, and more without being bothered by unnecessary features. You need to download the Pixel Car Racer Mod APK from our website, follow the instructions, and it will be installed properly.


Final thoughts

You won't find a better mobile title than this one with its accessible gameplay, in-depth content, and addictive experiences. Moreover, you have all the reasons to start playing the game now that it's unlocked and accessible on our website. 

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