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Version 3.69
Mod info Pro All Unlocked
Updated May 19, 2022 (4 months ago)
Developer Hippo
Category Art & Design ,
Installs 17+

Pixels are the units of measurement used in all images. In photography, how does a pixel contribute to the art? A pixel comprises many small squares with the same color, reorganizing themselves to form a perfect picture. An image's realism and vitality will be more effectively expressed when there are more pixels.


Pixels can also be used in creating aesthetically pleasing images or in creating graphics for classic role-playing games. If you want to learn more about pixels and create images with pixels, check out Pixel Studio, where you can unleash your creativity.


Our comprehensive review will tell you everything you need to know about this excellent mobile app.




MOD Info

  • Pro features unlocked
  • No ads
  • Google Drive sync
  • Dark theme
  • 256-color palettes
  • Tile mode
  • Max project size 4096×4069 px
  • Color adjustment with no limits
  • Pixel Network downloading/saving
  • Max EXP (Pixel Sensei) / Check-in disabled
  • Pixel Stickers unlocked
  • Pixel Ranks unlocked
  • Dungeon Tileset II unlocked (initial net connection required)
  • Release by ill420smoker


What does it do?

Pixel Studio is a drawing and design program that lets you create pixel images and GIF animations. There are several familiar painting tools you can use, for example, the pencil for drawing simple lines on the grid, an eraser to fix defects and paint for filling in gaps. 


The app will also feature switches for reversing and renovating any changes. To create designs, all you have to do is edit, complete, and change images as you see fit.





If you're interested, Pixel Studio is now available for free from the Google Play Store. Despite that, the app's premium features must be unlocked by paying real money, as there are ads and in-app purchases.


Similarly, Pixel Studio users will also have to grant the app-specific access permissions to utilize the app entirely. You should accept its request the first time you enter the app.


Additionally, Android users should ensure their devices have the latest firmware version and 2GB+ of RAM for large projects and animations.


Amazing features

The app has all these exciting features:


An innovative, user-friendly interface

Some painting applications will have a complicated interface and require many actions to access essential features. However, the interface is intended to be as simple as possible to deliver a positive user experience with this application. 


In the beginning, the app displays the user's entire work in an organized format, along with the date and name of the work. The center of the screen will be the place for drawing, while the top and bottom will be used for the color palette and toolset, respectively. As with that, users need only use what's available to create the best pixel images.




Visualize anything with pixelated brushes

For those who love drawing and are looking to improve their skills, Pixel Studio is for you. In any case, the user's stroke will be pixelated and can be resized as desired. The most exciting part about pixel brushes is that players do not require perfect accuracy; they can draw lines and fill them in with various colors. The app works similarly to other drawing applications, but the main difference is that it has support features that help users create pixel-style images. Colors and simple brush strokes will also stimulate the user's creativity.




Easy-to-use drawing tools that contain advanced features

In all other drawing apps, users will always find an array of different brushes to choose from. There are various characteristics for each brush, such as the way of representing objects or phenomena. 


On the other hand, Pixel Studio is different because it only allows users to use one type of brush and customize the pixels. Users can use various colors, even with color correction, to become more detailed by using this application. With the bucket icons, users can also fast-fill blank areas of a drawing with the selected color. When you use the pixel brush, you will be able to simplify things and show the pixel style clearly and convey a lot of emotion to the viewer. 




Check out tools for magnification

To give viewers a wide range of emotions, pixel photos need to be as elaborate as possible. As a result, the application's zoom option is beneficial, as it lets users create more detailed and vivid strokes with a specific size. Additionally, the application offers the dot feature, which allows users to add small details without significantly impacting the overall image.


Create GIFs to make your pixel photos "live"

Pixel drawings are so popular because they are the perfect material for animations. It is possible to create animated images by drawing small details that are different from the original image. Users can create a GIF from the material photos after gathering all the necessary photo material by using the animation feature. Additionally, users can alter the transition speed and insert a multitude of different materials to enhance the vibrancy and vitality of the photo.




The unlocked app is available on our website for free

Pixel Studio has now been made available on our website for those interested in trying it out for free. We offer you the ad-free and unlocked version of this application so that you can utilize all the features to the fullest without any issues. It only takes you a couple of minutes to download the Pixel Studio Mod APK and follow instructions.


Final verdicts

Pixel Studio is among the most straightforward and most versatile drawing applications available. Additionally, it has a simple interface, easy-to-use features, and, perhaps most importantly, a simple way to create GIFs. Users can create vivid 8-bit, 16-bit, and retro images simply by drawing cute and lively figures. The application will also provide more convenient, outstanding, and valuable features for users to create masterpieces in the future.

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