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Version 6.30.0
Mod info Premium Features Unlocked
Updated Nov 28, 2021 (9 hours ago)
Developer pixiv Inc.
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Pixiv poster Regular visitors to the renowned web site Pixiv are bound to be fascinated by this fantastic Android Version of their web-based service. Mobile users are now able to easily connect to their favorite artist community online, and take pleasure in incredible visual work using the user-friendly and easy mobile application. You can enjoy the user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows users to enjoy further interactions on the site.

Most importantly, the app includes all the awesome features you can find on the site and a myriad of accessories that can make your overall experience much more enjoyable. You are free to explore the vast collection of art as well as manga and novels from a myriad of authors. Discover unique and fascinating stories anytime you'd like.

Learn more about this fascinating app from Pixiv in our comprehensive review.

What is it that they do?

Pixiv is now one of the most popular sites for creators of content to showcase their works and browse other creators' work. With the site categorized as manga, illustrations and novels, users are able to easily get lost into the amazing world of fine art. In addition, the online community includes the most talented artists in the world, which is sure to inspire users to connect with them on a daily basis.

In addition, to make it easier, Android users can now use the mobile app for free of Pixiv and play around with numerous features available on the website version, while on the move. In addition it also has an optimized UI that is perfect to touchscreen and mobile applications. So you'll find it be extremely convenient and user-friendly.

The addition of new features and the return of deleted features will bring many of the fans of the site satisfied.


If you are curious, you can experience the exciting mobile application of Pixiv without cost thanks to the app that is available in the Google Play Store. Although the application has certain features that cost money but the majority of features were completely free to explore. So you'll find it to be truly amazing especially if you have browsers that aren't fast enough for the website.

Additionally, Pixiv will require Android users to grant certain access rights for the application, which are required to enable them to function correctly. Make sure you accept the pop-ups that ask for permission when starting the app the very first time.

Fantastic features

Here are the top features the app can offer:

User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and user-friendly controls

In Pixiv, Android users will be able to access the user-friendly UI that is optimized with a variety of visual elements. This allows you to quickly use the mobile application and use its numerous options. You can learn how to navigate the flexible and useful home page , which will show the various choices you have the ability to make. Use the gesture controls and touchscreens to enjoy the application. This makes the mobile version of Pixiv far more useful than the web version.

A vast group of artists and creators

In the beginning, Android users in Pixiv will have the chance to join the huge online community of artists that has more than 40 million people worldwide. Explore the manga, illustrations and novels published by top authors on Pixiv. Also, you can share your creative creations to a huge community. Also, as always, you are able to freely communicate with other users and become acquaintances with a variety of people who are like you on Pixiv.

Get amazing illustrations and new daily updates

If you are curious, you can look at the incredible illustrations available on Pixiv. There are new updates rolling out each day. Get access to the top resolution on your most loved artworks and revel in their aspect with incredible image quality. In addition, you'll be able to download the artwork if you're willing to pay the artist.

Unique manga that are only available on the platform

For those who love manga, Pixiv also offers its huge online platform for sharing manga that has thousands of manga available from authors all over the globe. You are now able to take a trip into the fantastic universe of Pixiv and gain access to the most exclusive manga that isn't accessible elsewhere. You can also create your own unique manga to share with other. Make your name famous through your amazing content and be exposed to new opportunities on Pixiv.

Fantastic novel work in all genres

To make the creators more diversifying, Pixiv also introduces Android users to some amazing books written by users from across the globe. You can read the best novels you have read which can only be found on this website. You can also create your own works of creativity and then share them on the internet.

Bookmarks and rating options that are useful

Make use of the bookmarking and rating options while browsing through the content available on Pixiv. Click the Like button in order to mark and rate your favorite content to your most-loved collections. Create a multitude of collections of your most loved manga or novels as well as illustrations. This makes it much simpler to return to.

Recommendations that are interesting and specific to your preferences

If you are looking for something to do, Pixiv also offers its easy Home page that offers a variety of practical and useful alternatives. This page offers the best options that you'll be interested in. Based on your in-app actions, Pixiv will work toward offering a more personalized experience based on what you've found interesting. Check out the top users and work in case you want to explore the content available on Pixiv.

You can quickly search for works that are similar to yours.

Additionally, if you have to search for significant artifacts, you can select the quick search option for similar works. Find related works using names, artists or artist, etc. Use the suggestions provided so you can easily find the specific content. Utilize the filter option to search for original works based on various parameters.

Download the no-cost and unlocked app available on our website.

And lastly, Android users will now be able to use Pixiv's premium edition Pixiv on their smartphones without any cost. Just search for the Pixiv Mod APK on our site, and follow the steps provided to install it successfully. You can then begin having fun with the exclusive features that are available only to premium users. You can enjoy the unlocked and free Version of the application, and discover your artistic content at their highest.


A number of useful features were removed

In the latest updates, Pixiv's mobile app has removed a number of interesting features that users appreciate. For instance, you are no longer able to look up content by using the most recent and oldest list. In addition, you can access the Wallpaper option as a free option, which is extremely annoying for normal users of Pixiv. Still, our tweak is definitely beneficial in this. It unlocks all features available to let you play using Pixiv to the fullest extent.

Final decisions

For those who are drawn to creative work particularly novels and art You'll definitely be able to find Pixiv as a fantastic platform for reviewing high-quality content as well as discover new content. Additionally, with its huge user base that you can try to publish your work and be seen by fellow users. Make yourself famous and perhaps develop a private community with Pixiv. If you're an average user, there's lots of stunning manga, illustrations and novels that you can enjoy each day. They'll be all available for you to download and enjoy with our modified application.

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