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Version 1.28.1
Mod info Patched/Sync
Updated Aug 11, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Installs 6+

Are you a big fan of handheld game consoles?
Want to find the fun again when playing on handheld game consoles?
Pizza Boy GBA Pro will be an exciting game that meets all of these. This is a fun and exciting simulator game, inspired by the classic handheld game console and inspired by the days of top-rated and popular handheld game console games. This game is published by Emulator, with the mission to bring convenience and provide the best quality game. The game takes care and pays attention to the user's feelings because if you feel uncomfortable with using a vertical screen, you can still convert it to a horizontal screen. All your actions will be optimally supported, and your job is to experience this game most comfortably.
Discover fun things only at Pizza Boy GBA Pro!

MOD Info

  • The license check has been removed. Signature test. Synchronization with Google Drive won’t work.

Game breakthroughs and improvements

Pizza Boy GBA Pro is currently being evaluated as one of the applications with the most breakthroughs in innovation. Putting the customer experience first, the development team always tries to listen to all comments from users and then improve the quality in the best way possible. Although this is still a reasonably cost-effective version, it has also been considered a significant improvement over the old version. Specifically, the fans of Pizza Boy GBA can see a marked improvement through the unique and novel interface. You can freely customize your interface to make it easier to use and beautiful.


Players will experience the fairest and most enjoyable gameplay because it has been optimized and eliminated cheating during the game. Thereby players can comfortably test their talents through each attractive game round. With the support of Google Drive synchronization with Pizza Boy GBA Pro, players will have more flexibility in their experience. By automatic features will be stored and set up when gamers start participating in the game. For the game rounds to work smoothly and smoothly, you need to be connected to the internet. Compared to the old version, Pizza Boy GBA Pro has a perfectly set menu, with many improved and more flexible modes.


The cartridge hardware will best support Pizza Boy GBA Pro to work perfectly. In this game, there is also a replay mode; players will easily understand and get more overview. Make sure that with this improved version, players will feel excited and satisfied.

Attractive feature

Popular features of the game

Pizza Boy GBA Pro has been released after an intensive process of improvement, but it still retains the core of a classic game to have. The investment and improvement in features are a very appreciated point in this game. You will feel an extraordinarily flexible and impressive emulator version through graphics and features. Not only that, but the game also has a save feature, which is also the most improved feature in this gameplay. Not only that, but Pizza Boy GBA Pro also significantly improved in terms of storage capacity.


With the state restore feature, you will no longer have to worry about your game being lost because the game data will be fully restored, and you will be able to continue enjoying them. You can also experience both shooting and fast-forwarding; having this feature while playing it will help you a lot. To show the image of an actual handheld game console, the buttons in Pizza Boy GBA Pro are also designed to be highly optimized in size and shape. Bringing the most realistic feeling when players touch.

Outstanding Features

In addition to the series of innovative new features mentioned above, Pizza Boy GBA Pro also offers some of the most outstanding and attractive features. There was a survey and test between a series of platforms similar to this game, but Pizza Boy GBA Pro alone got a somewhat surprising result in outstanding feature accuracy. An excellent quality that every player wants to discover.


In addition, the consumption level of Pizza Boy GBA Pro is rated as highly absorbable. And this will generously support the prolonging of time used. In particular, this game's video and audio quality are also designed with the highest performance, providing excellent quality for players. This game always pays attention and sets up perfect features, giving users the most satisfaction possible.

User reviews and ratings

It is worth mentioning that this game continuously receives positive reviews from thousands of players around the world. Because the quality that Pizza Boy GBA Pro brings is so excellent and perfect, this is a good result that the application production team deserves to be commended.
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