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Version 6.1.3
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Updated Nov 26, 2021 (2 days ago)
Developer Polarr
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No matter if you're seeking old-fashioned or contemporary editing experience, you'll discover Polarr's Photo Editor with the features you're interested in. Explore the various features for editing your photos with Polarr Photo Editor that will enable you to make stunning visual effects on all of your work.

The greatest thing about Polarr Photo Editor is that it is suitable for users on mobiles at all levels. Therefore, you'll be able quick and efficient editing your photos with a wide range of settings or auto-enhancing options that make editing your photos incredibly simple and easy for novice users. At all times, don't hesitate to investigate the comprehensive and professional editing experience using Polarr Foto Editor, as you move on.

Learn more about the amazing mobile app by Polarr and read our full review.

What are the implications?

From the beginning, Android users in Polarr Photo Editor will be making fast and efficient changes to their artistic works with a variety of options and settings. No matter if you're not yet a photographer or have had a few experiences with the art of photography and photography, you'll find Polarr Photo Editor giving you many of the most amazing features and capabilities.

For beginners it is possible to use the auto-enhancements, as well as the pre-installed templates that are included in Polarr Photo Editor. It lets you easily modify the photos and apps. Make use of the program to design your stunning imaginative works using stunning perspectives on design even if have any prior experience in the specific department.

Professional photographers, you'll certainly enjoy the expansive and powerful editing capabilities which were included with Polarr Foto Editor. This powerful and robust editing tools will let Android users to fully immerse themselves in the enthralling editing of photos. Enjoy the app and then attempt to create professional-quality work in the comfort of your mobile.


If you're fascinated by the fantastic mobile app Polarr Photo Editor You can swiftly enjoy many of the features available in the app without paying anything because the application is available for free through the Google Play Store. If you want to gain access to more advanced features of Polarr Photo Editor you'll need to pay for in-app purchases.

In order to ensure that the app functions correctly on mobile device, you'll have to grant it Storage, Camera, and Internet permissions. These are required for the proper features. Additionally, you'll need to install the app on devices running Android software version 6.0 or higher to ensure compatibility with the app overall.

Fantastic features

Here are the most exciting features the app can offer:

Simple yet powerful photo editing program

For the first time, Android users in Polarr Photo Editor will soon be using a simple but efficient photo editing program. Enjoy simple and easy editing tools, that allow you to swiftly transform any piece of art work. Make use on the powerful editing tools that make the application highly efficient and powerful.

Editing your photos using interesting photo adjustments

For those who are seeking out amazing editing experience for your photos, Polarr Photo Editor will provide customizable overlays and deep blending options that will let you easily and effectively alter the overall impressions. Explore the fascinating lens settings and effects, allowing you to make a variety in professional-looking effects.

A plethora of fascinating and customisable filters

When you are ready to dive into the features in the app, you'll begin making use of the filters available within Polarr Photo Editor. It allows you to swiftly edit your images using the filters available within the application. You can access the vast collection of fascinating filters designed by experienced editors. You can also create your own custom filters using many fascinating effects. Make new modifications to your photos using the custom filters , and don't hesitate to post them online so that others can have access to your filters.

Make easy and efficient modifications to your photos

If you're seeking an easy way to make easy and efficient modifications to your images You can begin making use of the available mixing modes, which can provide both subtle and drastic adjustments to any of the photos you've chosen. Give life and new aesthetic values to your images using realistic effects like clouds, weather patterns as well as light leaks and much more. You can also create duplicates of your photos with the presets available from Polarr Foto Editor.

Local areas can be edited using useful tools for selection

For editing on spot, Polarr Photo Editor will provide you with a full set of local selection tools that you can employ to alter your photos.

Begin by creating the Depth Mask that allows you to slowly adjust certain parts of the image by using Dual Camera Effect. Use the color masks in order to pick particular areas of the photo which require editing. Use the radial mask to create fascinating effects around the images. Create visual effects with gradients to edit the photos further.

Additionally, you'll find the luminance mask highly useful when choosing certain parts of the photos by their variations in luminosity. Also, you can choose to choose specific areas of the images using the brush mask. This allows you to have complete flexibility to move around. With unlimited local options readily available, you can modify your photos to the maximum extent possible.

In order to make better local adjustments in conjunction with other effect, Polarr Photo Editor also lets you blend your selection mask with other available overlays or effects. So, it makes the images appear much more real.

Make several global changes to your images.

Additionally you are now able to take advantage of the thrilling applications offered by Polarr Photo Editor with a variety of global visual adjustments. It allows users to alter the image's visual appearance. You can use the adjustments available to quickly and effectively enhance your pictures in the direction you would like. Most importantly thanks to the option to auto edit it is possible to discover the app to be very useful for beginners.

You can also opt to investigate the extensive and powerful editing tools available in Polarr Photo Editor This will permit you to customize your visual perceptions of your images. Check out the settings for color that can alter the temperature, brightness and saturations of specific colors in your photographs. Utilize your lighting settings to modify the brightness, brightness contrasts, highlights, whites, shadows, and more. You can also alter the specifications of your photographs.

To improve the visual quality overall of your photos You can enhance the clarity of your images using the Denoise option. This can improve the clarity and focus of your photos. Take a look at the Detail tool as you improve the clarity of your images. You can also play around with the various effects that will let you completely alter the visual elements of images.

Last but not least, don't be afraid to play around with the various tools to edit your photos, like Vignette, Lens, Curves and Toning that will give the final edits to your photos and photographs. This makes your photos appear more dynamic or even static, in any way you choose.

Make visual experiences more personalized to improve the quality of the app

For those who are curious, you can benefit from the fascinating customization options of your experience in the app and, in turn, allow users to feel more comfortable with the capabilities. You can choose the most preferred themes that you prefer for the Polarr Photo Editor, and find yourself enjoying the application more. Select the available Dark theme or Light themes or create your own themes using the colors you choose.

Additionally, you can effortlessly switch to your Pro and Express designs, both of which offer visually interesting and distinctive experiences. Additionally, you can customize the user interface and make adjustments to your icons within the app that will make your editor more engaging.

Take advantage of cross-platform experiences using Polarr Photo Editor.

To make the application more enjoyable To make the app more interesting, you can now take advantage of the seamless cross-platform experience that allow you to use the app on your desktop, mobile as well as your browser. It is possible to have the app across these platforms. Connect with those Polarr Foto Editor accounts and easily transfer your work across these platforms. You can enjoy editing simultaneously on any of the platforms you prefer.

Get the app fully unlocked on our website.

Last but not least With the current version of the app that requires you to purchase the advanced features. You'll discover the free version of the app to be boring. That's why we have also made available the upgraded version Polarr Photo Editor on our site that includes a plethora of exciting features as well as an affordable price to take advantage of. Download this Polarr Photo Editor Mod APK Follow the instructions and you'll have the app installed and ready for you to use.

Final decisions

Alongside VSCO as well as Enlight Pixaloop, Android users will soon have access to a powerful tool for editing photos which allows users to make complete adjustments to your photos. You are free to edit and play around with the features of Polarr Foto Editor to personalize your artistic work. In addition with the no-cost and unlocked version of the application currently available on our website there are plenty of advantages to begin using it.

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