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If you've found yourself feeling overwhelmed and think about the past or in the future instead of living your current existence, this fascinating game called Project Makeover will help you get back on track. In addition you will also be able to participate in a variety of fashion challenges that will help you learn how to dress and dress up your appearance with stunning styles. If you're interested, then this amazing game called Project Makeover absolutely worth your time.

Be ready to plunge into numerous exciting levels of puzzle where you'll have fun rushing through the levels to find amazing clothing and accessories that are able to style your characters. Take on numerous challenges and give each individual a flawless transformation to get them dressed to date for their future. Make sure they are comfortable in their individual style with amazing clothing choices and home decor. Take on many different levels and take on a myriad of tasks that will definitely surprise you.

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In Project Makeover, Android gamers embark on their most ardent journey to assist people who are struggling to achieve their goals as a super stylist or home designer. fashionista. Begin by giving them the perfect makeover, which can dramatically alter their appearance and help them feel more confident in their appearance. You are free to focus on the various aspects of their appearance as well as their clothing and their style that can help change the overall appearance of persona.

At simultaneously, you may make changes to their homes to transform them from the mess that they are to a gorgeous home with stunning layouts that are also in line with the owners style. Have fun with various levels of puzzle-solving the addictive matching-three puzzles. Play the game any time and whenever you'd like. The easy, yet highly engaging gameplay of Project Makeover will make sure that you will never get bored.


Here are the best games features to provide:

A variety of clothing and accessories

In Project Makeover, Android gamers are able to play around using a range of outfits and clothes, which are able to totally transform the appearance the characters. Enjoy browsing through the collection of awesome costumes and ideas to create your own ideas of what to wear to make your characters. Take advantage of experimenting with different clothing combinations and try a variety of styles that makes your characters much more fascinating to view.

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Some interesting makeup tools to use

If you are curious, you can utilize a variety of helpful makeup tools available from Project Makeover, which will make your character appear totally different. You are free to experiment with various styles of makeup to suit the style and personality of your characters. You can unlock a variety of beautiful makeup options to completely alter how your characters appear and feel.

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Many customers have unique preferences

While playing the game you'll be dealing with many different clients, each with distinct style and preferences with regard to fashion and style. This is why you'll delight in working on different designs that are in line with the fashions of each. You can enjoy working with egotistical fashion icons, office assistant or a shy girl trying to become more confident and the list goes on. Every customer is the next challenge and provide an original game for you to delight in.

Create your own look and style, and decorate homes

For those who are interested, you can enjoy modifying not just the appearance of your characters, but also their homes. This makes it possible for gamers to access their homes and design multiple decors. Try various decorating concepts to make your house more attractive. This creates amazing backgrounds for characters to pose in and for you to capture amazing photographs.

Project Makeover screen 3

Snap amazing pictures of your style icons

Also after changing the appearance of characters and giving them stunning changes, they can take amazing pictures of their clients. Take beautiful pictures with different styles of fashion and aesthetic elements to show your friends.

Dramatic stories that are interesting and entertaining.

Alongside the fun makeup and dressing game Players are also able to experience the thrilling stories, which are full of stories and dramas. Take part in the thrilling tales with diverse twists and turns that will surely be awe-inspiring. Explore a variety of characters and their extraordinary personalities, as well as several fascinating stories.

There are many addicting puzzles to solve

In Project Makeover, gamers are also allowed to solve various addictive puzzles, which lets them enjoy and take part in thrilling match-three games. Completing the quests provided will get yourself some special rewards. With the increasing levels and the game modes that can be unlocked You'll never find the game's puzzles boring.

There are many special power-ups you can use

If you are looking to learn more, you can take advantage of a variety of special powers-ups available for Project Makeover, each offering their own advantages. Make use of them correctly to get over the exploding levels and maximize what you've got.

Have fun transforming your personal avatars

In addition to dressing your characters in a variety of outfits In addition to dressing up your characters, gamers can also enjoy playing with their personal avatars. You are free to dress yourself by wearing lots of unique clothing and accessories that will help you show off your personal style in the eyes of others. This is also true for your present residence. Therefore, feel at ease to create some amazing decor ideas for your home to create stunning backgrounds for your avatars.

Meet friends and fellow gamers online

To enhance the fun gamers are now able to join with their friends and online gamers from around the world. You can also visit other players and see the way they dressed the avatars they wore and how they decorated their homes.

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Play for free

In spite of all the thrilling features it's completely free to Android gamers to enjoy at any time they'd like. It's free to pick on Google Play Store. Google Play Store without having to spend a dime. Since it's an unpaid game it will have advertisements and in-app purchases that require real money.

You can play for free on our website.

If you are curious, you can get the most out of your gaming experience with Project Makeover with our modified version of the game. We offer fully free gameplay that has no advertisements, in-app purchases and a variety of unlockables. It's all it takes to install Project Makeover Mod APK Project Makeover Mod APK on our website, and follow the directions given for installing the game and then you are able to begin enjoying the game immediately.

Audio and visual quality


Be ready to get lost in the world of fashion with Project Makeover, where gamers can have fun with stunning characters, gorgeous clothes and a stunning setting. The game will surely delight and keep you interested in the action. And the simple 2D graphics can provide seamless and enjoyable gaming on all your Android devices.


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