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Updated Aug 11, 2022 (3 months ago)
Developer Lion Studios
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Installs 4+

The genre of puzzle games has seen a surge in popularity and has introduced numerous variations, including puzzles, match-3, jigsaw shooting, and so on. While it comes with a variety of variations, its popularity and appeal are not diminished the appeal of puzzle games, and players will always be able to find a new thrill for the genre of puzzles. The most popular game that is an original variant that is a puzzle is Pull He Out in which the player can solve puzzles by drawing iron bars. It may sound easy but the players need to take a long time to complete the challenge. The game has simple graphics, which are accessible to all and appropriate for players of all age groups. It's not just graphics, but the game's content and challenges are easy to understand and simple to play.

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The game Pull Him Out has difficulties centered around an escapee who is trapped by intricate traps during the adventure The player's mission is to free him by solving the puzzles. Each puzzle is designed to be easy, since players just have to draw the steel bars and place them in right sequence so that traps do not cause harm to the hunter. It is interesting to note that the interaction of each trap within each puzzle is the most interesting feature, since players can use the traps to take out other traps, thereby making a safe path to the hunter. If the hunter is successful in completing the challenge and completes the game, there will be several attractive rewards for players to experience thrilling experiences in the next challenge.

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The hunter's adventure will require to traverse a variety of kinds of environments. And each one has its own unique style, from the colors of the traps, terrain and even the air. It is a constant challenge for players to encounter different types of traps in every type of environments, especially when they are completely unexpected and then become more intelligent. Other traps are capable of removing all traps in the event that the player hits the bar made of metal. When the game progresses in games, scope of the puzzles will become larger and more complex and there will be a variety of deadly traps to test your mind. The game is not just about traps but also rewards are concealed behind every metal bar that players can take home.

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The game will be more exciting and enjoyable due to the introduction of the costume system. The players have the opportunity to collect many different types of costumes during every game. The hunter can wear various costumes that represent different cultures across the globe. Players can even mix different costume to create a hunter appear more amusing and hilarious. The costume is not the only thing to consider but also the makeup option that makes the hunter's appearance amusing and suitable for everyone.

The game Pull Him out is an challenging game with a unique twist unlike others puzzle games. Instead of having players be grumpy with complicated puzzles, they simply must study the different traps' interactivity before drawing the bars of metal in a particular sequence. The game doesn't force players to eliminate all the bars of metal in an effort, but others may leave untouched. The only thing the game is is to offer players easy, enjoyable and diverse puzzles players can enjoy at any time and anywhere.

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