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Version 1.85
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Updated Nov 23, 2021 (5 days ago)
Developer Refuel Games Pty Ltd
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If you're fascinated by the amazing racing action You can now get along with your other most-loved titles like Pocket Rally, Rush Rally 3 and similar titles another fantastic racing game by Refuel Games Pty Ltd. You can now enjoy the thrilling racing experiences in Rally Fury: Extreme Racing featuring incredible and realistic gameplay.

Ride on one of your favourite rides and you'll be involved in the thrilling tracks that are incredibly real-world. Enjoy the amazing rides as you experience the precise mechanics and physics in the game that will make your race even more enjoyable and thrilling. While at simultaneously, you are free to buy one of your most loved vehicles and race on numerous tracks that feature amazing configurations.

Learn more about the incredible mobile racing game from Refuel Games with our reviews.


In the game Android gamers will be playing the role of a professional racer and then compete in an array of thrilling races using his incredible automobiles. Take a ride on the incredible tracks that feature a variety of grounds that range from classic asphalts to the thrilling dirt tracks. Play the game to the fullest and take your racing game to the limit by playing Rally Fury - Extreme Racing.

With a wide selection of vehicles, gamers can choose and ride on their most loved rides, each with distinctive characteristics. In addition to the amazing racing experience, Rally Fury - Extreme Racing provides a variety of exciting improvements and modifications for your car. It is your right to unlock and take advantage of these amazing modifications as you embark on the most thrilling racing experience.

Of course, it's possible to enjoy the thrilling game in Rally Fury - Extreme Racing with a variety of game modes. It is possible to take on your competitors in a variety of racing scenarios. If you're looking to, it's possible to take on the thrilling online gaming.

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Here are all the incredible games features to include:

Enjoy amazing races by playing various game modes

To begin, Android gamers in Rally Fury - Extreme Racing can find themselves enjoying a variety of exciting races game types. You can start your journey by taking on a number of thrilling rides throughout your career as a racer. Compete against different competitors with diverse capabilities and skills as you build up your fame. Enjoy racing with other players in various game modes that offer unique and exciting experience. Try time-limit contests, battle against your opponents in knockout rounds and so on.

Enjoy thrilling racing featuring amazing elements

If you're looking for a thrilling racing experience, Rally Fury - Extreme Racing offers thrilling gameplay that allows players to completely immerse themselves in the racing. Begin with realistic physics and incredible and unforgettable experiences on dirt, asphalt and snow. Explore the various tracks in different conditions and experience the game with a variety of exciting adventures.

At the same the same time, for those of you who love drifting, you'll be having fun with the incredible drift mechanics of Rally Fury - Extreme Racing. Explore and experience the incredible experience as you take on your amazing and realistic drifts. In order to make the game more enjoyable, the fantastic Nitro Boost will let you get to the top speed, providing exciting and thrilling racing experience as you race over your opponents in just a few minutes.

You can play the game in multiplayer and single mode.

In order to make the game more exciting, Android gamers are also permitted to experience thrilling race with each of the Single Player and Online Multiplayer modes. Enjoy yourself playing PvE with a single game while you begin your own racing adventures. Take on the best-ranked AI competitors and have fun by participating in offline races any time you'd like.

However to those who want to experience the amazing PvP experience this game offers an exciting online experience that lets players enjoy fun with their friends as well as online players in Rally Fury - Extreme Racing when they're ready. You are welcome to play the thrilling game as you move forward.

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Enjoy your ride on these awesome automobiles

If you're one of those who want to experience thrilling racing at high speed This amazing game by Refuel Games will certainly work well for you. In the end, you'll be able to enjoy a variety of amazing vehicles and unique capabilities within Rally Fury - Extreme Racing. Take advantage of your most loved rides and experience incredible race experiences while you move forward. Choose your own unique car and enjoy a variety of driving adventures thanks to their distinctive specs.

Upgrades and customizations for your ride

As you experience thrilling adventures on your favourite vehicles The game also provides various upgrades and customizations you can use. For instance, gamers are now able to race with their vehicles in a variety of colours, designs, customized licence plates and more. However, the most important thing is that you can also play with the car's hardware and make amazing modifications and power-ups that will allow them to attain higher speeds, enjoy greater control, and more. Take advantage of the various options offered in the game while you play Rally Fury - Extreme Racing to the max.

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Control options that are intuitive and easy to customize

To make the racing experience for Rally Fury - Extreme Racing more exciting It also offers a variety of options to control your game that you can use. However, you should start by getting familiar with the game's easy-to-use touch buttons as well as gesture commands and automated accelerations. If you aren't interested, you may prefer the intriguing Gamepad controls, which will provide the incredible console-style gameplay.

Get the best racing experience

If you're curious, Rally Fury - Extreme Racing is also a fantastic gaming experiences that are fully supported for Android TVs. This means that you're now able to play the incredible online game with the most immersive experience on a larger screen. Experience realistic and thrilling races with your fantastic vehicles and experience real-time physics in this fantastic racing game.

Never lose your in-game progress

Not to mention while you're immersed in the thrilling racing game It is also possible to save your progress through an online shop. So, you won't lose your game progress in the event that you accidentally delete the game or switch phones. You are free to enjoy playing the amazing gaming experience Rally Fury - Extreme Racing as you move forward.

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Play for free

Despite all the fantastic features in the game, Android gamers in Rally Fury - Extreme Racing can still find themselves enjoying the fantastic mobile game for cost. Therefore, you are able to begin downloading the game through Google Play Store. Google Play Store without having to spend a dime.

Enjoy unlocked gaming on our mod

If you're finding that the game is a bit frustrating due to the ads If so, you may prefer this modified game. Follow the steps and you'll be able to get Rally Fury Racing Mod Rally Racing Mod. Apk downloaded on mobile phones. Enjoy unlocked or free games as you advance.

Sound and visual quality


For fans of classic racing You can fully be absorbed in the intense graphics in Rally Fury - Extreme Racing. The game is awe-inspiring with stunning graphics, amazing car designs, intriguing game-play mechanics, and more. Enjoy classic racing and enjoy its stunning visuals.

Music and Sound

To enhance the fun The game also comes with amazing sound effects and soundtracks that feature innovative and fun elements. In this game, you will have a lot of fun playing Rally Fury - Extreme Racing and enjoy the game to the max.

Final thoughts

For the ardent racing enthusiasts who love Street Racing 3D, CarX Drift Racing and similar games You will enjoy this amazing Android game for mobile racing. Rally Fury - Extreme Racing. Explore and enjoy the incredible levels and detailed racing experience. While you're there take advantage of the opportunity to download your modified game at no cost.

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