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Version 1.5.2
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real Driving School is an engaging car driving simulation game that is perfect for people who like driving, but do not have the chance to try it out for themselves or to improve their skills. You can drive your car using the latest interface. The game was developed by the company Oleksii Hohol, with many important functions that will give players a fantastic experience. Check back for more details below to get to know the game more.

Real Driving School

What is the real meaning of driving school?

It is a game that has fresh and exciting content. It is both the essence of an enjoyable game as well as the base of a high-quality driving education application. It is among the top 3D driving simulator games and, since its launch it has been able to receive a wide range of downloads and glowing reviews from players across the world. One of the most attractive features the game provides is that it offers an array of different and attractive automobiles. Additionally to that, the game authentically replicates the look and feel of a car in real life with its entire design and all of its features. It also includes tutorials to help you learn to operate a car in order to become an expert driver.

Real Driving School


Before playing, you have the option of choosing a car you would like to play in. After that, the game will take you to an enormous parking area. Imagine yourself in the seat of the car's driver and then you can control the direction of your vehicle using the shortcut buttons on the screen. These include the buttons to turn to the left or right and the car sound, as well as an adjustable steering wheel. Then, you should check the rearview mirror and set the proper electric levels for the vehicle. If you comply with the guidelines of the game procedure of moving and you don't damage your vehicle You will be awarded the XP as well as money. You can use the money to improve your vehicle or to purchase new cars.

Real Driving School

Special Features

In Real Driving School, when you accidently hit barriers or other vehicles that is in the vicinity, sirens sound. Additionally, if components of your vehicle are found to be with problems The system will display warnings to inform you and immediately repair. With over 50 levels, you'll take part in experiences ranging ranging from basic to highly complicated, which will force you to take specific choices to deal with a myriad of emergency situations.


Real Driving School is appreciated by its appealing features as well as its professional graphic design. The school is equipped with 3D images, players will get the most enjoyable experience. With a wide range of terrains, it can also help players avoid the boredom that comes with playing for a long time. Additionally the sound effects explain each detail in detail and increase the authenticity of the game.

Real Driving School

Real Driving School is a game with no missions. it teaches players how to safely drive. Because of the easy clear and simple tutorials along with the completely brand new capabilities, this game is able to take on any map. If you're in search of an excellent fantasies parking game, take this game on the market today and it will not disappoint you.

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