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Version 2.3
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No Luminati

Updated Apr 17, 2022 (5 months ago)
Developer Redboxtv.to
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Installs 18+

Anyone interested in drama, movies, TV shows, and live news updates will find RedBox TV to be a fantastic app. There is a massive selection of exciting and exciting TV channels from all over the world available through the app. As a result, you'll be able to enjoy the app to its fullest.


It's easy to jump around between the various channels, each with its unique content. RedBox TV's streaming feature lets you choose the channels you want to watch and watch them in real-time. But perhaps the essential element is that you will always enjoy the app thanks to the free and easily accessible channels available.


Our in-depth reviews will help you learn more about this fantastic app from RedBox TV.




MOD Info

  • Ads removed
  • Junk removed
  • Package changed
  • Location removed
  • No forced update(NFU)
  • Signature check disabled
  • Extra permissions removed
  • Analytics/Receivers disabled
  • Casting should now be visible?
  • Banner placeholders/popups removed
  • Removed hidden ads tab from the side menu
  • Luminati network startup screen removed
  • Disabled permissions prompt to help os 11 users
  • Optimized graphics/cleaned resources for faster load
  • Disabled all calls/activity running services from the Luminati network


What does it do?

Take advantage of RedBox TV's extensive video streaming service and prepare to be enthralled. There are hundreds of free live TV channels available to users, so they can watch their favorite shows whenever they want. Your favorite live sporting events, breaking news, and other exciting programs can be found on certain stations.


Find out more about the incredible in-app library, which offers a wide range of options. You can enjoy watching the live channels in the best possible video quality. Always take advantage of valuable and convenient settings that make it easier to access your live TV. Plus, RedBox TV will continue to add new channels, which will make the app more engaging.





The RedBox TV mobile application is available for Android users to download and install for free from the company's official website. To get the most out of your live TV streaming experience, be sure to follow the app's requirements and install the app.


For the app to work, your system must be running the most recent firmware version. To make the most of the mobile application, you'll need to grant it specific access permissions.


Amazing features

Here is a list of all the exciting features of the app:


There is a large selection of TV channels

Android users will have the opportunity to interact with a vast assortment of excellent TV channels that they can watch and enjoy here on RedBox TV. Find a considerably broader collection than the well-known ZEE5.


Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows from a variety of nations, languages, and genres. Up to 1000 TV channels from 20 different countries and areas across the world are available to watch. Enjoy programs from India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Pakistan, Spain, France, and other countries. All of these will ensure that you are thoroughly engaged while using the fantastic mobile app.




Diverse entertainment options are available

RedBox TV offers Android customers various practical video recommendations in more than 22 different categories to make it easier to choose your favorite channels. This is where you can also hide categories and set passwords for your favorite channel collections. For Android TVs and family tablets, this is essential.


Content suitable for all ages

Apart from that, RedBox TV's material is suitable for all ages of viewers. In this app, you can quickly find the relevant TV channels for kids and adults with appropriate content for the respective age groups and demographics. It's a blast viewing your favorite shows on RedBox TV, whether you're with friends or alone.




Support for many external video players

Several video player apps can be used to enhance the streaming experience for mobile users. It's up to you to decide which app to use. RedBox TV's official video player is the XYZ player. These apps can be made your default player and will automatically launch the next time you try to watch a channel you've picked.


Work well in various regions around the world

And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy this fantastic app whenever and wherever you want. There's no need to use VPN services to unblock the Internet when using RedBox TV. A working Internet connection is all you need to start enjoying the fantastic online channels available today!




A user-friendly interface with accessible features

Android users can also have fun working with the clear and clean app layouts, thanks to the interactive and accessible UI. Have fun exploring the app's different features. It's as simple as choosing your channels, making a few simple changes, and enjoying them with your settings!


Set up your favorite channel lists

Android users can easily select their favorite channels and create their playlists to make the app more enjoyable. Take your time and browse through the list of all your favorite channels. With your own unique experiences, you can take in the exciting shows.


New channels are coming to the app

Those interested can have fun working with the excellent RedBox TV mobile application and interacting with the team. You can make requests for new channels here at any time. And, if a large number of users anticipate their unique content, the team will begin updating their channel lists. Also, if you have dead channels on your lists, you can simply report the issue to the group to be resolved as soon as possible. This enables you and others to enjoy high-quality TV streaming on RedBox TV.


No lag in streaming high-quality content

Thanks to the optimized app connection in RedBox TV, Android users can also enjoy their high-quality streaming services with no lags. As a result, your favorite channels, live news updates, and critical sporting events will not be interrupted.


Easily portable and responsive app

Last but not least, thanks to its small size and undemanding features, the app allows Android users to enjoy the lightweight and responsive mobile application. RedBox TV won't take up more than 30MB of space on your devices. En outre, the optimized features will make the mobile app more convenient.


Enjoy the modified version of the app on our website

You can get RedBox TV for free on the official website, but there are still ads that you'll need to remove if you're using the free app. The modified version of RedBox TV on our website may be a better choice. Android users have access to a wide range of in-app features that are entirely free. Also, the ads have been removed, the analytics have been disabled, and the extra permissions have been removed. Start using the application by downloading and installing the RedBox TV Mod APK from our website and following the on-screen instructions.


Final verdicts

There is a fully-featured mobile application of RedBox TV available for those who are interested. Feel free to browse through the massive collection of live channels and enjoy high-quality videos on this website. You'll have even more reasons to enjoy it, thanks to the free and unlocked application of RedBox TV on our website.

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