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Version 2.7.2
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Updated Aug 11, 2022 (1 month ago)
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You can completely immerse yourself in the world of deepfake imagery with this new AI-powered mobile app from NEOCRTEXT. Using the app, you can swap your face into a top agent movie, become a great cook, dance in your favorite MVs, or just swap faces with friends. 


Thanks to advanced deepfake technology, REFACE will allow Android users to explore the excellent options within the app. You can create all sorts of exciting video setups and visual effects with the face swap video maker. You can also customize your photos with hilarious face swap experiences in which you cannot recognize anyone. Get the excellent app anytime, anywhere on your portable device.


Read our in-depth reviews to learn more about this excellent app of REFACE.




MOD Info

  • The ability to use any gif files is unlocked;
  • Removed watermark after gif processing (it will be present in the video);
  • Installed separately from the original.
  • This is the latest stable version of the mod with working loading your gifs and disabling the watermark!


What does it do?

Deepfake technology has always been a significant point of discussion for tech enthusiasts. According to some, they come with specific threats that, if not properly regulated, can result in severe disorder and loss of identity in society. Nevertheless, you can't deny the technology's brilliance or its exciting applications. With REFACE, you will be able to take advantage of the positive uses of deepfake, which will bring you much laughter.


You can download the excellent REFACE app and enjoy many of its valuable features if you are interested in the exciting art of facial faking. With REFACE's deepfake AI, users can experience impressive features and enjoy the app to its fullest. 


Combining videos, photos, GIFs, and pictures with your brilliant creativity, combine advanced AI technology with your daily sources. With the excellent mobile app and its features, you can create interesting and exciting images with incredible visual experiences.


Play around with the fantastic mobile app and use its unique features to keep yourself hooked to the genuinely brilliant videos, photos, and images you choose. With your creative face swap effects, you can select the faces of different characters, change the surroundings, and even change the entire videos and photos.





REFACE is a free app available from the Google Play Store, so you can start enjoying the app right away. You can use many of its features without paying anything. Due to its freemium nature, advertisements and in-app purchases must be paid for with real money.


Furthermore, for REFACE to be fully functional on Android devices, users will need to grant specific access permissions to the application. Therefore, accept the app's requests upon entering the mobile app for the first time.


In addition, users should make sure they have device firmware that runs on Android 5.0 or higher. When going for the latest updates, you should guarantee the app's compatibility with your system.


Amazing features

The app has the following exciting features:


Simple and straightforward

As soon as they start using REFACE, Android users will enjoy its simple and easy-to-use design, which will ensure that they can comfortably use the app and its features. Take your photos and pick out the face you want to use later. Enjoy the many unique features of the app, including the ability to swap faces and make deepfakes.


You can edit both photos and videos

With REFACE, you can efficiently work with any selected pictures, animated GIFs, or videos, creating a great experience. The magazine posters will allow you to appear alongside your favorite celebrities. With your presence, you will be able to enjoy exciting movie scenes. Then you can make your friends and family squeal with delight by enabling all kinds of REFACE effects.




Take advantage of unique swap options

To begin working with the app, anyone can choose from several helpful swap options. Changing your face inside a group photograph can be fun. Create brilliant visual customizations by adjusting each face in minute detail. Furthermore, you can also experiment with the unique gender swap option that allows you to appear as the opposite gender in any chosen footage. As a result, the creative content becomes much more exciting for the viewers.


Change your facial appearance in a natural way

Additionally, you will be able to adjust every detail on your face with the fantastic Deep Fake Maker and Face Changer. As you create and enable natural changes in your facial elements, your visual impressions will gradually improve. At the same time, the subtle yet impressive modifications will make the footage much more credible. As a result, you can enjoy working with your creative content.




Save and share your creative creations within seconds

As an additional feature, Android users can easily save edited footage on their device's storage using the app's convenient save/share features. Alternatively, files can be shared via email or messenger and selected social networks, using an appropriate preset. You will surely enjoy working with the application and its exciting features. 


Each day brings new content to the table

You can also work on new editing assets every day here in REFACE, thanks to NEOCORTEXT's frequently updated library. Get the chance to work with new videos, GIFs, and photo posts every day. Take advantage of these available content options to express your creativity and further enjoy the app. You can customize the content according to your preferences and play around with the features.




Visit our website to enjoy the modded app

The app is free to download on the Google Play Store, but there are still ads and in-app purchases that might bother you. In that case, installing the modded version available on our website will be the best option since you won't have to pay real money for these items. The app that comes with the Pro features is available here, unlocked for free. We provide you with the REFACE Mod APK for download on our website.


Final verdicts

REFACE's mobile app will make those interested in the recently famous FaceApp even more satisfied. In addition to swapping your faces on photos here, you can also use the deepfake features on videos. The app offers you brilliant visual experiences, and you can explore your creativity. You'll have even more reasons to enjoy REFACE after downloading the free and unlocked application from our website.

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