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Version 1.7.5
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You will enjoy this excellent app from Remini if you are interested in working with beautiful photography. Instead of offering standard and in-depth editing features requiring specific photo editing skills, Remini allows you to enhance and retouch your photos quickly and effectively to produce brilliant results.


Enjoy beautiful pieces of work as you learn more about the incredible world of photography. You can now play beautiful videos with exciting visuals, exciting enhancement effects and also enjoy unique features you can't find anywhere else. With Remini, you can edit pictures quickly and easily.


Check out our detailed reviews of the Remini app.


What does it do?

Remini offers Android users a fully-featured mobile app to edit their photos quickly and effectively with many tools provided. From now on, you can restore old, blurry, or any low-quality images to their original quality. It can convert your black and white photos into color images, enhance blurry old images, improve your portrait pictures, or quickly convert your photos into brilliant works of art.


Due to the intuitive and accessible features within the app, all of these tasks can be quickly completed and refined. You can engage in many of its features and easily edit any selected images and pictures. Remini is an excellent mobile app that uses state-of-the-art AI technology for seamless photo and video enhancement.





On the Google Play Store, the fantastic application of Remini is available for free to those who are interested. You can start playing with many of its features immediately if you download the free app. As it's still a freemium app, you need to unlock ads and in-app purchases with real money.


Remini will also require its users to grant it access to some regions of their Android system. These are necessary to enable the full functionality of the application, which allows you to make the most of the mobile app and its features. Be sure to accept its requests upon entering the app for the first time.


To keep your Android devices at the sharpest edge, it is recommended to run the latest firmware version, preferably Android 4.4 and above. In this way, the app will function correctly, especially with upcoming updates.


Amazing features

The app has the following exciting features:


Work well with any footage you have available on your device

Users of Android devices in Remini will be able to edit all videos and photos on their devices. You can enable the full-featured app on any selected footage. Select the images or videos you want to edit. Make your choice of editing types. And present brilliant pieces of visual art.


Improve your old, low-quality pictures

If you are interested, you can use the excellent mobile app to quickly fix your poorly taken photos or your old photos that need complete restoration. Using Remini, you can easily enhance the quality of your photos. Get better-looking photos, more detailed footage, and so on by enhancing your low-quality images.




Transform vintage photos into colorful works of art

Remini comes with the capability of editing and colorizing old photos, allowing you to restore your family's historical photographs effectively. Then you can finally see your grandfather in color as you've only seen him in black and white. You can also bring back your old memories with the colored versions of your old pictures.




Enhance your videos quickly

Android users can also quickly improve the video quality of their blurred videos by repairing the brightness and clarity. Remini will automatically correct the blurred frames as you import the selected footage. You'll be able to enjoy fantastic video experiences on your mobile devices and fix any poorly captured videos quickly.




Use Portrait Mode for better selfies

Within Remini, Android users can also use the brilliant Portrait Mode, which allows them to tweak amazing selfies within the app. You can crank up the quality of your photos by selecting the images and setting Remini to high quality. Achieve beautiful HD portraits with minimal blemishes.




Play with fantastic paint effects

Additionally, Android users can work with the brilliant paint effects in the app, transforming their selected images into fantastic artwork. From stunning portraits to breathtaking landscapes, Remini lets Android users enjoy sharp footage of their creative works.




Easily save offline and share online

Users have the option to save and share all their creative content online or on their devices. There are various export options and presets available to save and share your footage at the best quality and settings. If you want to keep your files offline, make sure that your storage is adequate.


Check out our unlocked app on our website for free

You can always get the free version from the Google Play Store if you're interested. Android users, however, will have to pay to unlock the app due to the ads and in-app purchases. As such, it makes more sense to go for the Premium Unlocked version of Remini, which can be found on our website unless you plan to pay with real money. Our website provides the Remini Mod APK for you to download, follow the provided instructions, and you'll be all set.


Final verdicts

Remini will undoubtedly complete your collection of photo editing applications like PicsArt and others. With its quick, unique, and effective editing features, you can easily handle many awkward and challenging editing tasks. By enabling certain features in the app, you can choose the photos or videos you wish to use. In addition, you'll have more reasons to enjoy it thanks to the free and unlocked app available on our website.

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