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Version 1.5.0
Mod info Full Game Paid & Unlocked
Updated Sep 23, 2022 (1 week ago)
Developer RORTOS
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If you are interested in flights or dream of flying in the sky on your own, you can do it with RFS - Real Flight Simulator. This is an exciting and novel mobile game developed by RORTOS. The game brings the most novel experiences, and you will be surprised by the highly realistic simulated space.
Every little aspect of the job in the air transport industry will be reimagined in this game. You will explore the stages one by one, first planning and controlling the aviation until the plane takes off and successfully executes the mission. Not only that, but you can also master the cabin yourself and learn how to fly the plane in the beautiful sky.

Let's explore together the exciting thing of RFS - Real Flight Simulator right here.

The story of real flights

You will be immersed in a highly realistic simulation world. Feel free to experience the full range of exciting aviation activities to multiple destinations around the world.
As an actual supervisor, you will be involved in many exciting activities such as flight management, arrangement and planning; planning the preparation of schedules; make the necessary preparations for aircraft maintenance and more. In addition, you also have to be highly focused and follow every step of the procedure as if you were a real fighter.
Everything you do is subtly simulated, and you will be in charge of everything. As a real pilot, you need to check your flight direction, make sure you are on the right track, maintain the correct distance from other aircraft, check the indicators displayed on the watch, and more. However, you can also experience bad situations such as flight system failure, bad weather, and more. Surely this will be an exciting experience that you will love.

The great feature only available in RFS – Real Flight Simulator

Guarantee that the following exciting features will make you highly excited.

A new experience at your very own airport

The scene of the airport appearing will make you overwhelmed and excited because of the vastness of the highly realistic 3D buildings and aircraft graphics. Along with the practical elements, you get access to your very own airport full of functions waiting for you to discover. All tasks are entirely and realistically rendered, such as intuitive satellite features, display, and notification of all currently active flights; the arrival area, passengers board and disembark; information on the details to pick up passengers; and many other exciting things.

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Embody into the Air Traffic Control

You will experience many jobs as a professional air traffic controller that has only been seen in movies. To have the best preparation for flights, players will receive many notifications from Air Traffic Control. Essential and must-know information such as topographic and altitude maps, satellite imagery, flight information, vital data specific to each flight.
In addition, you will have a close relationship and association with ATC. The task you need to do is to plan with ATC to perform the appropriate take-off and landing times according to your requirements. Not only that, on the entire flight route, you need to stay in touch with ATC. To do this, you can use voice communication and several other tasks. Through that, ATC will accurately update your current situation, information, and frequency. The information to check such as APPROACH, GROUND TOWER, ATIS, and many more information details.

Aircraft inspection mission

Before every flight, the most important and necessary task is to check your aircraft. With RFS - Real Flight Simulator, you are free to check your aircraft and choose various customizations as needed. First, to make changes to gauges and other tools, you need to use the Advanced Multi-Panel System. What could be more important than making sure the plane is in good working order and so you may be allowed to do certain checks on your aircraft. Those checks can be mentioned as signal lights, lights, steering wheel controls, etc. This is great because you will be the master of your own steering wheel.

In-depth control system and highly realistic cabin

Once you're safely in the cockpit of the plane, start exploring the in-depth controls. This system will give you complete flight and manoeuvrability capabilities, with access to control options and dashboards.
You will be surprised because this game is full of tasks, information, flight operations like an actual professional flight. You will feel satisfied because you can explore every detail like a real pilot. Specifically, check fuel stats, maps, aircraft engines, altimeters, FMS. More than that, visual stats like wind strength, OAT Teamp/Ground, Vertical Speed/Air, ETE Next/Dest, Altitude AGL/ASM,... and many more.
Flexible tasks allow players to use many options to control their aircraft to the areas they like. The feeling of being a pilot will be more accurate when you perform the Main Throttle pulling tasks, Landing Gears, Rudders, Brakes, Spoilers,... Through many times of experience, you will perform these tasks satisfactorily.

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In-flight customizations

A flight will become more exciting and thrilling when players can make different customizations while in flight. Observe your own flight and make many customizations regarding total payload, fuel, passengers, and then see how these changes affect your flight friend. In addition, there are some terrible situations you will have to face, such as bad weather conditions or sudden weather changes, so don't be afraid, try to master and overcome this challenge.
There is a way to find out which part of the plane is malfunctioning. That is, you can make some engine and system changes. When the aircraft's expressions are changed, it will help you detect and fix the problems right away.

Play online anytime, anywhere

RFS - Real Flight Simulator will be a place for you to fly and explore whenever you want to play. Not only that, with the real-time mode, you will be able to participate in online play with millions of gamers around the world, with at least forty thousand flights per day. Guaranteed you will never be bored because every flight you will discover a lot of different scenery from hundreds of airports worldwide.

Continue the game easily

When you face some problems, and when you reconnect to the game, you can use the quick access option, so you can continue to enjoy your own abandoned activities. Let's continue to explore flights and complete the goals of each flight!

Join the game for free

It is more exciting and attractive when right in this article, we will immediately provide you with a free version of RFS - Real Flight Simulator. Many gamers have been waiting for the opportunity to experience our performance, and today that expectation has been answered.
An unlocked subscription version and hundreds of different exciting MODs. No need to spend any cost and worry anymore; quickly download it now to enjoy the game!

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Game quality


Every detail in this game is beautifully designed and in super realistic 3D. Guaranteed gamers will be surprised and not disappointed when participating in this game. Specifically, the game offers many natural 3D experience scenes from every detail in the cockpit like reals, design flight scenes, airport scenes,... Everything is perfectly designed to give you The most seamless and refreshing experience ever.


A simulated world but full of vivid and realistic sounds. Realistic environmental sounds, engine sounds, aircraft sounds, super realistic communication from ATC. Surely you will be mesmerized and fascinated when you hear the sound effects in this game.

An excellent simulation game, super realistic flights. What are you waiting for? Download this game now and experience it!

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