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Updated Aug 11, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Risk is the abbreviated name for this game "Risk: Global Domination. It's a wildly popular strategy game that has over 5 million downloaded around the globe on Google Play. Up to now, it has received a lot of positive feedback about its unique gameplay and thrilling competition for players. The game offers players numerous game modes, and each one has distinct background stories and rewards that players can get. Due to the variety of the game it is adored by a lot of players.

Additionally, Risk is designed with the 3D format, which is why the images of the game are amusing. It appears to be suitable to all ages since there's not much gore or violence within the gameplay. This means that you can play the game with your family and friends without restriction. To get back to the reason the game is so popular and played by millions of people, take review the review below!


The game's story isn't different from other games that involve strategy. The player will select the nation first before putting together armies. Then, you swap sets of cards for additional armies, and then take turns fighting the war. In terms of strategy it is a game that requires players to defeat your opponents as well as set goals of dominating the entire world. That's why the standard map that you use within the games is a world map , which is divided into territories. But, there are some countries that are separated into various territories but not all countries are represented as a map.

As Risk gives you a wide range of smaller regions of the world. You are able to focus on an area of interest or opt to play the maps that are unique. The arrangement of territories is akin to the layout of a castle. Like we said the game is turn-based that is like the game played on a board. Furthermore, every turn includes three phases, which include the deployment phase as well as the attack phase as well as the phase of fortification. At the beginning of your turn, you'll receive reinforcements. Be aware that the size of the territory you have control over will determine how many troops you'll receive.

You must deploy the troops to your areas. Additionally, while playing Risk it is possible to make cards. If you have three cards that are similar you can exchange them for additional troops. When you have new troops, you will be able to strike more often and combat is driven by rolling dice. Simply put, the roll of the dice will determine the success of your plan. If, for instance, you beat your opponent by a large margin then you are successful. However, you still lose some troops. This is a crucial details about the attack phase.

When it comes to the phase of reinforcement It's pretty easy. It is as simple as choosing an area and then the number of troops you want to transfer from one region to another. Moving automatically concludes your turn since you can make the option of only one movement. The most difficult part in the game it's the time you have to protect your borders. that is called the deployment phase. The less secure your boundaries are, the greater the depth the opponent's reach. It can be easy to learn the game, but it is difficult to master as it requires some planning and tactics to beat the competition.

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  • Categories: Action and Adventure
  • SMG Studio: Developer SMG Studio
  • Version: 2.7.2
  • Update 10th October 2020
  • Size: Size: 69 Megabytes
  • Requirements: Android 4.4 and above

A Variety of Game Modes

There are many game modes to play, such as Global Domination online, Single Player and Play Friends online along with Play

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