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Version 3.2.7
Mod info Unlimited Money/Skills Points
Updated Feb 10, 2022 (9 months ago)
Developer Naxeex LLC
Category RPG ,
Installs 5+

Rope Hero is a type of adventure game along with exploration of many new things, and combination with action scenes, which bring to players interesting experiments. In particular, when you take part in the Rope Hero, you will be immersed into heroic characters, and your duty is to hunt criminals to prevent wicked plans. Moreover, you are able to have a good strategy battle and focus on thriving your skills and actions to defeat the criminals in the combat. What is more, there will be some exciting activities besides fighting with the enemy on the battlefield.
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MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Skills Points

Attractive Plot

The special thing in the Rope Hero game is the compelling storyline, which attracts a significant number of players. Furthermore, this is an immersive game, and you can transform into a spider-man hero to fight and protect the city that escapes attacks of all the gangster’s mafia gangsters with the ability to use ropes to battle. Besides, players can apply the skills to make perfect strategy plans, flexible tactics, and wisdom to beat the enemies. Through those things, help players assimilate the activities of the crime inquiry activities of action RPGs.
When players participate in the Rope Hero, they have a responsibility to defend the city, including the indigenous people, the role of a Spiderman, and many special abilities. You have to combat the evil guy and defeat them so as to protect the peace for the city, at the same time, restore order to the town. Especially, you will also experiment with a variety of terrains, such as parks and public places; all of them are places where the crime battle venue is. What is more, there are a myriad of dangerous challenges that are waiting for players to explore.



The gameplay has been built simple, but it still has high combat characteristics and combines subtle ways between different tasks and challenges. All of them bring players fascinating experiments. Chasing criminals on the streets is the primary task of the game, aiming to stop their evil plans to destroy the city or take peace off the citizens. Moreover, there are many the level of the game, so the higher the level, the more difficult. It requires players to have the ability to observe and use skills efficiently to beat the criminals. In particular, players will achieve rare weapons, many booties after completing the mission and win in the battle, and then you will get the new level.

Attractive features

Fitting For Diverse Objects

Coming to Rope Hero, players have several exciting experiments with a lot of expeditions and different challenges that have continuously happened to players fighting with the enemies in the city. These are exciting things that pay much attention to players and have been highly appreciated by players, via simple approach and suitable with many objects. In addition, choosing the characters in this game will have a difference in the ability and strength; at the same time, players are also provided with various vehicles, weapons, and armor. Hence, players should find and collect as many items as possible, for example, more vehicles, more extra weapons, which helps players enhance their ability to attack significantly.


Vehicles And Weapons

Rope Hero is an epic game where hundreds of vehicles and weapons appear simultaneously. Players will be highly excited to see dozens of different cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, swords, and dozens of guns with their characteristics. There are also skateboards and surfboards for the character to move while performing accurate shooting.


The Principal Duty During The Game

As already mentioned, the player's main task is to fight with different criminals to protect the city. Through various challenges, this will help the player discover a multitude of exciting things the game brings and the arsenal of weapons provided by the player, such as armour and vehicles. The player can also find and collect more during the battle by defeating the enemies and then receiving the rewards of valuable items. In particular, players will also receive valuable items to improve and increase strength by levelling up after each round.
Through adventure and discovery, players will uncover mysteries through their places, such as using weapons and choosing suitable vehicles or layouts to overcome challenges throughout the game. To be able to prevail in matches, you need to know the weapons and equipment used by the enemy, which will make it easier for you to win over your opponent. In addition, players also need to equip themselves with many unique weapons to serve the match, so you need to plan the match and choose the appropriate weapon for the game, such as a rope will help you in the game.


Exciting Experiment

With the provided mission, the player must join the adventure journey with the game's mysterious quests. Moreover, players must face several challenges such as terrain or professional snipers, even enemy weapons with enormous destructive power, which players need to overcome. In particular, after the players pass these missions, they will collect many valuable trophies to help players increase their strength and level up. In addition, the higher the level requires the player to have more powerful weapons to support his attack; otherwise, he may not be able to win the match. Therefore, players need to have tactics and use their fighting ability skillfully and flexibly to destroy criminals.

Besides, Rope Hero has succeeded in combining real-life and adventure elements to bring players many engaging experiences through desirable activities, diverse challenges through many different levels, different from the usual way of thinking.

Game quality


Rope Hero is meticulously invested by the father of Naxeex Ltd when building the game based on 3D graphics, sharp and smooth images. The main characters in the game are the superheroes that we see on TV. The game context changes continuously from the city, the countryside, the coast, the cliff to the basement, giving gamers an unforgettable experience.


The sound is also realistically simulated with the sounds of a variety of weapons and vehicles. The harmonious combination of content, graphics, and sound has made an admirable quality game.

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