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You are dropped into a world of fierce and dramatic wars of dark heroes. In Shadow Fight 2, you will be transformed into a shadow warrior, and the task is to fight against formidable opponents. With a rather sad but extremely thrilling storyline, NEKKI has released a beautiful game that you should experience.

The Tale of the Shadow Warrior

The game begins with a story, and in it, you will play the role of a legendary warrior holding a potent fighting ability. You are on the way to find yourself an equal opponent to compete with. An unfortunate and unexpected episode happened when one day you came across a strange and mysterious rune. Out of curiosity, you went and touched the gate; everything started to turn, the door suddenly opened, then a dark and dangerous wind blew past you. Unfortunately, you accidentally broke the seal of the Gate of Shadows, which is a prison for the world's deadliest enemies.

You begin to feel strange at that moment, and all profound strength has disappeared from your body. What's worse is that you have lost the shape of your whole body, and now you are just a thin, indistinct shadow. You made a pretty big mistake for unleashing the devil, and now it has spread all over the human world.



Embarrassed and depressed, you tried to return to the dojo to seek help from your master. At the dojo, you received care and help from your master to gradually recover from your condition. Surprisingly, the master has discovered a source of hidden and powerful power still in you. Even though you are currently a shadow, you have not been harmed or disappeared by weapons.

You will have to work hard with training from your master to regain your strength. Next, you need to confront a lot of powerful opponents and complex challenges to be able to release the hidden energy. One day you will have to face the same evil fund that attacked your body. What you need to do is fight and destroy them to get your body back. Everything will be fine when you are the one to close the Dark Gate, blocking and sealing the dark forces forever.

Features of Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is the most successful version in the Shadow Fight series. A lot of new and unique features will be introduced in the following content:

Smooth animations with simple features

Shadow Fight 2 is a martial art fighting action game with a completely new fighting style. The game is optimized so that you can enjoy the smooth, flexible controls and epic effects.
To defeat your opponent, you need to use all kinds of weapons. But in each battle, the player can only use one weapon. So consider carefully and choose the right weapon for your character to be able to defeat the enemy. In addition, you can perform moves such as dodge, counterattack, and choose the position to attack the opponent. Guaranteed you will get the smoothest and most enjoyable experience

Easy game start with the intuitive tutorial

You don't need to worry about playing because Shadow Fight 2 always features an intuitive tutorial that makes it easy for gamers to start their experience. Everything is easy when you just follow the instructions, and soon you will discover on your own. Let's start step by step and master the skill for the practice of destroying evil.


A vast journey is waiting for you

With Shadow Fight 2, you will experience a tremendous journey because six different worlds are waiting for you to explore. In each world, you will encounter and fight the most fearsome monsters. But you are a true warrior, so to get back what was lost, you need to defeat all enemies. The exciting thing is that you can't die until you pass your level, so get ready to get up and fight again.

Free choice of power and variety of equipment

One weapon and power cannot help you defeat all kinds of evil monsters. So you are allowed to change and choose for yourself different devices. To begin the challenging journey, you need to choose between dozens of other weapons. Weapons in this game are also highly diverse such as kunai, swords, chains, darts, nunchaku, and many more. Remember to select the weapons that best suit your skills for an easy victory. On the way to participate in battles, you can collect many other legendary weapons.


Create challenges for opponents

You have the right to set up at each different battle location and choose the music according to your favorite. Not only that, but you can also select your favourite battle location for good inspiration to defeat the enemy. This will be a different exciting atmosphere for the battle between you and the enemy.

Join online with thousands of players

A vast community of online gamers is waiting for you. You can choose to participate in the online game mode with a view of players around the world. There are two ways to join: join an existing clan, or you can create your own. Explore and experience fighting with your clan in Shadow Fight 2. You will receive valuable rewards if you contribute a lot of points to your clan. In addition, you can also join your clan to raid and attack other players' clans.


Unlimited and free gameplay

So that you do not wait too long for this article, you can freely download our mod version. Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK will make you satisfied. A completely free version and your mission is to enjoy and experience. If you want to buy anything, you can unlock the money to use it.

Game quality


Realistic sharp effects, every detail in the game is meticulously elaborated from images, scenes to fighting movements. Bring a somewhat mysterious but eye-catching graphic style, true to the plot of this game. With such a game version is too great for you to experience.


Powerful sound, vivid combat effects. It gives a feeling like you are in a real battle between hundreds of evil enemies.

Download now and discover it!

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