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Version 12.1.0-211111
Mod info PRO/Encore Unlocked
Updated Nov 27, 2021 (1 day ago)
Developer Apple
Category Music - Audio ,
Installs 4+

Many users have difficulties or have difficulty finding music they listen to in their environment. Due to this, there are a number of dedicated music search apps among them is Shazam Encore. In addition to helping users locate songs based on the sounds of nature as well as lyrics, it connects to an enjoyable and engaging multimedia community that lets users explore musical entertainment in all its forms.

Find SONGS with SIMPLE Actions

The main purpose of Shazam Encore's primary function is to aid users locate all music results that are related to the tune that it recorded using the microphone on the device. Users can utilize a variety of input methods, like singing, humming and more. To find the music they're searching for. Of course, the program makes use of a high-end AI adept at shaping inputs and giving users all the results instantly. It is not just able to find songs, but it could also search for popular videos on numerous sources. Every song in the world will be listed in the database of the application, and it will take only some seconds to locate the requested songs.

SING to your favorite music

It is easy to use Shazam Encore as a versatile music player since it integrates local music players with stream services that allow them to listen to music any time any time, wherever. The built-in music player has a wide range of customization options to offer users a wide range of user-friendly and attractive features that allow them to discover the world of music with ease.

In addition, it allows users to create playlists and albums, which makes autoplay more convenient and flexible it promises to provide the most enjoyment listening to top-quality music. It also lets users sing with their friends in real-time and is considered as a form of entertainment for friends only on this platform.


Not just music, the app also offers users access to a vast video library, featuring thousands of outstanding music videos that are updated daily. It uses an entirely separate database in comparison to other platforms, focusing on the latest music that is trending for users to enjoy. Naturally, having a good tool and filter can aid in reducing the search time by adjusting the limits on the genre, style and so on. The video library is comparable to a music library, because they offer users the opportunity to interact with a variety of people and can customize the experience by incorporating different styles.


Shazam Encore will also let users to share their most loved songs across all social media platforms, and offers appealing options to enjoy an entirely new experience while listening to music. Additionally, it lets users to allow options like visual lyrics using an advanced synced system. It is also able to optimize many changes in songs, making sure that users always have access to the top quality music they discover on the library or discover. The ability to customize the application includes sharing and changing the lyrics, system, etc. There are always new features that can be used anytime and anywhere, such as bars, home or other similar.

Music discovery for users is infinite The possibilities for musical exploration are endless, and Shazam Encore will take users' experience to a new level by offering enhanced features and performance that continue to improves with time. Shazam Encore can also be customized and customized extensively which makes music discovery easy and fast for users to enjoy everything they enjoy.

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