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Music, videos, photos and other similar media take up a significant amount of space in the device's memory. Photographers, in particular, frequently complain about being unable to store their memories. Due to this, they'll discover apps that can help to organize their memory, organize and clear media folders and increase the storage capacity of the device. If you're someone who is often having trouble organizing your videos or photos you'll find that simple Gallery Pro will be the perfect app for you. It's an application that can replace the default collection, and includes a sophisticated set of features that make its collection standout from default collection of the user. It also comes with perfect security features that will ensure users to have the most enjoyable experience when managing their media stored on their device.

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Simple Gallery is an application which is trusted to assist users arrange their images in the right order. It also assists users locate images in a jumble effortlessly. It is a good choice for many reasons. be relied upon by millions of users across the globe, and the primary one is its unique interface layout. When users first start using the app, they will get guided through essential steps necessary to become familiar with the layout and operation that the user interface has. Users can customize the color scheme used in the interface. Additionally, it will include multiple scroll bars across the screen to allow users to navigate through various categories. Of of course, users will receive a variety of attractive and sophisticated features, designed to provide the best user experience with the design of Simple Gallery.

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The default collection on the device has many items that can make you feel frustrated and uncomfortable in organizing video or photos. This is why Simple Gallery will become a excellent alternative collection for those who want to. Its primary function allows users to effortlessly organize all the media they own, including moving, renaming, creating albums, folders, and many more. In just a few steps users were able to create separate folders for pictures that they could name, categorize as well as navigate among the clutter using the interface scroll bar. The program will also have an additional search engine that allows users to locate all necessary information simply using the dates. In addition, Simple Gallery has a easy operation system that users can learn the application within a few hours of beginning to use the app.

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The default gallery on the device will require users to download an additional photo editing software, as it does not have a basic image editor. However, Simple Gallery is different, and includes a unique photo editor that is simple to use and comes with a variety of advanced features that will please users. The photo editor comes with everything you need for users including editing tools, color changing features and an array of effects that users can choose to experience and explore. Additionally, it can automatically copy edited images to allow users to recover the original photos quickly. It's not just about editing photos however, Simple Gallery can also edit videos like crop and cut or copy and render them with better image quality.

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If the user would like the entire media collection to be protected, Simple Gallery also comes with a variety of useful features that allow users to secure images and videos that are saved within the mobile device. Based on the security features on the device, the app will apply automatically to the entire collection of photos and videos including PIN or drawings, fingerprints and facial ID. Users are able to personalize and modify security policies, and uploading photos to social media need passwords to the users. Additionally, the application will automatically create a decoy, which is a fake collection comprised of numerous random images taken from the Internet in the event that users are forced to access the collection. In order to activate the decoy, users just must enter the fake password, which will then fool users to access the collection.

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Simple Gallery will automatically upload images or videos the user has erased to separate cloud vaults, and then remove them all once they have been deleted for the specified time period that the user has set. The reason is to do this it is to allow users to retrieve the data deleted accidentally, while at the same time assist them in removing storage space instead of storing documents in different folders.

For those who take a lot of photos and videos, clearing space is usually one of the challenges they face. But, the default gallery isn't in a position to help users optimize their memory efficiently. This is why Simple Gallery is the best option for organizing memory, securing media files and providing the most enjoyable experience for users as photographer.

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