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Unlimited Money/Diamond

Updated Aug 11, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Are you a lover of games with a lot of fun? Are you looking to prevail against your adversaries to win lots of rewards? A thrilling fighting game you can't miss could be Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions. The game offers an easy and enjoyable game, but also allows you to experience thrilling and exciting missions.

Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions is part of the wildly popular Stick War series. The game tells a sequel story of Inamorta and the other nations fighting for supremacy. The story is set in the midst of battle in the nation of the Order Empire and the war results in an unstable and hungry society. The neighboring countries also built military areas with distinct strategies to defend and fight. Therefore, wars fought out to take control of the world.


Join and combine your legions of stick soldiers

The game comes with simple game play modes and entertaining and colourful designs. The players are able to play as characters and fight with ease. Each Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions battle takes place within the walls. The player is expected to complete the mission by taking part in battles of epic proportions and leading his troops to take down the enemy with a vengeance. When they begin this game, gamers take part in a battle in their own Rebellion race, which includes an officer and over 20 stickmen who have numerous unique combat abilities. The initial levels will feature basic tasks, and players are taught more fundamental and advanced commands in the subsequent levels. If the player is hit by the enemywith with a Spearon can be used to open levels following. Earning coins, weapons and other items are all optional quests to be completed in the game Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions.


Every faction is outfitted with their own unique weapons in addition to ammunition, as well as attacks. The battles will be conducted with the help of"walls "wall" at the time of beginning the battle, and players must choose the precise specifications, like an attack, defense along with the quantity of combatants.

This fighting game is described as among the top thrilling tower defense games ever played

Help them win

The game has 20 combat teams with distinct abilities. It will be shown on the bar horizontally that appears on the screen until the count is zero when the opposing team loses the fight and the game ends. Every time you reach another level, the abilities of the combatants are enhanced Each combat team will possess unique and distinct capabilities and combat traits. This can help you make use of it to your advantage. When fighting players will use innovative attacks and equipped weapons to take on the adversary. It's a thrilling story-building game that features a variety of wars between kingdoms in which players take on a variety of adversaries. The game also creates hundreds of exciting scenarios and challenges, as well as fun battles to give you and your partner the feeling of fighting and mental peace.


20 troops with distinct capabilities

The increasing difficulty level of the game provides players with greater enjoyment and exuberance. The game provides three levels of difficulty that players must conquer: a level that is normal that has the basics of gameplay and simple tasks to accomplish. Level Hard, with enemies that have various fighting strategies defense, missions, and combat aren't as simple as it used to be, but level Insane with difficult battles and challenging tasks. In addition, during battle the players will be equipped with different weapons like bows, arrows, swords as well as weapons, and grenades. Players can buy these weapons as well as other items from the in-game store. While fighting, players receive gifts all over the world and will find a variety of interesting objects and helpful equipment. Particularly, the amount of coins that are rewarded at the end of each level can help you get stronger weapons for the next battle.


A myriad of issues

The company has supplied APK for Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions 1.1.5 for Android 4.4and operating system and higher to play the game. Users have to download and install it to experience this exciting strategy game in a snap. In addition, ApkPlz only shared the initial and free APK installer to APK Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions 1.1.5 without any other modifications. You can also go to the DIVMOB support center to learn more regarding and the Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions game.

The game is rich in story-building and easy gameplay. It is a focus on a tense battle, and incredible cartoon characters which gives players an excitement. If you're looking to find fascinating things about this game, then you should immediately play Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions!

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