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Version 2.2.02
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Unlimited Money/Energy

Updated May 25, 2022 (6 months ago)
Developer Crazy Labs by TabTale
Category Simulation ,
Installs 8+

Suppose you are a type of fashion enthusiast or have a hobby of discovering many new things about fashion. In that case, Super Stylist - Makeover & Style Fashion Guru will be a great choice. An unprecedented world of clothing and apparel will be revealed, and your job is to choose and create the most eye-catching styles for your customers. With a combination of creative gameplay, very flexible and diverse, you do not need to be afraid of restrictions or frameworks.
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MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Energy

Lots of exciting features of Super Stylist

Participate in many outstanding events

Clothing is like something magical, and it makes us feel more excited and confident than ever. So when you come to Super Stylist, you will indeed have to admire the beautiful costumes that are updated from time to time. Wearing a beautiful suit will help you get the best style, not only that but also the most impressive when appearing at big events. So, choose and design yourself the most attractive look when you set foot in a series of remarkable events!


Events are usually held continuously at a fixed time. Sometimes something special happens for a while, and maybe it's an exciting event that you need to pay attention to. There will be pretty exciting tasks, and when you complete them, you can unlock many new and more attractive skins. Those skins are usually quite expensive, and you wish you could own them, so work hard on the quests!

Transform into a manager at a fashion showroom

Dreaming of being a fashion manager, or a fashion innovator, everything you can now experience at Super Stylist. Guaranteed, you will be addicted to this game because it brings a new style and is not dull. Notably, the graphics of Super Stylist are beautiful, bright, impressive, and the details of the costumes are very eye-catching. There is nothing better than owning a fashion showroom, and you will be the one to create many styles for your customers. This is sometimes even more fun and flexible than modelling yourself.


Super Stylist gives you four typical characters to get the best looks, and you can choose the look you feel like. Remember to adjust details like hair colour, hairstyle, facial features. Feel free to customize a most stylish look according to your personal preferences. Having a unique look will make your character even more impressive. Add the combination of beautiful outfits that will make you have a great variety like never before. It's guaranteed to be an engaging experience that you'll enjoy.


Design many unique styles for customers

Super Stylist brings a series of attractive elements for players, including the use of different skins, which will help you get many other new and different styles without spending too much time. Don't be afraid because this experience is boring because every day there are hundreds of customers at the table and you have to give each person a unique style. The left corner of the screen will show customers waiting, and you have the right to choose anyone you feel is suitable.
A simple and exciting job because you can discover a variety of highly unique and impressive clothes. You will create a unique style for your beloved guests if the clothes you choose suit them. Selecting and coordinating clothes for them also helps you increase your creativity level.


Getting the costumes to wear for your guests, you need to spend a certain amount of money. There will be costumes provided for free, and the more edgy outfits need to be paid to use. But you also don't need to worry too much about this because if you create the best for your guests, they will pay you a lot more money than those costumes. What could be more incredible is when you can own an attractive profit from creating a style for your beloved guests.

Increase many levels and get more customers

After performing many tasks and requests from customers, you will have outstanding progress in your fashion career. Completing well the requirements of the problematic guests you will get a lot of profit from them. Specifically, those things can be experience or money. These will make it easier for you to level up and from there will be able to reach even more customers. After you go to a new level, many customers will be introduced and come to you right away.


Super Stylist brings you many exciting things, including various new fashion styles, impressive costumes, beautiful galleries, outstanding events, and many sparkling performances. You can also control actions such as the pose and implementation of the character. Please choose the most beautiful and impressive moment, take a photo, and then upload it to Super Stylist's social networking platform. This will help you increase your energy level, and this energy will allow you to serve fashion to customers all day long.
So many exciting things are waiting for you in Super Stylist!
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