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Updated Sep 09, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
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Talking Friends fans will have their chance for the first time to join Tom, Angela, Ginger, Hank, and their friends in their first-ever adventure in the run & dash game series from Outfit7. 


Read our reviews to learn more about this fantastic game from Outfit7 Limited.




What is this game about?

As the game begins, Tom and his friends are drawn into the evil scheme of the raccoons who are trying to take over the world. The kidnappers have already made their move and kidnapped several of your friends.


Our hero, Tom, invites you to embark on your first adventure as you rescue your friends. Every time you save a friend, you'll have one more hero on your side, which will make your journey much more manageable. 


Get ready for an epic adventure with Talking Tom Hero Dash and his friends. Experience Talking Tom like you've never seen it before.





Some of the game's best features include:


Choose your favorite characters to play as

Players will be able to play as characters from the Taking Friends series in Talking Tom Hero Dash. Takedown the evil raccoons with your favorite heroes: 


  • Tom - You'll debut as our hero, Tom. Put on your superhero costume and punch your way to the enemy's boss. Since this little guy is the main character of the series, we're sure many of you are fans of him.
  • Angela - Tom's girlfriend, but also his troublemaker. As an impulsive character, Angela often gives her enemies the advantage. She's still a loving and caring girlfriend to Tom.
  • Ginger - Ginger is a cute little orange kitten with all the characteristics of a child. His favorite pastime is playing pranks on others. Also, he dislikes being near Tom and Angela when they are romantic. Ugh! 
  • Hank - Hank, the playful little dog, is Tom's roommate and close friend. He has a simple mind and is a lively companion. Yet, he also has untapped potential that was displayed in Hank the Millionaire. 


Also, as many other famous characters as possible will appear in the series. As you advance in the game and save more of your friends, you will have better support when reaching the final levels. Let your heroism shine through.




Defend your friends against the raccoons' gang

The evil raccoons again plot against the group of friends in Talking Tom Hero Dash, sabotaging the cities and trying to kidnap their friends. It is your job to win the thrilling missions and stop the raccoons from causing trouble.


As you complete missions and quests, you will also rescue your friends from the enemies. Free them from evil rascals and unlock new characters for your squad.




Play through many different levels of the game

The game features different stages at various locations all across the globe that take place on a massive map. You will encounter evil raccoons while running on skyscrapers, crossing Chinatowns, passing through beautiful tropical beaches and other locations.




A new take on the dash and run gameplay

Talking Tom Hero Dash introduces a relatively new and innovative gameplay experience instead of simply moving forward. The players now have a goal to strive for. During your dash and dash over obstacles, you can also kick raccoons so they can't get in your way. Besides collecting gold, you can also make money by hitting raccoons.


Additionally, since you will be the heroes in this game, your characters will have superpowers that allow them to do incredible things. Your heroes can easily take you through certain obstacles depending on the power they possess. 


Keep in mind, though, that if you charge through too many obstacles, you'll lose energy. You should only do it if you are faced with no other option. If you are going to meet brutal scenes, ensure you have enough energy stored.


Stun with a variety of techniques

You'll find the maps in Talking Tom Hero Dash fascinating as you play the exciting run and dash gameplay. You can jump between rooftops, chase your enemies down a slope, run on a cruiser, swing on a crane, and so on. In addition to this, each map has its unique elements so that players can experience everything the game offers.




Dramatic takedown scenes

You'll also be able to enjoy cinematic takedown scenes while you're hunting down the enemies. For this scene to be triggered, you should get as close as you can to them. If done correctly, it would drastically reduce your opponent's health. Also, it's fun watching our heroes deal with the rascal raccoons.


Rebuild the shattered world

When raccoons are roaming a city, they live behind piles of rubble. You are responsible for driving them entirely out of the cities, cleaning up the area, and helping the locals rebuild their homes. To progress to the following levels in Talking Tom Hero Dash, you must repair several locations. Get rid of the five bosses across the entire map and restore peace to the people.


Prizes are available at special events

As part of Talking Tom Hero Dash, gamers will also be able to participate in special events to earn valuable prizes. You need to choose the right time to log into the game and experience these remarkable events.


Get epic outfits for your favorite characters

You can spend some of your cash on unique costumes for your characters to make them even more badass. They won't give you any superpowers, but just wearing them can scare your enemies. Plus, your favorite heroes will look terrific and stand out from the rest.




Free to play

There is a free version of Talking Tom Hero Dash available in the Play Store currently. For you to start enjoying the game, you can easily download and install it on your device. You are needed now more than ever because the world relies on you.


Graphics and audio quality



With its friendly graphics and arts, the game is perfect for playing with friends and family members. Furthermore, you can play the game anywhere without experiencing awkward situations in public.


Additionally, the undemanding graphics make Talking Tom Hero Dash a perfect game for almost any mobile device.



You'll hear funky and exciting sound effects throughout your journey, which makes the game even more addictive. Keep Talking Tom Hero Dash ready for action at all times.


Get unlimited money on our website

Nevertheless, Talking Tom Hero Dash is still a freemium game. So you will be bothered with lots of ad interruption and costly purchases if you want to dress up your heroes or give them some extra boosts. In that case, we recommend you to download and install Talking Tom Hero Dash MOD APK from our website. You will then fully enjoy the game with unlimited money as a bonus. 


Final thoughts

If you're a fan of the famous franchise, this game is impossible to ignore. This animated adventure from Talking Tom and his friends is yet another hilarious experience for you to enjoy. Plus, you will get unlimited money when installing and downloading the game from our website 100% free, so why don't you give it a try? 

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