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Version 0.1.19
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Unlocked All Paid Content

Updated Aug 11, 2022 (3 months ago)
Developer Marmalade Game Studio
Category Board ,
Installs 26+

The Game of Life 2 (MOD The Game of Life 2 (MOD, Unlocked) can be described as a relaxing game that offers endless entertainment. players can play with friends and begin creating their own worlds.

Your dreams life comes to life by THE GAME OF LIFE 2. It is a straightforward storyline and a gameplay that stresses the importance to the gamer. If you enter this world, you will have the chance to experience the world of a video blog, or even a skilled job such as an engineer, for instance. Your choices and actions directly impact your personal life, and the life of your family and friends.

Important with a unique fashion

The first thing to note is that players are taken to the city of fashion, with a myriad of outfits and costumes. They're the starting point for creating the perfect player that is unique to you with your personal style and colour. You can select from various colors, including blue, pink, ... to designs that can be used for many important occasions.


This is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild and develop the ultimate designer for yourself. Take a trip through the vibrant room and experience the joy of living the velvet of a queen in the castle. The GAME OF LIFE 2 is celebrating its first anniversary with great successes, so it's provided players with a variety of attractive presents during a special celebration. To impress guests the guests will be provided with two stunning outfits to wear for free.

Are you married or have you graduated with a different?

Your own life is sure to provide many surprises in the beginning However, it's easy and totally uncomplicated for you. In this way, all choices, no matter how small that you make are taken by you, without the need of consulting anyone. You can decide to marry someone who is dating for a time and then go to college to get an education, or look for a job that will allow you to earn money lateron ...


And, if you don't stop there You can also be someone you've always wanted achieve. It is never too late to be up to help you achieve your goals, whether an awe-inspiring celebrity in the entertainment industry or as a vet, midwife, for instance. And not only that, you also have blocks that you can play with. Imagine a dream home like a huge and stunning house such as the castle of the emperor, cute cats or even caring for a couple of rude children ....

Say NO to ADS

If you're always feeling uneasy and feel demotivated when you're absorbed in the adorable fairy-tale world of promotional videos The Game of Life 2 is an excellent option that will exceed your expectations. It will block all promotional videos in order to make money from player views by using flashy content. Today, your experience is more personal than ever before.


The game currently, THE GAME OF LIFE 2 offers 2 game options that's perfect and are suitable for a wide range of people. Particularly, the first one is the single-player game mode where you are the only one in this unique world and interact with AI characters. It will record every player's thoughts by recording your movements and decisions, allowing you to face difficult tasks.

If you're bored of the main game it is possible to go to the game's private area. This is a fantastic place that allows you to connect and interact with other gamers from around the globe on the internet. You can take on and take part in their courses that you travel with and cook with them. Particularly if you wish to have fun with your acquaintances and friends and invite them to join you, invite them, and once they agree, you can merge into a group to create the life of your goals with them.


There are challenges that are arranged around your daily routine; if you succeed in completing them you'll be awarded an equal amount of rewards. For instance, you can win the math problem or writing an essay, cleaning a pet's bath, washing the car, etc. The money you earn will be used to unlock exciting characters, new costumes, and brand new vehicles. A selection of vehicles with a variety of colors and styles for school, outings with friends, traveling and so on. It will be created just for this multi-colored world.


The GAME OF LIFE 2 is a game that will leave you with surprise after surprise when you reach the record-breaking number of. There are milestones that you should remember, such as sixty happy moments, 100 locations to explore, ... you get a golden key that will open a specific puzzle piece. But, just one piece won't help in the game; you need to possess more than six pieces in order to unlock an item , and eight pieces to open a whole new world.

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