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Version 1.1.64
Mod info God Mode/High Damage
Updated Sep 08, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Developer PoPeyed Inc
Category Role Playing ,
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Prepare for the most thrilling survival adventure ever with this awesome game of The Wild Darkness. As you embark on your own survival experience, you will uncover a mysterious world and unknown secrets. It is always fun to play a classic RPG game with many of your favorite characters. Engage in epic battles against epic opponents. You'll enjoy the crafty gameplay as you make multiple items.


In The Wild Darkness, Android gamers can fully immerse themselves in the RPG experiences. In a mysterious world full of secrets and puzzles, you must make your way through the stages. Build weapons and gears by collecting items and using the crafty features in the game. Fight against the scary monsters at night. Protect yourself with shelters so that you will not be exposed to dangers. Explore The Wild Darkness and discover the secrets within.


Learn more about the fascinating gameplay from PoPeyed in our detailed reviews. 




What is this game about?

In the dark forest, a wizard performs his daily ritual of summoning the great hero who can save the lands. An opening of a portal to another world occurred when the stars aligned to form a sundial. A lightning strike struck the forest as the ritual was completed, and a hero appeared on this island.


In the game, the wilds are rife with unknown dangers in a land of darkness. As a stranger in this world, you must experience your ultimate in-game experiences to uncover the secrets behind The Wild Darkness. Moreover, you will experience captivating gameplay with a variety of exciting features throughout the RPG experience. 


You first start by surviving the wild and darkness with your bare hands. Next, you need to utilize all elements of the surrounding area to your advantage. You should collect things and resources that are helpful to you, hide from enemies by using the surroundings, build up your bases to protect yourself from the powerful monsters, and create a range of different items from within the game's crafting system. The Wild Darkness will undoubtedly impress you with its RPG gameplay and engaging storyline.



The game has the following exciting features: 


Design your characters in various setups

Android gamers can create their unique character with selectable names and a default setup in The Wild Darkness. With more items unlocked in the game, you can create characters with specific customization and upgrades as you progress. Additionally, you can select from a variety of totems with different effects and valuable buffs. It would be best if you considered all of these factors when preparing for survival.  




Mighty warriors with diverse abilities and skills

In The Wild Darkness, there are several warrior classes you can choose from at the beginning of the game. Beginners, however, can only play as the standard Adventurer with basic stats. Once you complete specific achievements or challenges in the game, you can select certain warrior classes:


  • Barbarians - Attack your enemies with brute force and smash them to pieces. Due to the lack of defenses, your Barbarian may not withstand multiple attacks from the enemies.
  • Wizards - One of the terrifying classes of The Wild Darkness. They possess incredible magical abilities and can affect their enemies very dramatically. Feel free to launch epic attacks or de-buffs at the enemies to eliminate them. Nevertheless, your wizards are relatively squishy in melee.
  • Warriors - Similar to barbarians, your Warriors offer better defense due to their enhanced resilience. As a result, they can sustain longer in melee combat. However, their inability to move can be problematic when surrounded.
  • Hunters - Their combat skills are centered around ranged weapons, making them excellent at distance combat. In combination with quick movements, you should be relatively safe when playing with your hunters.
  • Assassins - The Assassins are masters of the art of defeating your enemies and escaping combat quickly. Their powerful attacks allow them to take down crucial targets with ease. With its quick and stealthy movements, Assassins will enable you to combat in an exciting style.
  • Blacksmiths - To be able to make high-class items, being a blacksmith is your best choice.
  • Divine Warriors - To unlock the Divine Warriors, you will have to complete your final in-game challenges. Choose the ultimate heroes and become the hero you were destined to be - a hero summoned to save the world.


Discover a vast world full of diverse attractions

A massive world filled with exciting places awaits Android gamers in The Wild Darkness.  As you explore the lands, you will find more items and resources to pick up, fight more formidable enemies, and discover even more about the game's storyline. You'll have to solve plenty of puzzles as you progress through the game. Its immersive and engaging environment will make the game truly enjoyable.


Collect multiple items to increase your vitality

Additionally, The Wild Darkness provides you with plenty of different resources and items that you can find in the wild. You can either slay enemies and monsters to collect their items or have fun foraging across the land. It's crucial to maintain your vitality as a survivor in this strange world. Additionally, the materials you collect will allow you to create new tools and weapons.




Create any item you wish using the resources you have available

A gamer can create various items and gears using multiple resources and tools in The Wild Darkness. It is your choice what kind of weapons you will use to counter the approaching enemies. Improve your resource collection by unlocking the right tools. Protect yourself and aid in your survival by putting on particular gear.


Make your base better for crafting and survivability

In The Wild Darkness, you can create a base to improve your survivability and crafting capabilities. You can start building your safe shelter here to protect yourself from enemies' attacks. To advance your crafting experience, you will need to unlock multiple constructions. You can enjoy survival RPG gameplay even more with new upgrades.


Battle in and out of the dungeons

Besides the puzzle-solving and crafting experiences, you will be able to engage in plenty of epic battles with the nasty monsters in The Wild Darkness. While scavenging for resources and fighting your enemies, feel free to explore these lands—experience challenging dungeons and battle massive bosses. Strive to become the ultimate savior of the lands and fight with everything you've got.




You have a lot to accomplish

With The Wild Darkness, you can also unlock many achievements that will give you exciting boosts and upgrades. You can enjoy both the standard gameplay and the exciting elements of the game by spending time on them. Enhance your hero's powers and make him more survivable.


Play offline whenever you like

In addition, The Wild Darkness offers offline gameplay that you can enjoy whenever you want. As a result, you no longer need to connect to your Wi-Fi or use your mobile data. Experience The Wild Darkness's exciting gameplay at any time.




Free to play

Despite the abundance of exciting in-game features, Android gamers will be able to enjoy The Wild Darkness' fun RPG gameplay for free. From the Google Play Store, you can easily download it for free. Feel free to enjoy many of the in-game features with only a few restrictions.


Graphics and audio quality



Players will experience a game setup that is simple yet incredibly engaging here in The Wild Darkness. Let your intuitive and fascinating attacks do the talking in the awesome battles. Explore the various in-game elements and enjoy the exciting animations. In addition, you will find the game to be highly playable on most Android devices with little hardware requirement.



The game offers stunning graphics and brilliant audio and music, allowing you to immerse yourself in the experience. Here, you'll find the on-theme soundtracks and responsive sound effects perfect for enhancing each in-game scenario. Therefore, you'll be able to enjoy the game even more.


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You can also access our modified version of The Wild Darkness on our website if you're interested in the exciting gameplay of the game and would love to play it fully unlocked. Here, you can enjoy ad-free experiences as well as get all the in-game purchases removed. 


It is simple to install The Wild Darkness Mod APK on our website. You should be able to access the unlocked gameplay after following the provided instructions. 


Final thoughts

Thanks to the in-depth gameplay of The Wild Darkness, those of you interested in the exciting gameplay will enjoy many options available in-game. In this game, you can participate in the ultimate survival experience, enjoy epic battles, create and craft stuff, and uncover plenty of secrets. All of which should contribute to a more enjoyable RPG gameplay experience. 

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