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Version 657
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Unlocked All Premium Content

Updated May 19, 2022 (6 months ago)
Developer CD PROJEKT S.A.
Category Card ,
Installs 9+

New lands, dramatic battles, and exciting world exploration are all available at The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker. Fans of the card game genre can now enjoy this unique version. This is a fantastic game with an impressive card game genre and adventure style, and CD PROJEKT S.A releases the game. Now the battle between the cards begins to break out, and many exciting things are waiting for you to discover ahead.
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Discover the new story of this kingdom

The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker brings you a kingdom filled with mysterious, fascinating stories and draws players into a unique world like never before. The essential character in this game is Meve, and she is a queen and the leader of warriors of both the kingdoms of Lyria and Rivia. One day disaster suddenly struck when the Nilfgaardian army attacked and launched invasions into her domain. In the face of chaos and the threat of losing the kingdom, Meve must now stand up and fight directly to achieve victory.

Gameplay and Attractive features

Excellent lineup and character creation

The producer of CD PROJEKT has invested and cared carefully to create the characters, build the scene, build the image, and unique design the cards. The cast of characters in this game is designed and made extremely beautiful and eye-catching. Specifically, each character will have its shape and different colours, players will quickly identify and distinguish between the characters. It is worth mentioning that these characters are all voiced, which is a testament to the investment in image and quality in this game. Coming to The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker will give you the most endless inspiration when participating in this game.


Create strategies for battles

The battles of The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker are exciting but full of challenging aspects; players must focus and make the most informed choices to bring about successful turns for the game. This game has no restrictions or frameworks, and players have the freedom to choose and use all their skills to solve matches. To defeat the enemy, players need to be patient and think carefully, but also need to be quick because unexpected situations can happen at any time.
Your opponents will be significant and giant characters; these monsters are very aggressive and always have enough tricks to destroy you. Not only that, monsters will always appear throughout your adventure, which is also a big obstacle for you. Don't forget to keep an eye on the Nilfgaardians, and this is a critical enemy that we need to focus on. Vigilance is an essential element in this game because a moment of inattention can have sudden cases.


Always update and upgrade

Remember that the game is always the most focused and perfected, so you need to upgrade to the latest version every week to get the best experience. The new game mode will bring you more benefits and more attractive features, so this is a definite thing you must not miss. 
Enjoy the adventure and fun in this game in the latest versions!


Join with friends

To get the most out of The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker's incredible scenery and exciting gameplay, you can invite and refer friends to join this game. The battles will be beautiful and many times more interesting when you can share them with your friends. Try to be the most skilful, excellent, and agile player in the situations presented by the enemy.


Game quality


When it comes to the producer "CD PROJEKT S.A." you can immediately imagine how excellent the graphics quality is. Although this is a card game, the graphics quality is excellent. The cards are highly invested and cared for, completely drawn in the Western Comics style. Bold colour blocks are used a lot in this game, and other colours will be interwoven to form bold bar lines that are very eye-catching.
With excellent graphics quality, the interface is also extremely reasonable and eye-catching. With details shown in the most HD quality, you will feel a smooth and smooth story at each transition.


The feeling of mystery and darkness will be wholly enhanced when combined with the voice acting to tell the story. The voice is shown incredibly tender, mixed with the background music is highly majestic, sometimes melancholy. Thereby you can quickly feel the loneliness and coldness of Queen. This also brings a sense of excitement and novelty for players.

If you are a true fan of The Witcher series, this is a game worth checking out!
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