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Version 1.0.50
Mod info Unlimited Money
Updated Jun 25, 2022 (5 months ago)
Developer HyperBeard
Category Simulation ,
Installs 3+

You might be looking for a game featuring adorable pets to enjoy after a long day of work. Introduced to you as the game the Tsuki's Odyssey provides you with an enjoyable experience in a world surrounded by the sparkling lights of an undiscovered lighthouse. It is filled with fun and vibrant images of tidy homes tucked within the old wood trunks. The game's scene is set in an unspoiled forest with a lush rug of green and a tranquil river. Join us and enjoy a peaceful and tranquil life.

Tsuki's Odyssey


The game will provide you with an empty house under an old tree. Your task is to purchase and organize your home's contents well and elegantly. Tsuki's Odyssey will lead you within Mushroom Village with fun characters. You must build yourself your own home by earning money. Growing crops like cabbage, carrots, fish in the lakes .. can help you earn a great amount of profit. You can exchange the things you have collected to purchase the needed things for your home. To make sure your home is finished to its fullest it is essential to cultivate many agricultural products or catch a large amount of fish. Find more items for your home to add a fresh look to your floors that are vibrant. The game gives you various tools to make use of the items you find that are available in the game. Notifications will let you know the requirements of your home and the best place to find it.

Tsuki's Odyssey

CONNECT with your friends

Engage with the world outside in the same way as you meet people in your neighborhood. Engaging in conversation or trading with the people around you will improve your chances of interaction with other people. You can also discuss your thoughts with people who are around you. Tsuki constantly follows your every move however, it's not your pet. It is an animal that is free.

Tsuki will roam throughout the village, and will be interacting with everyone according to its own will. Be sure to check the village often and you will find lots of new things to discover. Engage with your friends on your mobile phone, text or discover new places. You can also search function to find your favorite character to capture photos of. In Tsuki's Odyssey there are other ways to move around: trains that have stunning illustrations.

Tsuki's Odyssey

Select your character

You can pick the character you like best, such as rabbit , fox .. and then name the house to construct and harvest the crops together. When you start the seeding process you will receive soil. Your task is to select the cultivars you want to cultivate and then take care of them. Make sure to fertilize your soil properly to ensure that your plants develop quickly.

You can share your top games or photos with your pals. The pictures will be displayed on the village's information boards Therefore, you should be careful with your house. Find the latest products when you have the cash. It is also possible to purchase some more bonsai plants for your home decor. The locations on the map will help you locate a suitable location to trade or sell your harvesting equipment or other products.

Tsuki's Odyssey


Increase your profits and relax while fishing on the banks the river that flows through the village. There are a wide variety of fish you can capture. If you're a lover of relaxation fishing is an excellent option. Doing your best to accumulate more treasures will allow you to get more equipment to build your home.

Additionally Tsuki's Odyssey featuring images of gorgeous scenery and adorable animals in the woods is sure to make you want to participate. The objects in the house are also said to be identical to reality, which creates the impression that you're in your own home. Realistic pictures with stunning and rich landscapes are the reason why the game is appreciated by the majority of users who play. Alongside tutorials or dialogue, there are also included to allow you to have more interaction with your community.

Tsuki's Odyssey

"Tsuki's Odyssey is a house decoration game that focuses on having fun with friends, catching fish and much more. It is a non-challenging adventure game appropriate for children who are older than thirteen years of age. It can help you learn to arrange your home well. Do not spend your free time with stress playing this game. You will be able to relax in the lush forest with adorable animals.

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