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A good music player app for Android users who are audiophiles is a requirement. However, the playback quality frequently disappoints your sensitive ears. As a result, many of you will want eXtream Software Development's fantastic mobile app, which allows you to have utterly fascinating playback experiences from your high-quality music files, now with the assistance of external USB audio DACs. Moreover, USB Audio Player PRO enhances the quality of your audio files while also providing essential features to let you listen.


Feel free to utilize the app to connect to your DAC via an OTG cable and listen to much better music. With your modern DAC equipment, you can play high-quality audio files with up to 32bit/384kHz or higher. To get the most out of your smartphone's audio chips, use them to their full potential. Like many other fantastic music playback apps, USB Audio Player PRO is easy to use and understand for most people.


With our in-depth evaluations, you can learn more about this fantastic smartphone app.




What does it do?

Android users will have access to their complete audiophile toolset on mobile devices with USB Audio Player PRO, as an amazing alternative to other apps like Google Music, or Apple Music for IOS users. Use this amazing Android audio player to play any of your high-quality audio tracks to their maximum potential. At the same time, employ beneficial boosts and improvements to promote your regular audio or sound files.


You may now connect your USB audio DACs to USB Audio Player PRO utilizing an OTG cable and the USB host mode on your device for those of you who are interested. When compared to typical playing sources, you'll notice a significant improvement in sound quality. With the audiophile app, you can maximize the capabilities of your mobile device and experience incredible sound quality.


Furthermore, USB Audio Player PRO incorporates several unique and intriguing features not found in any other regular audio playback application, which you may find particularly appealing.





Android users will need to pay for their paid version of USB Audio Player PRO on the Google Play Store to begin having fun with the fantastic mobile device, which may be a little tricky to access for some people. Not to mention the app's in-app purchases, which are required to use the full-featured playback software.


It's also crucial to run the app on the most recent firmware feasible to ensure that you can enjoy the app with good compatibility. When opting for the new updates, this will ensure its functionality. At the same time, grant USB Audio Player PRO some access permissions required for it to function effectively.


Furthermore, because USB Audio Player PRO does not require Root permission to function effectively, Android users can quickly access and utilize its capabilities.


Awesome features

The following are all of the app's intriguing features:


Multi-format audio support

To begin, Android users can utilize USB Audio Player PRO to operate comfortably with their mobile app and play any of their audio files stored in the app. Here, the fantastic mobile playback software supports all of the most prevalent and less common file types, including 24-bit and 32-bit music. Users can experience exceptional audio quality on their mobile devices thanks to the sophisticated MQA Core decoder or easily custom USB audio driver. Furthermore, Android users can enjoy the most effective sample rate possible with their music thanks to the available sample rate converter built-in USB Audio Player PRO, even if their DAC doesn't support particular audio files, which is uncommon.




Connect USB audio DACs for improved music quality

Those interested can now enjoy the fantastic USB Audio DAC with USB Audio Player PRO, which will significantly improve the sound of your music. With an OTG cable, you can effortlessly connect your DAC to specific Android phone. On your supported devices, make sure the USB host mode option is turned on. With sophisticated DACs, you may enjoy better audio playback.


Play high-quality music on your Android audio system

USB Audio Player PRO's exceptional capacity to play high-quality music at any rate/resolution ensures that Android users may always enjoy the most spectacular pieces of music and audio on their devices. With the aid of USB Audio Player PRO, you can simply bypass the Android audio system and listen to your favorite music in the greatest possible quality.




The HiRes chip works well on some devices

You can also use USB Audio Player PRO to maximize your capabilities if your premium Android phone includes HiRes audio processors. Play your HiRes audio at 24-bit to get around Android's resampling limitations. The free MQA decoding will also come in handy for those who possess the LG V and G series, which have long been considered the go-to items for audiophiles.


Convert high-quality audio files

Have fun with USB Audio Player PRO's excellent mobile app, which lets you convert your native DSD, DoP, and other high-quality music files with ease. As a result, the mobile app makes it simple to play them.




Enhance the quality of your headphones

Along with improving music files, USB Audio Player PRO includes the Tonebooster Morphlt option, which allows you to improve your headphone devices. Users can practice mimicking sounds and playback experiences on over 160 different headphone brands and models here. As a result, you'll be able to enjoy a variety of audio experiences anytime you want. Simply apply the customizations and continue to use your headphones.


Easy options for playback of audio and music

And, to ensure that Android users can always get the most out of their music playback app, USB Audio Player PRO will provide you with several valuable and straightforward features. Begin by selecting your favorite music folders to don't mix up different audio folders on your devices. To listen to music from particular online sources, use the network playback settings. Allow Gapless playback so you can keep listening to your music without being interrupted. Also, activate Bit perfect playback to get the most out of your music. Last but not least, the helpful replay gain will ensure that you get the most out of your USB Audio Player PRO.




Some exciting options for Plug and Play

Android users can also take advantage of the beneficial and convenient plug and play option in USB Audio Player PRO to enjoy their music more effortlessly. Listen to music from your computer or look at media renderers and content servers. With the built-in WebDAV option, you may make quick and straightforward modifications to them. The list could go on and on.


Compatible with other music streaming services

USB Audio Player PRO also works with several music streaming services, such as Last.FM, Tilda, Qobuz, and Shoutcast, so you can get the most out of your network playback options. As a result, while streaming audio content from online sources, you can easily enjoy high-quality music experiences.


Easy-to-use equalizer options

Feel free to experiment with USB Audio Player PRO's 10-band equalizer, which lets users quickly tailor their audio experiences for each son. Have fun experimenting with the Bass, Mid, and Treble settings to find the right balance for you. And most crucially, you may unlock the powerful parametric EQ from the famed ToneBoosters. When you desire, you can have better and more personalized audio experiences.




Dynamic and straightforward volume controls

Android users will be able to enjoy their fantastic music playback experiences thanks to USB Audio Player PRO's dynamic and straightforward volume settings. Enjoy the excellent software and hardware volume controls, which make adjusting your favorite volume settings a breeze. The app's vibrant and detailed control settings should help you to get the most out of it.


Visit our website to download our free, unlocked mobile app

Because USB Audio Player PRO  is now categorized as a paid app on the Android app store, not to mention that it includes in-app purchases, unlocking the entire mobile application would cost a significant amount of money. As a result, Android users may want to utilize our website to access their free and unlocked mobile app. Simply go to our website, download and install the USB Audio Player PRO APK, and follow the on-screen instructions.


Final verdicts

USB Audio Player PRO is one of the most terrific apps for anyone who prefers better sound on Android devices, with unique features and helpful playback settings for audiophiles. Feel free to listen to your high-resolution music files, immerse yourself in immersive audio adventures, and customize your experience. All of these features will be included in USB Audio Player PRO.

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