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Version 1.1.5
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Pro / Paid Features Unlocked

Updated Aug 11, 2022 (1 month ago)
Developer Lightricks Ltd.
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Videoleap by Lightricks is a video editing application that possesses several features to meet users' editing needs. Due to its wide range of functions, the quality of your editing will be assured because editing includes a wide range of tasks, including adding colors, editing content, and adding videos. 


Our comprehensive review of this app explains everything you need to know. 


MOD Info

  • Pro / Paid Features Unlocked


What does it do?

The process of recording a video is very straightforward. But when it comes to editing it, it seems so complex. This is why Videoleap amazes us so much. Users will enjoy using this powerful video editing software, which feels familiar and easy to use.


The video timeline in Videoleap is a simple one, with several toolbars that slide under it. However, don't underestimate the tools in this app by only looking at the tiny icons. Your videos will be transformed by these "small but great" wizards. This is a list of features you do not want to miss. 




Amazing features


Experiment with newly added functions

With the latest version of the application, users have access to many new functions that help to facilitate and optimize their editing process. Furthermore, these functions also make it possible for those capable of editing videos and images to utilize them. It is possible to add more elements with multilayer editing, green screens, exciting transitions, and many more.




Advanced videos content editor

It will take time to master Videoleap by Lightricks' essential functions, but you can use it in an entirely new way once you do. It is possible to combine the best parts of multiple videos into one. The functions such as cutting, pasting, and adjusting positions, among others, will be fully effective in such roles. Additionally, users can manually adjust the recording elements in the video.


A video's compatibility with the frame and aspect ratio will need to be considered when you add it. It's also possible to drag elements to make them bigger or smaller, depending on your creativity. You can use it to coordinate certain positions of the features you've added and edit the effect accordingly. However, it can also create specific difficulties due to the amount of work that must be done.




Filters and effects that make a difference

Color levels, effects, and filters are all fully adjustable in Videoleap by Lightricks. You can use these elements to give your video a new look. The video brightness, contrast, saturation, and other factors associated with color can be adjusted. However, most of the time, the video has been optimized during recording, which only partially improves the video quality.


The best way to learn about effects and filters is to explore them. They will need to experiment with different effects and filters before using these elements. Everyone will discover what this app can do from time to time, and if the functionality is too challenging, the tutorials are also a helpful resource. The results will also differ when they are arranged differently within the layer.




Edit the text and adjust the sound to your liking

Videoleap by Lightricks is a video editing tool that lets you include new typefaces in your videos. It's not a completely new feature, but it's something you might consider adding. Additionally, they can also serve as keywords you wish to convey to your audience related to your video. Several different designs are available for you to select from.


This application also includes the sound element, and on the layer, you can add any sound you want. In other words, things like length and sound level need to be examined to ensure they match the video elements and don't cause discomfort to the listener. This application allows you to create your cinematic work by utilizing all its functions.




Produce cinematic videos

You can use the more advanced features when you have mastered Videoleap by Lightricks' essential elements to create an impressive video. It is entirely up to you to change the video's background. In particular, you can find the tutorial above and follow the steps simply and quickly. In addition, you need to reduce the intensity of these backgrounds if they obscure the main character in the video.


Additionally, you can re-locate some functions by giving them a landmark. The current milestone involves a change to a particular function. Videoleap by Lightricks, for instance, creates a form of green screen to help users add another video or image to an existing video. The position of an element can be changed by adding multiple shuttles to the scene corresponding to the number of changes.




Final verdicts

Mobile video editing is made easy with Videoleap's tools. Using the MOD version that we provide, all features are available to assist you in creating unique and quality content.

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