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If you're a fan of fantastic Asian TV shows and movies but lack a platform to enjoy them, this excellent app from Vuclip Mobile Video will satisfy your need for interesting Asian content. Thousands of films and TV shows from Asian countries are available here.

The app lets you easily search for your favorite movies and shows from Asian countries and enjoy the in-app features for an immersive entertainment experience. As you explore fantastic films of all genres and cultures, you'll find hilarious comedies, intense action, epic battles, and thrilling adventures.

Learn more about VIU with our complete reviews.




What does it do?

Upon entering VIU, Android users will discover an enormous collection of Asian movies and TV shows originating from all over the continent and covering multiple genres. Additionally, you can also watch awesome Asian music videos on the app.

Discover and watch your favorite Asian movies and TV shows as you enjoy the exciting in-app experiences. Its built-in player lets you watch them right within the app, or offline movies can be viewed anytime you like.

There's no doubt that VIU Korean Dramas is the best mobile entertainment app for anyone who wants to watch their favorite Asian shows. You can select shows from the suggested shows or use the easy browsing interface to locate your favorite films. You can watch them all in high definition and enjoy smooth streaming whenever you want.





You can easily install VIU on your mobile device. The app allows you to access the excellent online movie library by registering a free account. Watch your favorite shows here right away.

You should, however, connect to a constant Internet connection to enjoy smooth video streaming. A good smartphone with a good display is also ideal.

Plus, to enjoy all of the premium and original content on VIU, you will have to pay for the in-app subscription.


Amazing features

Check out all the fantastic features that VIU has to offer:


Easy-to-use entertainment app for mobile devices

First and foremost, for those interested in Asian cultures and who wish to learn more about Asian countries through movies, VIU will provide you with thousands of exciting TV shows, movies, and music videos from all over Asia. Enjoy finding your favorite movies and enjoying the fabulous in-app experiences with this excellent app and its exciting features.

Experience smooth and satisfying video streaming while watching HD and SD movies. Enjoy a comfortable in-app experience with intuitive touch controls, and find many fun suggestions for the app. You will be able to access your complete Asian entertainment experience every time you open the app.


Get the best movies and shows from a wide variety of genres

When it comes to picking movies for your next relaxing session, VIU has a whole collection of movies and shows from a wide range of genres. Based on your favorite topics and genres, you can choose your preferred movies here.

In the app, you will find countless movies covering a vast range of genres. Interested in watching some dramas? Then you'll be able to watch fantastic Asian Drama shows. Alternatively, you might enjoy the exhilarating experience of playing an epic Action and Horror title. And for a few relaxing laughs at the end of the day, there are always Comedy shows and movies to choose from in VIU. Enjoy the app's other genres and much different content as you become fully immersed in Asian multimedia entertainment.




Catch up with all of your favorite celebs' shows

The app also offers dozens of collections for users who wish to see some of their idol's most famous shows, even if they are fans of Asian movies and shows. You can enjoy watching great films and TV shows from actors and actresses such as Song Joong-ki, Park Shin Hye, Kim Tae Hee, Gong Yoo, etc. This app will also allow you to discover idols you might like.


Discover the newest releases across Asia

To give Android users the best possible Asian entertainment experience, VIU also offers its latest updates, including some of the most recent releases of popular movies and shows in Asia. You can choose your favorite shows and be notified whenever an update is available.

Browse through the massive lists in VIU to find movies and shows from Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, the Middle East, and many other intriguing regions. The app will be your ultimate gateway to accessing the cultures of Asia that are both rich and diverse.




Play videos with the convenient built-in player

VIU offers a convenient built-in video player that will significantly improve your overall streaming experience as soon as you choose the shows and movies you want to enjoy on your mobile devices. The in-app features will allow you to stream movies whenever you wish conveniently so that you can watch your shows to the fullest.

In addition, the app offers multiple subtitles to choose from while watching videos. The pause and resume buttons enable you to enjoy your entertainment whenever you like. Meanwhile, you can select the scenes to watch or change the ratio of the videos. Within the video app, you'll find a variety of exciting options.




Experience VIU across multiple platforms

To make your multimedia entertainment experiences in VIU even more fun and exciting, you can also use the app on your tablet, laptop, or PC at any time. You can engage in exciting cross-platform experiences with completely synchronized in-app progress when you connect your accounts.




Join the awesome online communities

It's also possible to engage in discussions with other movie lovers on specific social channels concerning many related topics in the VIU online community. Get the most out of your movie viewing experience by reading complete movie reviews from hardcore fans.


Videos and movies available offline

To enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted entertainment experience, Android users in VIU will also find themselves enjoying completely offline videos and movies, which can be downloaded on their mobile devices. Enjoy your favorite movies, music videos, and TV shows in any resolution and quality without the Internet. 




Free to use

VIU offers most of its content for free, despite all its exciting features. You can download VIU without needing to pay any money through the Google Play Store. You can start watching the movies for free once you create an account.


Free premium with our mod

To get the full benefits of the app, Android users might want to download the modified version of it from our website. Enjoy all the premium features on the app and enjoy the videos without being bothered by ads. All you need to do is download the VIU Mod APK and follow the instructions.


Final verdicts

VIU is your best option for a smooth and satisfying Asian movie streaming experience since the app offers complete streaming services that users can all use. It is easy to locate your favorite movies and TV shows online from different Asian countries. All of them are available both online and offline on your mobile device. Additionally, our mod now makes the entire app unlocked to enjoy all content in the app free of charge.

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