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You'll enjoy VivaCut: Pro Video Editor App if you're looking for a decent video editor on your mobile device to handle light and simple tasks. It offers all the desired features, as well as a lot more. Accordingly, the excellent video editor app allows Android users to quickly and effectively edit their videos by providing a wide range of controls, customized effects, and so on.

Create professional pieces of visual content by utilizing VivaCut's unique video editing capabilities. The fantastic features of this app help you create Hollywood movies from scratch, and you can share them entirely with your friends. Enjoy endless customizations and editing features in the app. And, most importantly, VivaCut will be easy to use and convenient for users on Android phones and tablets. 

Learn more about the VivaCut professional video editor mobile app in our reviews.


What does it do?

The stunning mobile video editor app VivaCut is an incredible tool for those of you who wish to add an aesthetic element to your recorded videos and clips. Explore the great features that will transform your videos into unique art pieces by adding dozens of cinematic visual effects, blending options, and more.

Additionally, VivaCut allows you to apply in-depth video editing applications to specific videos, thanks to the multi-layer timeline. You can create some of the most brilliant visual effects with only a mobile device using the green screen and chroma essential functions. Also, these excellent music configurations will allow you to create videos that are perfect for multiple social media networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

What is most amazing is that you can complete the entire experience using just your mobile devices and VivaCut, which is so convenient.





Having the app up and running requires only that your Android devices run Android 5 or higher. It's easy to download and install the app on your mobile device. Enjoy all the options available in the app as you create stunning videos.

Like many other video editor apps, such as FilmoraGo, PowerDirector, and the like, you're required to have a capable mobile device. With that said, the powerful hardware will enhance your overall experience while using the app, and your editing speed will be significantly improved. In contrast, an outdated phone with low-end hardware will likely not perform well in VivaCut.


Amazing features

This app offers a wide range of impressive features:


The most professional video editor for Android

For the first time, Android users will have access to a robust and capable video editor app, allowing them to change and personalize videos as they see fit. With professional editing capabilities and professional features, the app provides users with all the features needed to create Hollywood movies.

You can start by mixing videos and mixing chroma key options to create the fantastic effects that Hollywood movies are known for. Also, with the game's cinematic video editing options, Android users can make incredible movies right on their phones.

Many interesting aesthetic elements will also allow Android users to freely customize their videos according to their preferences, including Mask, Video Collage, Sticker, Text, etc. Take advantage of the available editor to create your videos with Keyframe animations.

To create quick videos for social media, you can always use the available Masks options such as Linear, Mirror, Radial, Rectangle, Oval, and so on. You can create stunning visuals by using these practical visual effects.

It's also possible for VivaCut users to make various changes to their audio tracks and add multiple sound effects. Alternatively, you can always extract audio tracks and music tracks from any videos in your collection. 




Multiple video editing features are available

The intuitive editing interface in VivaCut also allows you to access dozens of helpful commands. Experience an intuitive timeline with multi-layers, in which users can easily zoom in on their specific frames while keeping the precision. As you progress, perform multiple modifications and customizations. Apply in-depth edit options to your texts as well as change text styles within the app.

VivaCut lets you create stunning cinematic videos with multiple transitions for both your texts and videos. You can also adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, color, and many other options to create a fantastic video.

Additionally, don't forget to take advantage of the filters and glitch effects available that will help deliver a beautiful and original look to your videos: experience VivaCut's stunning effects and unique editing options.




Easy-to-use controls and editing tools

VivaCut will show Android users how to manage videos and edits using its intuitive and extensive commands in the editing interface. You can edit certain video tracks on your editor interface by trimming, cutting, duplicating, and customizing them. It is then possible for users to make multiple changes to their clips and optimize them to tell their own stories from each part of the videos.

Take advantage of the intuitive video editing options as you split and combine multiple video clips. Create excellent slow-motion or fast-forward videos with ease by adjusting the speed of your videos.




The best and most convenient editing app ever

In addition to its unique editing features, VivaCut also offers its premium users the opportunity to print directly from the app. Picture in Picture technology offers better exposures and more terrific attractiveness to the videos that can be made here. You can also add images to your clips and edit them to make them viral using the Collage tool. 

Android users can use the Overlay option to make quick and effective edits, which allows you to customize the layers with many useful tools freely. Use the fantastic blending effects, like Color Burn, Screen, Soft, Light, etc. It will undoubtedly impress you how many options are available.

Additionally, VivaCut's Android users will only need a few minutes to create a slideshow from their images and pictures. With that said, the app allows you to create amazing visual experiences with its unique effects.




Share your videos with others

You can share videos from within the app to social networks using the appropriate export options. There are a lot of famous presets you can choose from. Take advantage of these features to introduce visually appealing and exciting videos. Easily rename, save, and share videos with a single click.


A lot of exciting features coming soon

Additionally, Android users will also have access to new in-app customization features and functionality to make the app more interesting and useful. Therefore, Android users can explore animated texts with VivaCut's fast and straightforward text editor app. You can also use the undo and redo options on your mobile device now that they are available.




Free to use

Anyone interested in VivaCut can easily install it on their mobile devices for free. You can easily access the app from the Google Play Store.


Get the fully unlocked app from our mod

In case you find the free version somewhat limiting due to the in-app advertisements, you also have the option to experience VivaCut on Android mobile devices. Our website offers you a free VivaCut Pro APK download, so you can follow the instructions and enjoy the app.



The free version crashes and is quite buggy

VivaCut's free version is still somewhat annoying, even though most of the time, your phone crashes because of its low-end hardware and demanding tasks. That said, the app crashes several times, especially when rendering some complex objects.


Final verdicts

You can't find a better video editor than VivaCut for simple, intuitive editing. Therefore, Android users can customize their in-app experiences fully and enjoy the app to its fullest extent, thanks to the fantastic mobile video editor app. Don't forget that we've made it easy for you to install it for free on your mobile device while using the unlocked, free version available on our website.

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