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Version 5.6.2
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Updated May 19, 2022 (4 months ago)
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Social media platforms have become more prevalent in recent years, and many people are now investing more time in social marketing videos. For your content to progress in this vast but competitive market, you will have to be fast and efficient. Vlog Star for YouTube is undoubtedly the best mobile app available for Android, allowing Android users to create videos quickly for this platform and many others. 


Feel free to experiment with the many simple and accessible features of Vlog Star for YouTube, as it allows you to create your creative content without too much effort easily. Most importantly, the built-in features will enable you to develop creative content quickly. Keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest trends on social networks is a must for any Vlog Star wannabe.


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What does it do?

For those interested, Vlog Star for YouTube is a great video player and editor for content creators. With its simple and accessible features, the app lets you create content quickly and easily. Keeping in mind that the app also offers advanced editing features, you will work with it even more comfortably than with many professional apps.


You can simply select your videos or take a picture with your smartphone. Then use Vlog Star for YouTube and all of its built-in features to easily create your impressive videos. You can add interesting effects, explore unique graphics, and develop vlogs in a snap. These things will allow you to be much more professional in your social marketing career.





Google Play Store users can download the app for free and install it to enjoy the excellent mobile application. You can try Vlog Star for YouTube and many of its exciting features without paying anything. It is also possible to pay for certain in-app purchases to unlock more features within the app.


Additionally, Vlog Star for YouTube users will need to enable specific access permissions for the mobile app to use the in-app experiences. To ensure compatibility with the latest updates, it is also necessary for you to ensure you have the latest firmware on your devices, preferably Android 5.0 and up.


Amazing features

The app has the following exciting features:


A quick set of filters and FX effects

In Vlog Star for YouTube, Android users can use a variety of film-level video filters and presets to edit their videos, which will instantly change the visual impression of your creative content. Watch how the screen changes completely when you apply the selected filters, then quickly create videos like a professional.


If you want, you can also use the app's fantastic video effects, which include more than 80 different choices. Make alterations to your videos comfortably as you experiment with glitch, shake, and vita.


Additionally, you can now change certain aspects of the videos, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, vignette, temperature, and so on. All of these are essential to creating fantastic video effects for your creative works.




Edit your videos with a variety of materials

If you ever struggle to find contexts for your videos, Vlog Star for YouTube also provides excellent text, stickers, and music you can easily add to your creations. Feel free to opt in to create captions, descriptions, or titles for your videos using the beautiful and unique text animations. Using different fonts, light strokes, shadows, animations, and stunning effects, you can create impressive designs and customize your content to look better.


Vlog Star for YouTube also offers hundreds of stickers, motion stickers, emojis, and other unique editing materials. You can also experiment with many fantastic sound effects that provide unique audio experiences to add to your creative works. Vlog Star for YouTube will enhance the quality of your content by allowing you to use no-copyright music in your videos.


A collection of exciting video transitions

As you experiment with Vlog Star for YouTube, you will develop some excellent ways to direct viewers to the main point of your videos. You can choose from more than 50 different transitions with amazing effects and styles. The best is yet to come from Ryzenrise. In addition, the speed control features can be used in conjunction with the available effects to create stunning cinematic videos.




Browse a wide variety of videos in the app

Now that you have access to the fantastic video materials in Vlog Star for YouTube, you can use these materials in your creative works. Make it easy to create your content by adding free intro templates and ending scenes. You can use the video backgrounds and time card transition clips to enhance your editing experience with Vlog Star for YouTube. You'll also find dozens of unique intros for vlogs, gaming, makeup, fashion, and cooking in Vlog Star for YouTube.


A comfortable way to create slideshows

Additionally, Vlog Star for YouTube offers the option to create slideshows in one click if you need to. The templates allow you to easily add videos and photos to create a polished slideshow as quickly as possible. Enjoy working with the editing UI while you try to add jitter, camera shake, glitch, VHS, shades, and many other amazing effects so Android users can create any project they like. You can also freely use sounds and beats from the app's library, which will let you utilize all its features to the fullest.




Integrated Reaction Camera as a convenience

Due to the popularity of reaction videos, Android users can try making their own quick reactions videos without using a computer. You can live record your reactions while watching the videos if you enable the feature. If you wish, you can place the small video window on any part of the screen to meet your editing needs. During your reaction videos, you can comfortably pause and make your comments while still recording. You can add frames to Android PIP videos if you wish.




Physically edit the videos right away

Vlog Star for YouTube also provides quick editing options for making physical edits to videos. With just one tap, you can trim and cut videos. Cropping is available in several desired ratios or by using presets. You can merge the available videos into one in Vlog Star for YouTube. You can convert any video clip into any definition quickly.


Controlling video speed is a breeze

Within Vlog Star for YouTube, Android users can also adjust their video speed controls, which will allow you to more comfortably change the video speed and make your creative works more interesting. Utilize the fast/slow motion features to capture viewers' attention and create an engaging viewing experience. The incredible mobile application of Vlog Star for YouTube can be further improved with this option integrated with other editing features. 




A collection of exciting video backgrounds for you to explore

You can use the provided tools in Vlog Star for YouTube to add interesting backgrounds to your creative works if you find that your videos are pretty blunt and without a background. You can either change the video background colors to readjust the colors or scale and blur the background to create amazing visuals.


Ads will never bother you when you're editing

Additionally, even if you are running the free version of Vlog Star for YouTube on your Android device, the app still provides its ad-free experience while editing your videos, which is impressive compared to many other apps. In addition, if you can afford the premium version, there won't be any ads or watermarks to bother you.


Check out the modified app on our website

Due to the expensive in-app purchases, some fans of the YouTube Vlog Star application may find the application a bit difficult to use. In light of this, we are currently offering a free and unlocked account on our website with a wide variety of exciting and accessible features for you to use. The only thing you have to do is download and install the Vlog Star for YouTube Mod APK, follow the instructions, and start having fun creating your videos.


Final verdicts

The Vlog Star for the YouTube app perfectly complements the famous Video Maker and Thumbnail Maker apps. You can easily edit and create videos with its powerful features. Vlog Star for YouTube enables you to come up with unique ideas that you can make happen. With Vlog Star for YouTube, you can become famous and produce more content.

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