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Updated Apr 19, 2022 (5 months ago)
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For those of you looking to fine-tune your recorded audio tracks, it usually takes a bulky computer with all its features and programs to do so. Even though you can access many useful options, this approach makes the work a lot more complicated. As a result, the editing process is somewhat undesirable.


As a result, if you want a more portable audio editing experience, you can use the Android editor apps. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony is an excellent app that offers most of your expected features. With well-optimized features, it's undoubtedly the best sound editor app available.


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What does it do?

If you're a fan of brilliant songs, soundtracks, and audio in general, you will love and enjoy the endless options of customizing your audio. With Voloco, Android users can become professional sound directors and create unique audio pieces using the tuning program.


Using the tools and options provided, you can record your voice and have it properly tuned. You can easily adjust, refine, and enhance your recorded music with Voloco, making them a lot more enjoyable. It may also be necessary to refine certain recorded sounds, so they sound better and more realistic. 


As a result, Android users can use their Voloco app as the ultimate portable audio tuning tool for their recorded sounds and music. If necessary, you can change how you perceive these sounds with Voloco as you advance through the in-app features.





Having a working mobile device with decent recording capabilities is the only requirement for using the app. When you have this and your favorite playlist ready, you can start singing your heart out. Voloco will edit, auto-correct, and provide all the options you need.


Once you've polished your pieces of record, pick up your incredible recordings afterward. You can run the app on the majority of Android devices without encountering any issues. 


Amazing features

We have gathered all our app's exciting features here:


A powerful audio editor with a simple interface

In Voloco, Android users can use the intuitive audio editor, allowing them to customize and edit specific sound experiences easily. On most of your Android devices, you can efficiently perform this procedure both for your audio tracks as well as for your videos. As a result, Voloco gives Android users the ability to become their sound directors, along with many editing options.


The fastest and most effective way to edit your sounds

Due to Voloco's autotune features, Android users can have their records properly tuned and edited. That being said, the app allows users to have their singing perfectly tuned right from the moment they were recorded. Depending on the song, the intelligent tuning feature will determine how your singing should sound. As a result, you can sing like a professional thanks to the flawless records.


With a vast collection of different vocal effects in Voloco, users can tune their voices to the sound effects. As you create your most delicate musical pieces, feel free to use the app's eight presets for vocals and many customizable options. With the app, you can listen to music in different and unique ways.


A variety of effects, mixing, and EQing options

On top of that, you can edit your recorded videos and audio tracks to create your most refined pieces of audio. As such, you can completely customize your tracks with numerous features like audio effects, mix options, sound EQ, and more. Experience the joy of becoming a professional sound director and developing your unique sound mixes.




An excellent beat library to sing over

Moreover, the app allows Android users to create their records by choosing songs from the available song library. Using autotuning technology, the app records your singing and produces perfect recordings of what you sing. In addition, you can find your favorite songs in a massive library of thousands of songs and sing like a professional with ease.




Export your refined audio files in just a few clicks

Voloco also provides easy, quick, and effective export options that ease the process of distributing your refined pieces of music once you've completed all your editing. When you turn your singing into the finest recordings of your favorite songs, you can select your desired audio quality and definition. Take advantage of the in-app editor for the best audio experience.




Easy video and audio sharing

You can also totally enjoy your online media fun by sharing your recordings with famous social media. That said, once your exported songs are ready, you can easily share them online via the sharing options. This app will allow you to demonstrate your exceptional vocal abilities to your friends.


Check out the incredible works of others

Furthermore, Android users have access to the exciting Voloco community, where they can check out the brilliant records of others. You can enjoy beautiful audio tracks while listening to them sing and play custom sound effects. Learn how other users from all over the world interpreted your favorite songs and created unique variations of them. As a result, the app would become the best tool available to find unique and exciting records hidden from the general public.


Get featured and get your fanbase 

In addition, you can now share your work with others by using Voloco. Get your song featured on Voloco's Top Tracks section and go viral online. You may gain a new fan base through the app and become super famous. Voloco is a great way to start your singing career. 


Free to use

Despite having all those fantastic features, the Voloco app is free for Android users to use with only a few limitations. Therefore, you can find and download the app from the Google Play Store for free. 


The mod comes with unlimited features.

To make Voloco even more impressive and valuable for Android users, we've modified the app to offer even more amazing features for the Android platform. Voloco's full version with all of its premium features is available right here for free. All you have to do is download and install the Voloco Pro Mod APK from our website. You should be able to have it ready in minutes if you follow the provided instructions.



Lack of convenient playback options

There is only one thing wrong with the app: it lacks a playback option. Therefore, without built-in features, you'll have to open your main music app or look for the exported tracks in your file manager. Your whole experience will become inconsistent due to this. We hope it will be fixed in the future.


Final verdicts

Voloco is one of the top Android apps for music and audio because it has many outstanding features for recording and editing sounds. Therefore, if you're interested in the art of singing and recording, this should satisfy you. Our website contains a completely free and unlocked version of the app so that you can access it in its entirety. Have fun tuning your audio wherever you are with this fantastic and portable device.

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