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Version 9.20.0
Mod info Premium Unlocked/AD-Free
Updated Sep 27, 2022 (14 hours ago)
Developer Wattpad.com
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Those interested can now immerse themselves in the fantastic world of books, stories, and other kinds of documents on Wattpad. Android users can read millions of different things here, from readers of varied genres to interesting text content that cannot be found elsewhere. It's all yours to enjoy at any time.


Similarly, you can enjoy the perfect audio pieces while using the intuitive and straightforward book reader interface. Therefore, you can experience excellent books, tales, fanfictions, documentaries, and all kinds of documented content that can easily be read using an intuitive UI.


Check out our in-depth reviews of Wattpad to learn more about it.


What does it do?

Wattpad is one of the largest free social story-telling platforms with unlimited content for you to explore. People worldwide contribute stories, books, fanfictions, learning materials, and research to the website. Since all you need is a browser and a working Internet connection, all users and guests can enjoy the website and much of the content it provides.


Wattpad is now available on Android devices, so you'll be able to enjoy reading on the go, as the app is available on mobile devices. You can access all the features and functions you would find on the website on your tiny little pocketed device.


Whether you are an amateur writer or a pro, you can enjoy reading what others have shared through the app. And if you want to become a writer yourself, you can also join the incredible online world of Wattpad. Don't hesitate to share your content online or to write whatever you want.





You can always download the free version of the Wattpad app from the Google Play Store whenever you want. Free users are welcome to read and take advantage of a wide range of features. Alternatively, you can pay for more content on Wattpad so you can read more. Either way, you will find the app extremely useful and exciting.


Wattpad also requires some of the same permissions that many other Android apps require to run correctly. Be sure to give the app all the permissions it needs to use it on your mobile device further. In addition, you'll need an Internet connection most of the time, so the app can easily access online content.


Amazing features

The app features the following exciting features:


Accessible and intuitive in-app features

Wattpad's mobile application is immediately appealing to those interested in its approachable features and intuitive UI. You can explore many available options with the in-app features to quickly find stories, documentaries, books, essays, and other texted documents.


Write and make your stories known

In Wattpad, Android users can become content creators by sharing their creative writings with others. You can then enjoy the app's exciting writer mode once you have your accounts set up. Create your world of fiction, write your thoughts, or share your original stories on  Wattpad. Learn to become a writer by sharing your stories and connecting with other talented writers. And who knows? You can become famous with your stories.




Enjoy your favorite content in multiple languages

Moreover, those interested can enjoy their favorite stories, books, fan fiction novels, and even self-invented stories from other users, all of which will add much engaging content to their library. The online library offers stories from various genres such as romance, sci-fi, mystery, comedy, action-adventure, fantasy, and even sensitive content like LGBT, cyberpunk fairy tales, to techno-thrillers. Browse excellent content at any time and enjoy it.


Become a member of the fantastic online community

Wattpad lets you create your online community of story-lovers from around the globe. You are welcome to join each other for exciting online experiences as you share your stories and ideas and support each other in improving yourself as a writer and the quality of your work. Wattpad is a great place to find friends and have fun socializing. Engage in lively conversations with fellow Wattpad users as you immerse yourself in the exciting world of great stories and writers.




Discover the free library on Wattpad

The app lets Android users access multiple stories, and online text content added to their favorite library and enjoyed whenever they have a free moment. It is easy to enjoy these stories as long as your Android device has the app installed. You can pick up reading wherever you left off and continue reading whenever you like.


Get to know original stories and books

The original stories and books on Wattpad are also well-licensed for online distribution, so Android users will find the app accessible and enjoyable. You can read the famous book series that have inspired many favorite movies or explore the best seller books whenever you want. Grab any of your original digital books and immerse yourself in the knowledge.




Visit our website to access the unlocked application

Our website offers a modified version of Wattpad's popular mobile app for those of you who are interested. Unlocked content is available here for you to enjoy free of charge. You are welcome to explore the features of the app and the many elements of the app for free. You only need to download and install the Wattpad Mod APK on our website. Just follow the instructions, and you'll be good to go. 


Final verdicts

Among all the mobile apps out there that you can use to read books and enjoy stories, Wattpad stands out as the best mobile app as it offers a vast online library of books. Wattpad library includes conventional books and diverse writings from around the world, making it highly enjoyable. Additionally, you can enjoy the app to its fullest by downloading the free and unlocked version available on our website.


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