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Version 1.35.1
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Premium/Unlocked All

Updated Nov 27, 2021 (1 day ago)
Developer PJSC "Rostelecom"
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Entertainment is among the most essential requirements in our lives to help us relax. As technology advances to the point that it is now ever-changing ways of entertainment were created to please the needs of people. It is also a tool that provides users with numerous forms of entertainment to enjoy. It's a phone; users can enjoy music and view films, read books as well as do a lot of other things. However, to accomplish this users will require an application that can do this. If they want their phone to function as a TV for users to enjoy, using the Windows application is what the users require. With this application, users will enjoy a variety of entertainment only this application will allow users.

Wink (MOD, Premium/Unlocked)

Turn your phone into a TV

To appreciate the features a TV can offer, viewers must stand on the TV screen, however this is too lengthy. People can't sit all daylong; they also have to complete many other things in order to live. While it's not feasible to carry the television anywhere, people can carry their smartphones anywhere. With this app, users can enjoy TV on their mobile devices at any time, from anywhere that gives them many great experience. The users only need to launch the application in order to stream TV on their mobile devices quickly.

Wink (MOD, Premium/Unlocked)

Large channel storage

The app has a huge channels with more than 200 channels that users can experience. The channels are carefully chosen by the design team of the application before being included in the application. Users are able to pick the channel they prefer and all of them are channels that are from Russian television stations as well as other locations. When a user happens to be Russian or would like to know the more details about Russian culture the app is something which people must download to make use of.

Wink (MOD, Premium/Unlocked)

Free operation

When using this app the user can take any action like fast-forward or stop the review and many other actions. In the event that the viewer is engaged and can't continue their viewing then click the stop button and allow another viewing. However, when a user is watching on television, the viewer is not able to use the option to utilize the feature, and should he wish to replay the show then the viewer must wait for the show to play. The user is also unable to change the speed or anything else when using this program it is possible to do everything. This can provide users with plenty of ease while watching TV. Users don't have to worry about not being able to catch their favorite shows.

Wink (MOD, Premium/Unlocked)

Excellent quality

When viewers watch television, there are instances when the connection is unstable. At this point it is possible that the picture is affected. With this app you don't have to fret, as the quality of the video is enhanced, while the connections are secure. The videos in the app are of HD high-quality and Full HD for users to enjoy.

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