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Version 1.2.44
Mod info Unlimited Medals
Updated May 30, 2022 (5 months ago)
Developer EasyTech
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Installs 6+

If you are a fan of large-scale strategy and fighting games, then World Conqueror 3 - WW2 Strategy is the game that is highly suitable for you. When participating in this game, you will experience the wars taking place worldwide. These wars take place intending to become hegemony and gain control of the world. What is more, the game will provide many mighty armies in different confrontations, and these armies will follow your instructions. What are you waiting for without joining World Conqueror 3 - WW2 Strategy to become an excellent leader in battles with mighty legions operating under your guidance. In addition, your mission is to conquer this vast world, to be able to achieve many typical military achievements and to help you have moments of relaxation and comfort when experiencing World Conqueror 3 - WW2 Strategy.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Medal

For the mod to work perfectly, exit and enter the game for the second time!

The most glorious campaigns

World Conqueror 3 is a military game. They will have all the elements related to the military and are most realistically expressed through this game, so it will be highly suitable for anyone's military favourite. Coming to World Conqueror 3, players will discover and experience many surprises that the game brings through different historical campaigns; specifically, World Conqueror 3 will set up a system of 32 campaigns. In addition, there are three different difficulty levels for the entire campaign. Each difficulty level will correspond to the campaigns and missions, and these battles are highly large-scale worldwide in every historic campaign.


When you join World Conqueror 3, you will experience significant challenges that you need to overcome, and 150 military missions require you to complete with all different emotions. Moreover, you can show off your military command with brutal battles through five different modes of challenging your abilities. All these challenges have a total of 45 challenges that are considered the most difficult ever. They are simulated world wars based on world wars taking place in different worlds in the previous century. Therefore, all factors such as hardship and aggression will create more fierceness for the game, and this is also challenging and requires certain military skills and knowledge. Besides, do not forget to learn new experiences and skills and promote your champions.


What is more, you can hire generals from prestigious military academies in the world to join your army easily, to significantly increase the strength of the military. There will be a series of famous cities worldwide for you to explore, and there will also be many complex tasks; what you need to do is conquer these problematic goals. They will bring many exciting and unique things to give you experience. Also, make deals with merchants in ports. In particular, when participating in World Conqueror 3, you will have the opportunity to build many world wonders and explore this vast, big universe.

Gameplay and Attractive features

Mission and way to conquer the world

When participating in World Conqueror 3, your most important task is to conquer the world through campaigns on an enormous scale. They are considered the most difficult in the game. In addition, they are divided into four sections, and they have entirely different difficulty levels, which will be suitable for each age group. Thus, everyone can participate with many different ages, and it will not be boring for players.


You will experience a war simulation game when participating in World Conqueror 3, with many different eras such as the 90s to conquer these wars. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to discover time-changing civilizations worldwide. You will have the chance to choose any country you love to explore and participate in war. Besides, the game will have some prestigious prizes waiting for you, and let's make a mission to conquer the world. Use your skills to conquer the world.

Basic and available features

World Conqueror 3 will give you many wars of immense scale through different periods of the ages and is designed to act entirely in real-time. For example, several famous wars like World War 2, Cold War, and even Modern War. All of them take place on a global scale, with more than 50 countries to choose from, including more than 200 different famous generals ready to join the battle. In addition, up to 180 military units have been set up and are just waiting to be selected to fight. In particular, these armies have been equipped with up to 35 different skill categories. You are also equipped with the most modern weapons globally, including 12 highly modern and most advanced technologies. In addition, the world's wonders play an essential role in terms of time, contributing to the implementation of campaigns and bringing victory to players.


Some other features

The World Conqueror 3 game platform has a total of 11 outstanding achievements for players to conquer. That's why when you join World Conqueror 3, the fights and campaigns automatically open and execute efficiently, and the world map will have a beneficial miniature mode so you can use it easily. In addition, the website of the system will provide you with all information related to the game.
A decade of thrilling and exciting combat awaits you ahead!
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