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Version 17.06.32
Mod info Remove AD/Play Music Background
Updated Oct 03, 2022 (3 hours ago)
Developer Google LLC
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YouTube has become an indispensable part of our lives, and we watch it almost every day. Because of this, YouTube is Google's most popular Android app after Facebook and Instagram.


Nevertheless, if you've been using it for a long time, you probably now realize it has some shortcomings. There are not many customizations, no convenient video interface, and there is not much else that Android users can do with this application. Because of this, many people don't like their official YouTube app from Google.


The YouTube Vanced app is a great alternative. This post will discuss this app from Team Vanced. Discover why it's the most popular YouTube app for Android devices.




MOD Info

How to enable the Black/Dark theme?

  1. Click on your profile picture on the top right corner
  2. Open Settings
  3. Open Vanced Settings
  4. Open Layout Settings
  5. Toggle ON Dark watch & Dark theme


How to fix the Login & Chromecast issue?

  1. Download the modded microG
  2. Install it as you would usually install any other apk.
  3. Enjoy


What does it do?

Using this app, users have access to all the features available in the official version of YouTube. This application, however, comes with a sleeker and more user-friendly interface. For most Android users, this provides a more convenient experience.


It eliminates all the annoying ads, dull video interfaces, and other things people dislike about the official version. As a consequence, users can fully control the YouTube app with all its necessary features.



YouTube Vanced is based on the official YouTube app, so it is compatible with most Android devices. Additionally, the app can be used on both non-Rooted and rooted devices. To install it, simply download the APK file from the company's website.


Also, make sure you download the Micro G file, which can also be found on the official website. For YouTube Vanced to work, you will need this to log in. After you set everything up, you can instantly start using the app.


Amazing features


Discover all YouTube has to offer

YouTube Vanced is based on the official YouTube app, keeping all the features that users love. Because of this, you'll still have access to all the features on your official YouTube app. Furthermore, the interfaces are identical to the official version. In this way, new users will find using the app relatively easy if they're already familiar with the official YouTube app.




Video player with floating windows

On any Android device, the app lets users watch their favorite videos while doing other tasks. By enabling this feature, you can display the content of your videos in a floating window. So you can still browse the web or take notes while watching YouTube videos.


Play music in the background

Furthermore, users can listen to videos on YouTube in the background while doing other things on their phones. Even while your smartphones' screens are off, you can still hear the music. People who listen to music on their YouTube app will find this extremely useful.




Adjust the resolution to your liking

You can also adjust the resolution of the videos in the YouTube Vanced app while watching videos. You can even override the maximum resolution of your videos and convert them to a variety of resolutions to suit your phone. As you can use the larger screen with the new 18:9 screen ratio, this feature will prove to be quite handy for those devices.


Get rid of all annoying ads

Additionally, YouTube Vanced allows users to safely remove all the annoying ads that pop up whenever they watch a video. The video experience will be continuous and uninterrupted without being interrupted by unwanted ads. You can still watch ads on videos from specific channels if you want to support them. 


Swipe controls for intuitive operation

Users can also adjust some aspects of the videos quickly by simply swiping them, making the app more attractive. In any case, you can swipe up and down with your finger on the screen to increase or decrease the brightness and volume. This way, you will not have to press any physical buttons to view the video.


Customize themes that suit your taste

YouTube Vanced also enabled the customizable theme feature to allow users to enjoy the app even more. There are three different themes available here, Black, Dark, and White. The Black and Dark themes are an excellent choice for soothing the eyes. The White theme, however, is recommended if you want to protect your eyes. Choose the one that is most suitable for your preferences.




Automatically repeating videos

An additional feature that makes this app so popular is its auto-repeat feature. Therefore, YouTube Vanced allows users to re-watch their favorite videos whenever they want. This will enable you to playback your favorite playlist or MV multiple times without reconfiguring the device.


Zoom your videos in and out

With YouTube Vanced, users can also zoom in and out of their videos while watching them on their Android devices. You can use this if you're interested in spotting specific details in a video. However, low-resolution videos will not work because the contents will not be visible.


Choose the speed that works best for you

Additionally, YouTube Vanced is also bringing its customized playing speed feature to the Android platform. Using this feature, you can easily adjust the playback speed of your videos, allowing for a lot of fun and excitement. 


Free to use

Thanks to the developer of Team Vanced for making the app free for everyone to use. Despite so many unique features, they aren't charging a cent for it. Please help the developers gain more reputation by sharing the app with your friends or donating to them.



These drawbacks, however, might concern you:


It's a little tricky to set up

A user must have some knowledge of YouTube Vanced and its features to use the app properly. To get the most out of the app, you must read and watch the tutorials. Most new users will find this app difficult to use, especially regarding the advanced features.


Support from Google Play Store is not available

The app violates pretty much all the Terms of Services from the Google Play Store, so that it won't be available on this platform, so you'll have to download the APK file from another source. To get the best version, you should choose their official website or our website. Furthermore, it ensures that you are not infected with viruses or malware. 


MicroG is required to run the app

Logging in requires the installation of MicroG. Without it, the button for adding accounts will not work. 


Final verdicts

Android users should consider YouTube Vanced as one of the best YouTube apps out there. It's expected to become even more awesome with frequent updates from the developers.

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