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Version 3.2.0
Mod info Show Enemies/No CD
Updated Aug 19, 2022 (1 month ago)
Developer Wildlife Studios
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Installs 57,903+

Have you ever thought about participating in an exciting uprising?
Come to Zooba, an exciting animal world, and embark on a thrilling uprising against the guardian. With the addictive Battle Royale gameplay and simple features, you will indeed have an exciting experience when participating in brawls with many characters in Zooba.
You will be transformed into many different characters with interesting and unique looks. Not only that, but you can also compete with millions of other online gamers with exciting PvP challenges.
Let's explore Zooba right here!

The story of an exciting group of animals

You will be transformed into a member of an exciting group of animals, then together plan an epic prison escape so that you can defeat the guards and escape safely. A variety of exciting animals will join you, such as monkeys, tigers, giraffes,... Discover the fantastic fights with each character, and you can also customize the costume for your character.
You will experience many different battlefield terrains. And remember to find yourself great weapons to be able to defeat your opponent in a brawl.
You can also join the battle with many other players in this trendy and straightforward Battle Royale gameplay. Strive for victory and be the last man standing in the battle. In particular, remember to collect a variety of items and weapons along the way so that you can take advantage of the upcoming battles. Also, to be safe, you need to remember to stay away from the ring of fire when it comes close to you.


Interesting feature

Let's explore many interesting things about Zooba right here:

The gameplay is simple and easy to understand

An exciting mobile game with simpler gameplay than ever before. You will quickly get used to Zooba's exciting gameplay with built-in tutorials and intuitive instructions from your adorable lion friend. Straightforward controls and options make it easy to use and win the match in no time.

Explore exciting PvP battles

Your opponents are online gamers worldwide, so this will be an excellent opportunity for you to show off your fighting skills. Try to be the winner and survive to the end. The battle takes place with the story of 19 different animals and includes guards. Take on hundreds of epic challenges in your zoo, collect items, and many exciting battlefields, ensuring these will be exciting PvP challenges that everyone will enjoy.


Choose your favourite character

To start participating in Zooba, you need to choose a character you love from more than ten exciting animals provided by the game. Each animal will have different looks, fighting styles, expressions, and personalities. To prepare for an exciting battle, you can choose roles such as an angry gorilla, an aggressive lion, a clumsy panda, a cunning monkey, and many other compelling characters. In many dominant positions in the zoo, you can defeat your enemies quickly.

Pick up many unique weapons

The game will be more interesting than ever when a variety of attractive weapons will appear on your battle path, and players have the right to pick it up to use. With sharp spears or a powerful shotgun, you can knock down enemies at close range from the first shot. In addition, your use of weapons will also be flexible because you can switch between different weapons. The battles will be fully optimized, and your job is to enjoy them. Try to be the only one standing last in this unique battle.

Let's strive to be the king of the zoo

The crowded animal festival will be an excellent time for you to defeat many other characters to become the king of the zoo. Challenge and accept the challenges of many gamers worldwide, trying to beat them in the most thrilling matches. You will become a talented person like a king when you can take on and solve many challenging tasks assigned. Speaking of battles, you will have to win to gain achievements for yourself, or you have to accept defeat and watch others win.

Enjoy the match with teammates

The battle to escape is more exciting than ever because you can join a bunch of your friends and many other players in an exciting team battle. You and other players can form a mighty team to start the upcoming war. This will be a great time to show off your teammates' strength in exciting PvP battles. Beat other teams to get the most resounding victory.


Discover more fun with the Battle Pass

You can enjoy Zooba to the fullest when players will be allowed to receive a Battle Pass and can play as a Zooba V.I.P Fighter. Find, experience, and conquer the thrilling challenges in Zooba for yourself and gain access to great daily rewards for participating in this game.

Join to play Zooba for free now

If you are looking for fast, fun, and entertaining Battle Royale gameplay, then Zooba will be a great choice. The attraction of Zooba is further enhanced when there is the appearance of our free version of Zooba Mod APK. You can download it right in this article to enjoy the great features unlocked in Zooba Mod APK.
Coming to Zooba, you will enjoy exciting gameplay to become a champion of the zoo, thrilling battles between many different characters. Every challenge will be a new experience that you will surely love.

Game quality

The graphics are designed in 3D in a fun and funny style, and the images are visually designed with a friendly and impressive cartoon style. All ages can participate in Zooba without having to worry about anything. The graphics quality of Zooba is optimized because it allows you to choose certain levels of graphics that are suitable for the device you are using. The goal is to reduce the introduction of lag or stutter during your gameplay. Everything is taken care of and optimized for the player's experience.

A powerful and fun sound system always brings exciting feelings to players. Through hundreds of eye-catching and attractive battles, players will be captivated by the sound that Zooba brings. In particular, each animal species has its unique sound, making it more impressive than ever.

A game so attractive and exciting, all your relaxing moments will now no longer be boring.
Download Zooba now and experience it!


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